Tuesday, 22 January 2019

More Birthday

I have been making some more cards for my go to box.   Decoupage again and some die cutting.

As you can see I have used that same image again on the third card. What can I say - I like the picture. But I think that is enough times this year.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

CD Sunday - #2 – ‘Anything Goes’ using something from a craft CD - hosted by Jane

CD Sunday are revisiting 'Anything Goes' but this time hosted by Jane.

I have made a Birthday card this time instead of ATCs.  For some time now amongst a folder of photos of butterflies on my computer there has been a snap that I took myself in my own garden. This beautiful butterfly was visiting my Sedum flower heads. They were still in bud so there wasn't any pollen or nectar for him to find but he settled long enough for me to rush and get my camera. I am not sure of the breed but it is very similar to the spotted fritillary,  Here is the original photo:

I knew what background I wanted to use as it is one I have used before from MCS. I used it here:

The background came from MCS Watercolour World 1 CD.  Obviously, the colouring had to be changed and I had fun with colours and hues. So after some satisfying playing and then using my ACDSee graphics programme (CD based) I added the sentiment and the borders. I gave the butterfly one decoupaged layer.
Here is my card:

Hope you like the result.
Please come and join in with us at CD Sunday.  Please, please remember though to use something from a craft CD in the making of your project.  It is amazing the entries we receive that have no CD content at all. We even had an entry from someone who hadn't used a craft CD but told us which music CD was listened to whilst she worked.
Don't forget you can also enter by email or Facebook. Details are on the CD Sunday Blog here.


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Craft CDs - die cutting and decoupage

I enjoyed making these.   Decoupage was my first 'crafting love' and it is good to go back to it.  The images are all from La Pashe.  I love their CD's.  What a pity they aren't made anymore.
I think I may have mentioned  before that on one of my trips to Northumberland I  met the artist who did all the images for the CD's. A very talented man.

So three more for the birthday box.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

CD Sunday - #1 - 'Anything Goes' - hosted by Carol (moi)

Happy New Year wishes to everyone. If you made any resolutions I hope you are keeping them. The best way to keep them is, of course, not to make them. Safer that way.

For our challenge - #1 - Anything Goes - I have chosen to make some ATCs. I have made 9 to add to my stash and here they are:

I have used a background for them all from MCS - Country Life CD - Background - 43 and the actual ATC backs are printed using a Carol Ann's Studio CD.
I haven't made any of them 3D this time but they all have had 'raindrops' added using a Sakura pen.

I hope a good Christmas was had by all. My household was full of coughing - and in fact still is. Beware -  there is a nasty bug doing the rounds. Just to add to the icing on the cake the boiler needed urgent repairs and we had a couple of very cold days without heating and hot water but all is warm and toasty now.

As you will have seen from earlier CD Sunday Blog postings we are only going to be giving prizes for three special challenges later in the year. We will still be posting our Top 3 choices for our normal challenges and it will be my turn for this challenge - #1 Anything Goes.
Please join in with us and if you haven't a Blog you can email us at or join in on Facebook.
Let's hope that 2019 is a good year.
Take care.