Friday, 31 January 2014

Those Magnificent Men ..............

A stitched card made for a friend who is  the husband of a dear friend of mine.  The pattern is from here.  The 'Happy Birthday' is a fairly recent die purchase and I think it goes so well on a man's card.  I made the sky backing paper from a photograph.  Pearls from stash.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Beaucoup de beads

Today is a matter of one I did earlier but there is a reason for posting the following card.
Our parchment Tutor has organised a small local craft day in a nearby Village Hall .  It will happen next week and the idea is to have little workshops of card crafts other than our usual parchment.  Quite a few of us 'do other things'  and  I have been honoured and asked to do a small stitch card workshop.  I had to find something that could be completed in approximately 1  to  1 1/2 hours. I chose to demonstrate bookmarks and I have everything organised - done a test run to make sure it was feasable in the timescale and it is.  I have even allowed time for trying to thread the ******* needle.

We were also asked to bring in some of our favourite cards that we have been sent by fellow crafters to put on display and some of our own efforts to show what can be done and what else is 'out there'.

I made a birthday card for a dear friend a couple of years ago and it was a stitched and beaded affair.  Now she lives up in Northumberland but she has kindly posted it back down to me to put on show.  It is one of my favourite efforts.

The pattern is from here and is a beaded medallion - Wisteria.  The backing paper is from a Joanna Sheen CD.  It is also an 8 x 8 card - the first and only one I have made that size.
I am off up to Northumberland at the end of March for my yearly visit so I will return it safely then.
Unfortunately we can't use beads on the bookmarks for obvious reasons but as we plan to have another of these affairs I can choose  a project using beads next time.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

CD Sunday - Year of the Horse - 马年 Mǎ nián

Good morning and a Happy New Year.   Now I have looked up the translation for Year of the Horse in Chinese and this is what it said -  马年Mǎ nián.  I sincerely hope this is correct and I have not unknowingly offended anyone.
I have also found a site where you can find out which of the 12 animals you are.  Using the one I have posted here I am a Sheep but on another I was a Goat so I am a bit confused.  How can I be both?
 This weeks theme was chosen by fellow  'Team B' member Jocelyn.  I have done yet more ATC's for this challenge.  I know it seems that I have only been doing ATC's lately but I had about a years production to catch up on.  I have started on some cards again I promise.

These are both from Joanna Sheen's - ATC Assistant CD
I am looking forward to some wonderful horsey cards. My fellow team members have produced some stunners so please take a look at their Blogs.  
We had some great entries last week for our 'Here Kitty Kitty' theme and I know it is going to be difficult for  Sue-b  to choose a winner. Thank you all for your continued support of our Challenges.

Have a good week.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

OWL Bling

I think this is going to be my favourite ATC.  If it wasn't made from paper I would wear it.  I printed out this fabulous image 4 times and cut and decoupaged and then raided my gem store -big time.
I am glad that it is the Make It Show soon as I need to replace the crystals I have used (20).

Hope you like it.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Egyptian Theatre

Here are a couple of 3D ATC's showing a couple of ideas of what an Egyptian Theatre might have looked like.  They are from a Joanna Sheen CD - Egyptian Adventure.

The fronts do fold flat to ATC size. I added the peel offs to jazz them up a bit.

They were fun to make.  When I was a child I had one of those paper and card concertina type theatres.  I wish I had kept it.  Does anyone else remember them?  I think mine depicted a fairy tale.

Monday, 20 January 2014

CD Sunday - Here Kitty Kitty

This week it is Team 'A's turn to shine but  Team B are  being encouraged to still enter if we wish but obviously are exempt from any prizes.
To try and take my mind away from the Funeral tomorrow I thought I would make something for this challenge.  I need some more ATC's so I knuckled down and made some and I used Joanna Sheen's Pamela West CD.  I used a couple of images from the ATC folder and one from the general images.

Here they are:

Nothing at all complicated but they do fit the theme.
Thank you to those who posted about my friend. You are very kind.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sad news for me last week

One of my 'crafting ladies' who has been coming to my house monthly since 2008 sadly and unexpectedly died last Wednesday.  It was such a shock and I still can't quite believe it.  We had our last session on Dec 8th to finish off some Christmas cards and we had arranged another session for last Sunday. I spent the day in a bit of a haze.

Her favourite craft medium was card stitching.  I think this is because she was a Tailoress before she joined the WAF at the outbreak of war and subsequently met her husband - a Spitfire pilot.

So I have made a very simple stitch card as my sympathy card to the family.  I know she would have approved.

Here are some of her cards


Sunday, 12 January 2014

CD Sunday - Tantalizing Turquoise

Good Morning to one and all.  Another Sunday has come round so quickly and it is now the turn of Team B.  As you know from Jenny's posting last week we have split our team of 10 designers into two teams posting in alternate weeks.  This is to give us more time for designing and to keep us all fresh and inspiring.  That is the plan.
This weeks theme has been chosen by Wendy and is,  as you will have quickly noticed, another colour.  Colour themes seem to be popular and hopefully we will have plenty to look at in the coming week.
Here is my offering

For this card I used 'Yesterday's Memories' by Ooh La La - for all of the card including the paper ribbon. Just a black mat and some pearls were added from stash.

I was finding it difficult to find a true Turquoise colour as I kept finding wonderful images in the right tones on my screen but when they were printed out they were too blue. 

I hope you like the theme choice and I look forward to plenty of blog hopping.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

A couple more ATC's

Here I have one that has been stitched with glitter thread and another parchment one with some beads.