Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Modern Baubles

to go with the modern tree.  This is from the same Value Pack.
I made the backing paper - paper weaving.  On the hunt for the right backing paper I found some on a CD called 'Magical Christmas Moments' created by  Sharon Duncan for Cupcakecrafting.  There is a folder called Colourblend Creations and in there I found some fabulous paper just called A4 Glitter.  Wow I thought and just had to print off some straight away - (and why hadn't I noticed this before).  I chose three colours to match my baubles and then set about doing some paper weaving.  I cut 2cm strips and just played about for ages.  I like paper weaving and should do it more often.  When you have made it yourself you can just scan it and hopefully use it again and again.  The red matt behind the stitched image is from the Colourblend Creations folder - just the same red as in the Glitter paper.

Here is the card:

I enjoyed making this one as much as the others.  Whilst I still have this cough (6 weeks and counting) I am just sitting quietly and stitching (in betwen coughing fits).  But there is an improvement brought about by a humidifier.  My GP told me to buy, borrow or ? one and use it as much as possible.  I have done so and it has helped a great deal.  I was also told to turn off the fans I had going all day in the heat waves.  Not good for you I was told.
I have another couple already prepared for stitching so back to the sofa and my humidifier.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Modern Christmas Tree

I found a new to me Christmas Value pack on Stitching cards yesterday - here.  I bought it straight away as I particularly wanted to do the Christmas Tree.  I think it is just fab.  I sort of followed their colour ideas and then went on the hunt for a suitable backing paper.  I found one on one of my favourite CD 's by  Carol Ann's Studio. (CD-8 2nd Xmas CD)  This great purple toned paper is also done in red, green, pink and blue.  I love it because as well as being a background it is also the sentiment.  Nothing else is needed.
So I hope you like a more modern style stitched card:

Now on to the next one.  See you later.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Stitched 'Bells and Holly'

Another stitched Christmas card for the box.  I used rather a nice multi coloured Sulky thread by Gutermann (CA 02776).  I managed to match the colour tones fairly well with the holly backing paper.

The pattern came from Form a Lines.
I did wonder about adding some die cut holly or some other embellishment but somehow nothing seemed right.  Oh dear - all these dies and I am not using them enough.  I can't be the only one - surely.
Hope you like the card - without extras.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Happy Happy Reindeer

I am plodding along with my Christmas cards.  I am doing the stitching ones first and this one I have done before but I liked it so here it is again and the pattern is from here:

He does look as though he has been at the sherry trifle - or I should say She - as it is only the lady reindeers who keep their antlers in the Winter.
The decoupaged strip on the left has been cut from a backing paper.  I just cut part of one of the vertical strips and mounted it on to the same gold card I used for backing the image.  I then cut out 4 of the little images again and two of the bows to decoupage the strip.
I have stitched a few more - just got to decided how to present them.

Sunday, 21 August 2016


Good Morning everyone.  Jocelyn has chosen an unusual theme for this challenge and I think the team have had great fun producing some inspiration for you all.  Please pop round to visit them all - I know they would be pleased to see you.

Do you know that feeling you get when you have made something that you really like and it  all seems just right?  It is a rare feeling I know but I did feel that about this card.  Any sentiment on the front would spoil it I think so it will have to go on the insert when I use it - if I use it?
I knew I had a stitch pattern I wanted to use but how to incorporate something from a CD? -  so I went looking for a special background.  I found what I wanted on Funky Hands. I love their papers and it is such a shame that they are no more.
So I printed out the background and matched the colours with my threads and here is my offering:

The image is fun and cheerful.  There are some great stitch patterns available and I love using them as a change from doing parchment.
This pattern is from Stitching Cards and is called 'Chili Peppers' and the background paper is from Funky Hands -  Happy Happy Birthday - CD - folder 'Cake Anyone?'  which I stuck to the front of a 7 x 7 white card.
I cut some very thin strips in red from the backing paper to place over the corners and added some red gems to the strips and the topper.
Thank you for popping in to see what I have done and any comments are gratefully received and avidly read.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Christmas cards with La Pashe

 I have so many of the La Pashe CD's and they are a wonderful source for Christmas images and styles. It would take quite a few Christmases to use them all but even if you repeat favourites  you just have to try not to send them to the same people that you sent them to in the past.
I used the  'Behind Closed Doors' folder from The Best of La Pashe 2012.- a folder I haven't used before.
I have made a few.  I have added some various colurs of Wink of Stella to them but it doesn't always show in the photograph .
So here 3 of them with closed doors and then open doors:


I made these whilst nursing this horrendous cough which is now getting better but approaching it's 5th week.  I daren't try parchment as one cough at the wrong moment would have been disastrous.
You can purchase the correct size gatefold cards from La Pashe (at least I think you still can) so the make is quite easy. They do look better in the flesh.  I will put the Christmas sentiment on the back as there is a nice size blank piece of white card.

Monday, 15 August 2016


is a new Etsy Shop run by my good friend and wonderful Parchment Designer - Judith Maslen.
This is a new venture for Judith, who is such a good artist, and these designs are for all those 'Digi stamp' fans who want to colour with all those myriad pens, pencils and brushes. There is nothing to say that we parchers won't use them but if you don't do parchment then you won't want all the instructions such as border grid patterns etc -  so these are perfect for you.
This is all as well as her established parchment pattern site.  You can find both the links in the sidebar.
Please have look at the new shop and help it get established.  I have already visited and purchased a couple of patterns. For one of them I shall use parchment but I may well get some watercolours out for the second.  They haven't had an airing for quite a while.
Thank you for your time reading this.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

CD Sunday - 'Let's shape it up' - chosen by Margaret

Good Morning one and all.  Whilst I type this on Saturday and schedule it for posting tomorrow the sun is shining and it isn't too warm but I fear things may change.  I am not a great lover of very hot weather so I will retire to the centre of the house (coolest place) and use my new all singing all dancing tower fan.

Our new challenge at CD Sunday has been chosen by Margaret who is one of our new team members.  Margaret has chosen the theme of shaped cards. As I said on the Blog -  'square' is a shape to me -  so I approached this challenge with caution as I wasn't in my own comfort zone.   I decided to try and incorporate shaped and Christmas and went to one of may favourite La Pashe CD's- The Christmas Box.
I printed out one of the tags as a 5" x 7" card.  In fact I chose my favourite tag of the two deer with the big goo goo eyes. I added the Happy Christmas greeting with one of my graphic programmes and the red bow was made using a die  - and as usual I can't remember who made it.
I then made 10 tags with ribbon tails and put them in a pocket on the inside left of the card.

Here are the piccies:
I added a greeting page to the inside right and in fact felt quite pleased with my 'shaped card'.  I know it is neither a startling nor an  awe inspiring shape but it has a shape.
I had some girlfriends around for a crafting session and I showed them this card and one of them dropped a very strong hint that they wouldn't mind if this arrived in their Christmas post so it has a home already.
I think I might actually make a few more of these.  There are some beautiful tags on this CD so plenty of choices to be had.
I look forward to some blog hopping and seeing some fantastic shaped cards.  Instead of us inspiring you - you could inspire us  - or me in particular.
Have fun.