Tuesday, 25 June 2019


Here are a couple of new sets of ATCs I have made for the Facebook group.
The first is the swop for June - Vintage - shown in the presentation done by our organiser Sue.

and this second set is for the July swop - Pets.  I am just about to post these to Sue.  I have made them a little early - long story - but I found my 'Pets' CD by La Pashe -  so had to have a play. My presentation.  The background paper is from MCS.


Sunday, 23 June 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #13 - 'Anything Goes' - as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere in the making.

Good Morning.  Our Challenge #13 is being hosted by Jocelyn and again I have chosen an image from a La Pashe CD. This time 'Gnomes and Fairies'.
This is not a CD that I have used very often but sometimes I see an image that I like and would like to try out and the lady (fairy) showering in the lily is just one of those.  I have just done simple decoupage and here it is:

I have made this for a friend on my Birthday List and I hope she will enjoy receiving it in due course.

I have made some ATC's in the past using some of the fairy images on this CD inlcuding the fairy showering:

The fairy doing her housework:
And the fairy doing her washing:

I look forward to visiting your blogs and I hope you will come visit me too.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Remember When?

I was 'sorting' through a large box of bits and pieces I have been collecting and I found all sorts of interesting things. Quite a few were just leftover pieces of a decoupage project because it would have made too many layers. But there was one complete sheet that I had printed out but not touched.

It came from the La Pashe Big One CD  - Volume 1 - Remember When?.

I can't resist cutting out sheets of images for decoupage as it is still such a firm favourite form of crafting so I set too....... and here is the card:.

I know why I printed it out as I was - and still am - a great fan of puffer trains - or puff puffs as my children use to call them.  I live fairly close to the 'Watercress Line' in  Arlesford, Hampshire, which is a privately run steam train.
The main pieces to decoupage are the bridge and the two children and the dog. I love the way the dog is also standing on tippy toe to see the train
It makes quite a large card almost a full 8" x 6".  I am going to keep it in my go-to box for one of my young great-nephews.  I just need to wait until the current craze for dinosaurs is over and they might like a puff puff train.

P.s.  I didn't save this for my Great Nephews. I gave it to my hairdresser for her children to give to their father who is a mad keen puff puff lover.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

More for Christmas 2019

I have been making some more Christmas stitch cards. Most of the patterns I have used before but used  different threads, colours and backgrounds.
This first card is using very new to me thread called Sulky Antique Christmas. It is a multicolour blend and I love the effect it gives.

I haven't used this pattern before but the threads are old friends.

Old favourite - new colours.
A special favourite - Tipsy Reindeer.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #12 - 'Anything Goes' as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere in the making. Hosted by Margaret

It would appear that rain and sunshine are the order for this weekend - but the mornings are still so cold.
Crafting is the best thing to do when the weather is so unsettled.  I have been doing quite a lot of that recently as I have been catching up for my inactivity whilst I had that dreadful cough.

I have combined my card for this challenge with the birthday of a dear friend who will be 80 next month.  I have decoupaged an image from La Pashe and changed the couples competition No: to 80. I have been invited to her celebration luncheon at the Golf Club where we both used to be members.  I am looking forward to the occasion as I expect there will be many people there that I have not met up with for a while.
Here is my card:

All of the card comes from the CD - Big One Vol 2 - Decoupage Plus - 'Strictly Ballroom' including the sentiment  - but I did add  'Keep Dancing' using my graphics programme.
I look forward to visiting your Blogs and to reading your comments here if you care to leave any as you pass by.