Sunday, 30 May 2021

Stitching to relax

I have had a bad week.  I won't bore with all the details but in that torrential downpour last Sunday night - at about 10. 30 pm - I had a flood where the water came in through my Conservatory/Craftroom roof.

I suppose likening it to Niagara Falls is a slight exaggeration but it felt like it at the time.  It has taken almost all the week to dry out and to rescue and de-pong the carpet but we are almost there.

I was supposed to be having my first apres lock-down guests for lunch on Wednesday but I had to cancel.  I couldn't have coped.  That made matters so much worse.

In the last few evenings I have sat and stitched to help me relax and I am pleased with the two cards that I have just now finished.

Stitch and Do Cards Only - Set 50

Stitch and Do cards Only - Set 19


The images are both Tattered Lace die-cuts.  The teacup I die-cut myself but the bird was a purchase from E bay.

I have tried out some new threads that I purchased recently by Mettler.  Beautiful colours and the perfect weight for sewing on card but they can knot easily if you use too long a piece in your needle.

I love both of the patterns but I think the second one best.  I have used it before and bought a second set so that I could do it again.  I might even buy a third set.


Carol xx

Sunday, 23 May 2021

CD Sunday Plus - #61 - hosted by Pamela - Anything Goes (as long as our Rule 3 guidelines have been followed).


I fibbed.  Here is a 4th card in a row card made using The Card Hut CDs.   It was very easy to make and I admit I like the simple elegance of the background and images.   I used  'A Touch of Christmas' and  'Art Deco'  CDs by The Card Hut.  This time I used one of the frames on the CD, and printed it out on a semi gloss card and it looks very effective making the water and snow look very cold.

I think this might be my 'go to' Christmas card for this year if I suddenly find I haven't made enough.

I look forward to visiting you all and I will also be busy choosing my Top 3 from Challenge #60. We get so many great cards it is not something to be rushed.

Take care.



Sunday, 9 May 2021

CD Sunday Plus Challenge #60 - Anything Goes - hosted by me.

Before I show you my team make for CD Sunday Plus I wanted to reveal a wonderful birthday surprise I received from my daughter and son in law (Sarah and Simon).  Chris and I went down to their house on Saturday 24th for lunch and I was handed a huge heavy box and inside was a Cricut Machine.  I had already received some gifts from them both so this was over the top.  Needless to say I am thrilled to bits and when I have worked out how to use it and what to make I am sure I can bore everyone.  When I protested their generosity I was told I deserved it - so I shut up.

As I haven't even read the instructions yet for the above,  my make will have to be something I made earlier.  And you guessed it - from a Card Hut CD.  I did warn you I had made three on the trot.  Here is No: 3.

When I saw these ponies on the CD I just had to use them.  I used to ride. Not ponies - something a bit bigger.  In the village where I lived- in Kent - I had a friend who was horse mad and I used to go to her stables on a Saturday and she would let me ride for a couple of hours.  I did do some jumping but not very high.

These images came from the The Card Hut CD -  'Pets in a Mess'.  Once I had seen the look on the face of the girl in the front - incandescent with rage -  and the expression on her pony's face, I knew I had to use them both.  Wonderful drawings. They are a pleasure to use.

Now I must confess that I do have one more for next time and a new CD by the Card Hut did arrive in the post this week so.............

I do do other things in between.




Wednesday, 5 May 2021

More stitching

 I have a couple of new stitched cards to share.

The first one is a pattern from Stitching Cards and is an Otter:

I used a Carnation Crafts rectangular shabby die for the  green mat layer and a Marianne die for the sprig of bullrushes.

The second is a little more complicated. The stitching pattern is from Stitch and Do with a little alteration of my own to the choice of stitches. I used just straight 'stripey' stitches for the blue and green triangles instead of the stitches on the pattern.  The decoupage image - the teacup - is a Tattered Lace die cut and that and the stitching are mounted on two layers of card cut using the trusty Carnation Crafts rectangular shabby dies.  The pink card layer is from a collection of watercolour effect A4 card that I have in my stash.  

As I am hoping to invite friends over for tea in the not too distant future I decided to use this card as an invitation card.  But as much as I love crafting - and my friends - it would take hours to make more than one of these cards.  So I cheated.  I made the invitation label removable.  Here are two photos - one with and one without.

And here is a photo of the whole card flat so that I can print out as many as I want to fold and use.  The original can be kept and used for any occasion.

Have fun and keep staying safe.



Saturday, 1 May 2021

ATC Swop UK - March and April 2021

We have now really caught up with our monthly swops.  It is me who is late in posting them on here.

Here are the latest two months:


67: Flowers that bloom in the Spring - Tra La


68: Song Titles

We have just received our theme for May - The Colour Yellow.   I am trying not to include my favourite Minions but we will see if I weaken.