Friday, 24 June 2011

Jewelled Butterfly with border

Back in May I made a parchment butterfly using the beautiful butterfly stamp I had bought from Carolines.  I have now found a suitable border to use to make  a card to show off the butterfly.  I found the border in a new book I purchased entitled 'Flower Garden'  by Hiskia Wittenaar.  Hiskia had a painting of a Camelia in the centre of hers but as I don't do much flower painting I used my butterfly.  The little flowers are made using the same parchment paper that I used for the butterfly.  I love the different colour graduations  you get in the mottled design.  I backed it all with plain white card so that the colouring remains delicate.  I hope you like it.


  1. So gorgeous Carol, love the delicate shades of the parchment. Beautiful border and fab flowers.
    I love it.
    Christine xx

  2. What a treat to come back from holiday and see this!!
    It is absolutely stunning, Carol.

  3. Like it? Nah! Not at all Carol - I love it!! The border is beautiful and looks as if it took forever to do.

  4. This looks stunning Carol. I loved the butterfly when you had finished it. But with the border it looks beautiful. The colours are so delicate. I'm off on hols for a week now, but looking forward to seeing what you've been making when I get back.