Sunday, 13 November 2011

CD Sunday - Paisley Fun

For our theme this week I have made a DVD Gift Box. I used Elusive Images 'Damask Delights' for the box and tag - printed on to 280gsm card and 'Butterfly Bliss' for for the butterfly which is in three layers (top parchment) and glittered. I used a Robert Addams pattern for the box. Robert has various envelope, gift bag and box patterns on many of his CD's and I find them very useful.
I made this one for our theme a little while ago and it started me off on making all those colourful butterflies.
I enjoyed our Sunset theme last week and I look forward to seeing who our winner is from amongst the great cards that you all made for the challenge.


  1. Another stunning butterfly Carol, and a beautiful box. These butterflys look fantastic printed onto parchment.

    Sue x

  2. Hi Carol,

    Gorgeous card, love the butterfly.

  3. Love the box Carol. Very delicate and Butterfly is just the right finishing touch. Mandi xxxx