Sunday, 24 October 2010

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I love these Sarah Kay figures and they are ideal, as sketch type prints, to print on to parchment and emboss and colour. You have to choose how to interpret the drawing so there is more work than just printing off a 'ready' image. This time I have used my Faber Castell pencils to colour from the back. The border is one I have adapted a little from a parchment pattern Cd by Florence Holmes called Say it with Flowers and Lace. A great Cd for a parcher to dip into.
The sentiment was embossed using a Pergamano Alphabet grid (No:16) that I bought from The Art of Craft - my local Aladdins Cave.

CD Sunday Challenge -No Embellishments

This is my first card as a very new member of the CD Sunday Challenge Design Team.
I have use MCS. The background and the very desirable gentleman are from Deco Follies and the princely frog and wand fom Walk in Wonderland. Wouldn't it be great if there were such things as magic wands!! Oh well.

Exciting news

The Design Team over at CD Sunday Challenge has done me the honour of inviting me to join their team. I was so pleased to accept.
I thought their CD Challenge idea was great right from the start. Most of us have so many craft CD's and they can become a little neglected in amongst stamping, distressing and all the new techniques so please join us in blowing off the dust and creating something a little different each week. My own collection of about 150 was under used since I discovered the joys of parchment but I am pleased to be using them again and rediscovering their contents.
I look forward to seeing many many entries - so please come and join us. Once a month the Challenge has a Sponsor so there will be prizes too up for grabs. As they say - you have to be in it to win it.
Come and join us.

The link to the latest Challenge - No Embellishments - is in the sidebar to the left.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Workshop Wonders


Last weekend I went to a Judith Maslen Workshop down in the New Forest with my great friend Debs. We had a fab time as always. This is the mornings project card which has a bit of a story and why I have called it a Wonder. Most of Judith's patterns involve pricking out the borders through the pattern. This is not how I like to do them so I made a pro-forma border with my grid so that I could then use it on my work to prick through it for a perfectly placed border. Fine in theory but when I had finished and lifted up my 'stencil' it was crooked to the carefully worked image. To save the day I pricked out the image and made the border into a strip border and rescued it. I am sorry Judith if you see this that it isn't exactly how you planned it.
This might be a tip that could be useful to someone reading this who has made the same mistake.

Monday, 18 October 2010

OLL Challenge Blog - Scary Stuff

This image is from OLL 'Watercolour Memories CD' - Essex Farm folder and is my DT contribution for the current challenge - Scary Stuff.
I have added a moon and a flying witch with my graphics programme and then added a border and words and then aged the whole thing. I found the cat and mouse amongst my black peel offs.

From the Parchment Magazine - Nov 2010

This is my version of a pattern by Tina Cox in the current Parchment Magazine. Tina has done the pricking for the pattern using the pattern but I prefer to use a grid. I used my PCA bold grid which meant I had to adjust the number of pattern repeats etc and I was only left with room in the centre for the 'Merry Christmas'. Tina had put quite a bit more. I have done my poinsettias differently - so - all in all - this is my take on her design. That is what it is all about - doing your own thing.

CD Sunday Challenge - Monochrome

This weeks CD Sunday Challenge is - Monochrome. The image I have used is from 'The Jayne Netley Mayhew Collection' by Joanna Sheen. The colour range goes from the palest cream through to deep sepia which I believe to be in the same colour range.

Monday, 11 October 2010

CD Sunday Challenge - Not a card

My entry this week in the CD Sunday Challenge is the first 2 of 24 Parchment Advent Pyramids that I am making for my daughter. I made the full set 2 years ago and they now hang on my Xmas tree each year. My daughter says she can't wait until they become an heirloom and she has to fight for them so I am making her a set of her own. The pattern is by Alison Yeates. The Cd I have used is for the lining blue parchment - from Carol Ann's Studio 'Patchwork Flowers 2'. I never buy coloured parchment now - I just print on to the parchment from any of my CD's.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Debbees Cd's - Samples

These are from 'Birds,Bees,Bugs and Me', 'Pockets' and 'Cheerful Christmas toppers' CD's.

Debbees Cd's - Samples

From 'Computers.....'CD. A whimsical (I hope) take on a male Get well Soon card.

Debbees Cd's - more samples

Some more sample cards for Debs. These two are from her 'Crosses' CD. That is just what it is - a Cd with lovely images of crosses with flowers etc. Ideal to have at hand for the occasions we all dread - but happen. Also can be used for Confirmations etc. I think it is a brilliant idea.

Ooh La La New CD. Christmas Presence

One of the sample cards I made for the new Cd. The remainder are in the following post.

Ooh La La New CD. Christmas Presence

These are four of my sample cards for the new Cd. Three of them were featured today but I could see the other two on the counter. My fellow designers produced some astounding cards and I hope these have inspired many to purchase this lovely CD. Another winner for Ooh La La I am sure.

Friday, 8 October 2010

'Pockets' CD by Debbees CD's

This is one of the samples I have made for Debs. It has some decoupage and a sprinkling of glitter. I love the bright simple clear fun image. A lovely card for a child, as many would be on this CD.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Ooh La La Blog Challenge - Nothing Floral

The current challenge for Ooh La La is 'Nothing Floral'. For this one I have used their Cd - Silhouette Magic - for the image and the backing papers. The butterflies have been printed on parchment with beautiful irridescent blue 'nailheads' on the bodies. Bow from stash - probably Papermania.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

CD Sunday Challenge - Decoupage

For the CD Sunday Challenge of Decoupage I have used a Cd from Carol Ann's Studio - Glitz 'n' Bitz. All from the Cd except the 'garter' which I have made using a Siesta stencil and some of my ribbon stash from Ribbon Box. I have a girlfriend with a birthday on Wednesday so this is for her.

Dayze of Innocence - CD by Debbees

I love this parchment border - or rather photo frame. It is a purchased download from the parchment section of - I think - CraftsUprint. I know that they have a good selection and I purchased quite a few.
Image again is from 'Dayze of Innocence' and I used just 4 beads this time to anchor the frame, image and liner together.

More from Debbees CD's

Another of the lovely images on this CD (Dayze of Innocence). This time I used MCS to add a 'quite wide' blurred blue border to the picture before I printed it on to parchment. I then used blue crackle background from Ooh La La in MCS to make a same size backing on card for the card itself and to have something as a background to which I could stitch the image and the seperate border.
The beads were from a some I bought at the Sandown Show. I just can't resist them and have far more than I will ever use.

Friday, 1 October 2010


Another of the lovely images from 'Dayze of Innocence' from Debbees Cd's. This border is also one by Florence Holmes from 'Say it with Flowers and Lace. It took quite a bit of concentration Florence but so worth it in the end.

Not much else going to be done today as it is Ryder Cup time.