Sunday, 26 June 2016

CD Sunday - 'Once upon a time' - chosen by Carol (moi)

Good morning to one and all.  I hope you haven't had the week we have had here in the South East.  Torrential rain, thunder and lightening -  which has been quite spectacular at times - and of course electrical problems. Like a lot of homes that have been altered and/or extended we have two fuse boxes with several trip switches.  We are awaiting a visit from an electrician. We believe that an electrical surge has knocked out one of our trip switches and half the house has no electricity.  Very fortunately it is the sleeping half of the house so I still have my computer up and running.

Back to business.  It was my turn for the theme choice for the next two weeks and I have chosen - 'Once upon a time'.  I thought it would give a wide base for ideas.  Most bedtime stories read to the little ones start with those special words and of course all those made up ones start the same way.  I was never very good at the made up ones.  I think my three were too smart and would pick me up when I made a mistake.

I have used a favourite source of material for my card and turned it into a belated Birthday Wishes card which has gone to the recipient -  and I am pleased to say she liked it.  My source was MCS - A Very Important Date.  Here is my card:

The White Rabbit and the watch are decoupaged and I added the words apart from the Lewis Carroll quote.
I do hope you like the theme and I look forward to visiting many Blogs - old friends and new.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

CD Sunday - No image or photo - chosen by Sue

Good Morning.
I don't think we have had this theme before at CD Sunday - so well  done to Sue for choosing something new.  I must admit that these are my sentiments now but when it was first chosen there were a few gulps and some inter team discussions.  The team took it all on board and I think they have all  come up trumps.  Don't forget we are now 8 at Team CD Sunday so more blogs to visit and leave a little 'love' please  - which I believe is the expression.

My own contribution is so different to anything I have done before.  I saw a die set by Penny Black advertised on a favourite site of mine - Crafts U Love and it was the picture on the front of the packaging that caught my eye.  I kept seeing these dies but didn't buy them until they were in a sale and then snatched them up and here is what I did with them.

The basic idea is similar to the packaging picture but I have changed the coloring, the size and added the sentiment.  I decided that my lovely friends up in Northumberland might like this for their Wedding Anniversary  which was 4 days ago.
The CD I used is a Carol Ann's Studios CD - Glitz 'n'Bitz for the polka dot background paper.

I thought that I would like to try this concept using parchment so I made this card:
The border - which was a little tricky to say the least and took a couple of days - was by Florence Holmes and comes from her CD -  'Say it with Flowers and Lace'.  The card is pink glitter card which was also used for the die cut flowers and the stalk and sentiment used white glitter card.
So two cards - very different - with no image or photo.  At CD Sunday we are all looking forward to seeing what you can create - so please join us.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Mellow Yellow

Our Facebook ATC Group has chosen 'The Colour Yellow' for it's June 2016 theme.
I have made 4 this time - not 5.  In fact I didn't get to make any for May which was 'Shakespeare'.  I was just too busy.  Too busy for ATC's is unusual for me.

Anyway I was determined to make the time this month and here are the ones I have made.

I love Kevin from the Minions. In fact I have an all singing all dancing battery operated Kevin that loves Bananas and makes rude noises.  I think I am in my second childhood.  Please don't disturb me - I am enjoying it.
And here he is :

I hope whoever receives them likes them as much I liked making them.