Sunday, 9 December 2018

CD Sunday - 'Christmas old or new' - chosen by Jocelyn

We have now almost reached the end of the year and here is the last challenge of 2018.  'Christmas old or new' - chosen by Jocelyn.   As I suggested on the Blog,  try to keep this challenge in mind as you are having that last frantic card making rush.  If you haven't time to make cards with lots of diecuts and layers why not turn to a CD and print out a topper on good quality paper - grab a white 6 x 6 card and  see what you can do.   Even better use a CD based Graphics programme like MCS or Docraft.  I do that every year.  Design a card with one of these systems and then I have something on the computer that I can print out if needed.  I did need to this year as I miscounted and was 5 short.  If you do this then of course your card will qualify for this last challenge.

The card I made for this challenge is based on an idea I saw on Pinterest.

Here it is:
The background is a sheet from a CD called  'Artylicious - Seasons greetings' - Disk 1' .The design is by Glenda Waterworth.
The tree is made of many, many die cut snowflakes from a mixture of green card.  Many were cut from scraps left over from other projects.  Under the snowflakes  is a simple diecut triangle that acts as the tree base and is something to which the snowflakes are stuck.

The gems in the corners are big and shiny and sadly don't show up well but you can see where they catch the light.  The 'gems' on the tree are red flat backed pearls.
An easy card to make - just time consuming die-cutting all the snowflakes.

Please have a great Christmas and New Year.  In the new year  CD Sunday is being tweaked just a little and all that will be revealed when we post the first challenge for 2019 on 6th January.

Don't forget you can enter on the CD Sunday Blog -  here, or on Facebook -  here, or send your entry in via email to   -

Take care of yourselves.

Saturday, 8 December 2018


Just catching up with posting the most recent ATCs  I have made for the Facebook group - ATC Swop UK.

These first ones were for the November theme - Halloween/Bonfire Night

These have all been swopped and sent out by our brilliant organisers Sue and husband (the Slave).

Next are for the current swop - Alice in Wonderland - which - as always - is for the two months over Christmas and the New Year - December /January.

These were made using parchment and MCS.

I am looking forward to receiving my swops and to another year of making and swopping - all organised by the wonderful Sue and 'The Slave'.


Thursday, 6 December 2018

A very simple Birthday card

for a Dementia sufferer who will be 81. 

I found this idea and instructions in an old Craft and Creations Magazine. As the birthday card recipient has flown on Concorde to New York  (in the cockpit for quite some way) perhaps the image will jog his memory. There is nothing else on the card to distract away from the plane way up in the sky.

' Concorde' is behind a piece of acetate so that it can't be knocked off or picked off .

Here is the card.

I hope he likes it.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

CD Sunday -' Blue and White' - chosen by Margaret

The 'Blue and White' challenge is our last but one challenge before Christmas and for my card this time I have used a new favourite pair of dies. (I have lost count of the number of times I have said that).

I love the 'Steampunk' style of art and these two new dies are just a perfect example of that genre.
I looked up Steampunk and genre and this is what I found:

Steampunk fashion is a subgenre of the steampunk movement in science fiction. It is a mixture of the Victorian era's romantic view of science in literature and elements from the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 1800s.    

For my card I have found the perfect background from a CD by Glenda Waterworth - Artylicious -  Seasons Greetings - Disk 1.
The background has 'stars' as you see, but to me, they look like cogs within stars and therefore perfect for steampunk. The blended blues that Glenda used also seems perfect for my scene of Santa flying his motorised sleigh/balloon across the skies on his present delivering mission. Even the sentiment is pure steampunk.
Here is the card:
I added some die cut silver snowflakes and some fabulous gems that I found at my local Aladdin's Cave that is 'The Art of Craft'. I wish you could see the way that they sparkle  Santa and the sentiment were die cut from the double-sided pearlised card that I also purchased from 'The Art of Craft'.
I think that this truly one of my favourite Christmas cards of the year 2018.  I confess that I have made another three but for one of the extras I used a goldish coloured background from the same CD with  gold snowflakes and coloured gems.

I hope you are all getting on well with your Christmas cards and -  I look forward to visiting your blogs to view your 'Blue and Whites'  - whatever the theme.
The dies that I used are by Creative Expressions - Flying Santa. 


Monday, 19 November 2018

More Christmas cards for 2018

Here a a few more. All very different. A mixture of styles and sources. I am trying to use dies as often as I can. Trying to justify all the money I have spent on them.

 Back to the craft table. xx

Sunday, 11 November 2018

CD Sunday - 'Winter Wonderland' - chosen by Wynn

As you can see by Wynn's choice of challenge theme we at CD Sunday are still in the grip of Christmas card making
For my card for this challenge I chose to use Docraft Digital Designer 'Me to You' Christmas CD - Tatty Ted - decoupage  - and here is the card:

I loved making this card as it is quite different in style to the Christmas cards I usually make.   'Ted' looks so happy and I didn't realise there were so many decoupage images on the CD.  So 'Ted' is having fun and I had fun.

Please join in with us.  A golden opportunity to tick off another card on that long list you have -  and perhaps also be a lucky prize winner (as long as you haven't forgotten to use a CD).

I look forward to visiting your Blogs for inspiration and perhaps a reminder about a CD that I haven't used for a while.

Don't forget you can find us on Facebook (here) and the link to our Blog is in my sidebar.

Have fun.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Last of the year visit to Judith Maslen's Workshop

Sadly last Saturday was the last workshop of the year. We so enjoy our trips down to Barton on Sea.  We have such fun and have got to know all the regulars so well it is just like a large family get together.
As always we had two brand new patterns to do   Today I have the first one to show you. I had finished on the day but just needed to matt and layer . This one is very unusual and is called 'Mirror-Mirror' - and you will see why.

Sadly my parchment is not as good as I would like it to be.  The Carpal Tunnel syndrome that I had earlier in the year is beginning to return and the pins and needles can be quite fierce at times.

The second pattern is almost finished .  I have some visitors coming tomorrow and I have a busy weekend with other guests so there will be a delay before I can get back to it.

I enjoyed doing both the patterns -  as always and it will seem a long time until the workshops resume next March. I have already paid my deposits.

I'll be on again on Sunday with our next CD Sunday - so I will see you then.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

CD Sunday - 'Christmas' chosen by Meg

Our theme for the next two weeks very appropriately is 'Christmas'.  If you are like me you are trying to get most of them done before it all becomes too much.

For my card for this challenge I used a background of delicate Mistletoe leaves and berries from a  Joanna Sheen CD - Victorian Xmas Cards.  It matched the new die I bought so perfectly that it was a 'must use'.

Here is the card:

I used white half pearls as the Mistletoe berries and hopefully the green card that I chose is a good colour for Mistletoe. Sometimes the leaves have a strong yellow tinge but I hadn't got a sheet that colour.

Whilst finding out about Mistletoe I found these facts:

"Mistletoe is toxic to people, but the berries and leaves provide high-protein food for many animals. Many bird species rely on mistletoe for food and nesting material. Butterflies lay their eggs on the plants and use the nectar as food. Mistletoe is also an important pollen and nectar plant for bees."

I like the simplicity of the card and may well make some more. As long as those to whom I send them  don't live next door to each other no one will know!

Please come and join us in our challenge. You only need to add a little something from a CD to your card and we would love to see it.  But no more than three entries per person.
Don't forget that we now are on Facebook and you can read all about us here and the link to CD Sunday is on my sidebar.

Have fun and til the next time

Monday, 22 October 2018

Christmas 2018

I have spent most of the weekend catching up on some Christmas card making.  A bit different to my usual ones but here are some of them:

The first two were made using Serif CA and Daisy Trail.  The next used a new die and an Artylicious CD background.  For the two stitched cards I used some patterns I found somewhere? but I can't remember where as it was quite sometime ago.

I think I had better tidy up the mess I have made everywhere. The dining room table has disappeared!


Friday, 19 October 2018


For October this year our Facebook Group has  a double theme . The first is the shape. They must be the 'new' ATC Coin. This is a circular ATC with a 2 . 5" diameter. The second suggested theme is Autumn but we could  actually choose what ever we want and I have chosen 'Halloween'.
I must admit I didn't find all this as easy as I thought as everything in my ATC world is set up for the standard 'playing card' size and shape.  But after all  challenge is a challenge!

Here are my five 'coins'.  Not presented as neatly and tidily as I would like as I put them on little stands to photograph them.  If you do this with a group of standard shaped ATCs it is easy to crop before presentation but my graphic manipulation skills are very limited - in fact non-existant so my apologies for the odd looking photo.

In fact - all moaning aside - I did enjoy making them.  I bought some new dies especially for the project and who doesn't like buying new dies?

The words - Spooky and Boo were by Tonic.  The tiny wee ghosts, cats, web, spider and bat are from a Marianne Design Craftables Cutting Punch Die - 'Halloween'.  The little Punch Dies from Marianne Designs are wonderful. I now have 18 sets and use them all the time.

I don't think that 'coins' are going to be 'my thing' but as an experiment I enjoyed it in the end.


Sunday, 14 October 2018

Off the cutting room floor! - chosen by Carol

I was asked to do an extra challenge choice and this is what I decided would be fun.  As long as a CD is used somewhere in the making the rest can be made up of all those bits and pieces you were going to throw away or have kept because you just might need them.
That is exactly what I did. The background is from a CD - La Pashe - The Big One Backgrounds.  The die was the gift on my then latest Die Cutting magazine and I used all sorts of little bits of card from my scrap box. Even the sentiment was cut from a small piece of leftover.

Here it is:
It is a bit bright I know but at least it won't be missed and it is another for the Christmas box.

I hope you will join in with us and use up some bits and pieces.   It doesn't have to be card of course.   How about an unused layer of decoupage that you couldn't bear to throw away - just in case - or a trimming of background paper!

Please don't forget  that you can find us on Facebook and the link label to CD Sunday is in the sidebar.

I am looking forward to visiting your blogs and finding out what you were going to throw away.


Sunday, 30 September 2018

CD Sunday - 'Autumn Days' - chosen by Jane

The weather has started to change just in time for Jane's challenge - but we could do without all that wet stuff.  I don't think that the leaves are changing colour quite as early as they usually do but that could just be me misremembering.
They have all changed though on my card for the challenge as you will see:

I have a great set of leaf dies just perfect for this challenge and I had fun sourcing the perfect colour card for my Autumn leaves.  The image of the flying meeces comes from House Mouse Disc 1 - In the garden - and the sentiment is from a stamp by Woodware.  Part of a set called 'Flowering Bike'.

I think this card will be perfect either for an Autumn birthday or someones special personal occasion.

I hope you will join in and that we will have a feast of ''Autumn Days' to visit .

Please don't forget  that you can find us on Facebook and the link label to CD Sunday is in the sidebar.

Have fun and take care.


Carol xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


The September 2018 theme for our Facebook ATC group is 'Occupations'.  We have had this theme before but has proved popular enough to have been chosen for a second time.
Here are my offerings which are on the way to our intrepid organiser - Sue.

None are very complicated but they are all decoupaged.  Looking forward to receiving my swops. We have some very talented Atcers in our group.
If anyone fancies joining our group just leave a comment to that effect and I will get back to you.


Carol xx

Sunday, 16 September 2018

CD Sunday - 'G' is for........ chosen by moi

Good Morning.

I have scheduled  this posting as I will busy on Saturday down at a workshop with Judith Maslen.  It is a while since I have done any 'proper' parchment so I hope what we are given to do isn't very difficult.

Back to CD Sunday. As I said on the Blog we sometimes like to choose a letter or colour as the Challenge  theme to allow  a much wider choice of subject. 'Twas my turn to choose for this Challenge and I have chosen the letter 'G'.

Here is my card:
My 'G' is for a Garden Trug and this one is filled with beautiful flowers. My chosen CD was by Pamela West - Volume 2 - CD 1 (Joanna Sheen).  There are many pretty little paintings of all sorts on Pamela's CDs - which  are certainly worth having  in a any collection.
I didn't do anything ellaborate with the card.  Just a couple of mats on the matching background and a die cut sentiment. I wanted the image and the beautiful colours to say it all.  It has already been given to a friend on her birthday.

I had a fun week in Suffolk/Norfolk with my sister. Visiting new places and old favourites.  We did go to Houghton Hall in Norfolk.   A fabulous house.  I had watched  Philip Spencer's TV programme about his visit there before we went away and this decided me that I would like to visit.   We met the Chief Guide (who was featured in the programme) and he was a delightul man.  He very kindly allowed us to use the private lift (with him as 'lift attendant') to access the 1st floor as I have trouble climbing stairs.  The lift was an ancient cage like structure. My sister said it looked like something out of a Hercule Poirot story.  The staff could not have been nicer. In fact all the people we met in both counties were great.

Please don't forget that you can enter our Challenges via Facebook.  You can also enter by email to
I look forward to visiting your Blogs.
Take care and I will see you next time.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

CD Sunday - 'Cool Colours' chosen by Jocelyn

Good Morning.
This is a scheduled post as I will have just started my holiday - my first for a long time. If all has gone well I will have arrived safely at a beautiful cottage in Suffolk to spend a relaxing week of exploration with my sister.

I expect I can bore you all with photos when I return.  Suffolk is a beautiful county and I love visiting it.   My Father was born in Suffolk so I like to think my roots are there.

Enough wittering -  here is my card for our new challenge - 'Cool Colours'.   A great choice by Jocelyn as it opens the door to so many possibilities.

For this card I used MCS - Essential All Occasions - Celebration Folder.
I made this for a member on the UKSN Birthday list who has his birthday tomorrow and added the words with his name included to make it personal.  I have also added some die cut birds - some flying and some sitting.

I enjoyed making this card and I hope that Neil likes it..

Please join in with us but please don't foget to use a CD or CDs  and name it or them.  Don't forget you can find us on Facebook so that if you haven't a Blog you can enter that way or by email -

As always the link to CD Sunday is in the sidebar.

Have fun and I will see you soon.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

HLS August ATC Challenge

One of my fellow Facebook ATC club members has pointed her ATC making friends  in the direction of  a challenge currently on Happy Little Stampers.  ATCs using the theme of 'Water'.
I keep a book of ATC ready for swops and I have found 4 ATCs that follow the theme.  I will enter them into the challenge at HLS.  Wish me luck.

This image is from the net - a watercolour I think.  I have added some thread on the left and a silver charm anchor as the finishing touch.
A second image as before - but this time with a silver sailing boat charm as the finishing touch
This one has been called' Fish Beauty' and is several layers of decoupage all cut from a purchased decoupage sheet.
Lastly here is 'Father and sons'.  I have used an image of the sea as a background and peeloffs as the seahorses and seaweed and fish bubbles. The  fish are pretty little coloured plastic flat back fishes. The peel offs have been coloured in appropriate places.
I was going to enter all four but it would appear that I can only submit one.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018


I have been a bit lax with my postings about our Facebook ATC Swop UK group.  I have just sent off my 5 for our August swop.
The theme is ' Song titles without words'.

Here are mine.  See if you can guess the titles.

I think that 3 are fairly easy but the other 2 might not be so easy.


Sunday, 19 August 2018

CD Sunday - 'Let's go Fishing' - chosen by Margaret

Although I know that women do go fishing I think this is probably an opportunity to make one of those difficult 'male' birthday cards .

Firstly -  thank yous to all those that entered into Wynn's 'Celebrate in Style' challenge and now hopefully you will be inspired to come fishing with us at CD Sunday.

Secondly -  for my card I used a download that I have had for a long time - from Alan and Barry.  This was a folder of blue and white willow type plate  designs. To go with the download I found  a matching background for the matting layer on a Funky Hand -  Colour me Happy CD. (Jovial Man folder).  I also used the same background paper to die cut the bamboo shoots and fish embellishmants.

Here is my card:

I added Navy Blue Nuvo Crystal Drops to the tree.  The blooms/fruit are not as round as I would have liked them to be. I am nowhere near as clever with the Nuvo drops as my fellow teamie Pamela.

Whilst posting this for scheduling I remembered that I had made a 'fishing' card for my cousin's birthday  this month. This is a cartoon I found on the internet and I just added a border and his name. Just a bit of fun. I do not know to whom I should attribute this  but I acknowledge his or her work.

Please join in with us and I look forward to visiting your Blogs. Please don't forget that you can join in via our Facebook page if you haven't a Blog -  or send in by email at

Have fun.


Friday, 17 August 2018

Christmas Cards 2018

Here are another couple of die cut Christmas cards.  I have invested in the new(ish) Snap machine and I must say that I am very pleased with it.  I have had to abandon my Big Shot Plus as it is too heavy and cumbersome especially as I have arthritis in both elbows.  My Gemini can be touchy but I will keep it for larger dies.

Both the large die cuts on these cards went straight through the machine and cut with the first go and embossed with the second. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the case all the time.  You can get a battery for the Snap and I have decided to invest in one and used my Create and Craft discount and  points to reduce the cost.

Here are the two cards:

A different style of card for me and I am enjoying myself.

Take care

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Christmas Cards 2018

I am finally back in the mood to make some Christmas cards.  I think my mojo went walk abouts.  Because I thought earlier in the year I was going to have to have my Carpal Tunnel Op I frantically made cards for everyone up to the end of December so that it would all be over by the time next year came around.  The op was cancelled and at the moment I have only the slightest of symptoms and I think that I am interested in making cards again .
I am die-cutting like a mad thing - trying new dies and different weights of card. I have lost the urge for parchment at the moment as I have so many cards to catch up on and parchment takes too long.

So here is one that I have finished. Lots more cut outs to assemble and a whole heap of bits left over which may be big enough for die cutting some embellishments.

I cannot remember the makes of the dies I am afraid.  My son decided where the flower should be placed.  He has a good eye for detail and I often ask his approval. More often than not he is right.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

CD Sunday - 'Celebrate in Style' - chosen by Wynn

Good Morning. I hope all are well and haven't melted away in the heat. It has been particularly hot down here in the S.E. and in fact I had heat stroke on the two very hot days. I could have expected it if I had sat out in the sun but I hadn't as I don't really like the heat.  I am weird and prefer the cooler months.

To get on with our new challenge. Wynn has chosen a good theme that allows a great deal of scope as there are many things and occasions about which to celebrate. As long as you do it in style and use a CD somewhere you could be a winner.

I decided to add to my Christmas box and here is my creation:

This was all from - MCS - Festive Deco Follies.  I decoupaged the car, the street light and the wreath and added a smidgen of glamour dust to the light.  I enjoyed making this card. A simple concept but I love choosing the figures, finding suitable embellishments  and making sure the proportions are correct.  Each year I choose one of my Christmas  makes to be my 'fall back' card in case I don't have time to make everyone on my list an individual card and this year I think this one will be that card.

We had a good few entries into Meg's challenge 'Anything Goes' -  and thank you to those who joined us - and we hope to see as many entering this challenge. If you cannot find anything in particular to celebrate you can always add to your Christmas box like me.

Please don't forget to use a CD and give it credit so that we can see the details.  Also please don't forget that if you haven't a blog of your own you can enter via Facebook (here)  or email -
Please have fun with Wynn's challenge and I look forward to viewing your cards whichever way they are sent.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

CD Sunday - 'Anything Goes' - chosen by Meg

Good Morning.

Our 'Anything Goes' challenges usually prove to be popular -   for obvious reasons. But don't get carried away and forget to use a CD somewhere along the way. It is easily done. I have almost done it myself and I am on the team. I think, in my case, it is an age thing.

I chose to make a birthday card for a special friend.   Now I read on her Facebook page that she has recently grown rather fond of Cacti but that they are fighting back. That gave me an idea for her card and for my' Anything Goes'.  Here it is:

Now the card base is from Carol Ann's Studio CD - page  Smudge 3.  The stitch pattern is from Stitching Cards and can be found here.  The Cactus die and pot I bought some time ago and this was a perfect time to use it.
I enjoyed making this using stitches and dies and finding a toning card and background.  I think I enjoy stitching almost as much as parchment.

I hope to see you on your blogs.


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Christmas - 2018

Here is another card for the Christmas Card Box. I have actually made this card a couple of times but I just change the background a little each time and - of course - make a note of who I send it to.

The image is from a La Pashe CD printed straight to parchment. The bow, leaves and berries have been embossed and then some special Czech white glass lentil beads have been sewn in a few places to make some of the  berries 3D.   I used a PCA plate to add a border. It is hard to see unless you magnify the image.
The sentiment is a die cut and the card itself was bought - and I am desperately trying to remember from whom it was bought. I'll add it later.

p.s. I have found the link. Company is called Craft Creations and in my opinion they are second to none for their stock of background cards of almost every desciption. Here is the link to the page containing  the one I have used in the above card.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

CD Sunday - 'A Gardeners World' - chosen by Pamela

Our lovely teamie Pamela has chosen the theme for the next two weeks - 'A Gardeners World'.  I think the team have chosen some lovely images on the theme so please  visit their Blogs and find out all about them.  The blog links are on the CD Sunday Blog, of course, as well as in my own side bar.

I chose a La Pashe image from the CD - The Best of La Pashe 2012 - Decoupage Plus. The image is called - Bench, Broom and Bonnet.
I loved all the little bits of decoupage. When I started card making decoupage was one of my favourite disciplines and I still enjoy it now.
I have chosen to give this to a family member later in the year. It will be appreciated I know because the person loves gardening and is very good at it.

I hope to visit many blogs and see many beautiful cards or projects. And on Facebook. We are receiving some beautiful entries via Facebook
If you have liked mine then please feel free to add a comment on your way by.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

CD Sunday - 'Things to eat' - chosen by Jane

Eating is on our minds for this challenge.  Quite a good portion of our day is spent either eating or planning to eat and even shopping for things to eat.  There should be no difficulty then in choosing what sort of eating you are going to portray.  There are quite a few CD's available with goodies to eat depicted on them.
I decided to think a bit outside the box - as it were - and as I am desperately trying to add to my Christmas card stash I went to La Pashe and produced this:

For this creation I have used - La Pashe -  Pop up card  of the Gingerbread House from - The Christmas Box.
I made a few Gingerbread House cakes when the children were little.  You can now buy kits so that you just do the fun bit of putting it all together.
I hope you will join in the challenge and we look forward to visiting your Blogs and CD Sunday on Facebook to see what you have entered. CD Sunday is here.


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Yet another for the Christmas Box

Same pattern but a different look

The dies I used for the tree decorations are by Marianne. They have a whole series of these itty bitty dies and I think I have at least a dozen by now. I love them - so useful.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Another for the Christmas card box 2018

Yet another selection of colours and what is supposed to be a deep red backing sheet but, disappointingly, it looks more brown than red.   I have added some red gems to go with the red in the tree to brighten it a little.

I have more of these already pricked out and I have sent off for some more coloured threads. I like them all to be different.

I hope everyone is enjoying a good weekend.


Sunday, 10 June 2018

CD Sunday - ' Second Time Around ' - chosen by Carol (me)

Well,  my turn to choose the challenge has come round again. It doesn't seem a moment since my last choice.  This time I have chosen recycling - hence - Second Time Around..
I remember once participating in a  'Recycled item'  ATC swop.  The swoppers included my friend and  teamie Pamela -  and I have never know anyone make so many ATCs using recycled bits and pieces as Pamela did then.  I don't know if it was on her mind this time because when you see the fabulous item she made for my challenge you will be as blown away as I was - as it was her birthday card to me for my recent 75th birthday. It now has a pride of place in my Treasures Cabinet at home in my sitting room.

I am afraid my contribution isn't nearly as glamorous but I think quiet and simple maybe a reasonable description.
Here it is:

My recycled component is the laser cut image of the bird and flowers. I think it is meant to be a humming bird. The blue background is my CD part and is from MCS- Winter Twilights. I added some blue/green nailheads and the blue Birthday sentiment.  The aquamarine edging is there purely so that the card can be seen against the white background.
The laser image was part of a beautiful card given to me by one of my lovely neighbours. I am very lucky in that I have two wonderful elderly lady neighbours who are so kind and would do anything for one if they possibly could. The neighbour concerned would be delighted to know that I have reused her card. I fact it is going to my daughter next month for her Birthday. She is not a lover of handmade cards and I cannot quite make myself go out and buy one so this is the next best thing.
Please visit all my fellow teamies Blogs and study what they have made with their recycling. It doesn't have to be a lot but I am sure you can all find a little something. And together with something from a CD - a background perhaps,  you will then  have something to enter into my challenge.  I will be choosing my Top 3 and posting the result on the 1st July.
I hope to see you on your Blogs.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

CD Sunday -' Beautiful Blooms' - chosen By Jocelyn

 Good Morning fellow Ark dwellers. We have had some heavy constant rain here in the South and it isn't doing my own beautiful blooms in the garden any good. My Peonies look very battered.
But as a  team we have some beautiful blooms to show you on the Blog and here is my own :

When I made this card for the challenge the beautiful blooms in my garden were the daffodils and the beginnings of the primroses so I chose this image from Messy Rabbits CD by Joanna Sheen. I love the querky images on this CD and I hadn't used it for a while but I remembered Messy Rabbit and the daffodils.. Apart from die cut bow and the sentiment it all comes from the CD.

There are many CD's out there containing all manner of flowers and beautiful blooms for you to choose from so I look forward to seeing many cards entering Jocelyn's challenge.

I hope the weather improves again,  that you all have a wonderful time crafting and that as you pass me by you leave  a message and I will also visit you on your Blogs.
Carol xx

Monday, 21 May 2018

Christmas 2018

I can hear the groans but yes  - I have started making Christmas cards. I would have made more by now but the planned hand op made me rush do make all my Birthday cards etc.  Now I am rushing to make Christmas cards before all the symptons come back and then I will have to have the op.
So.......I have been stitching.  One of my favourite Christmas stitching patterns and I plan to make quite a few more - all with different colour blends.

Here are the four that I have finished. Two of them were stitched whilst I was half watching 'The Wedding'.

There are so many colour and thread combinations that are possible with this pattern enabling it to  look fresh each time it is done.

Have you started with your Christmas cards?

The link to the pattern is here:

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Latest parchment patterns from Judith Maslen

Last Saturday was our 2nd of the year visit down to Judith's for her workshop. Work being the operative word as we did work hard.  For some time during the morning you could have heard a pin drop in the room - which let's face it is unusual.
Fabulous patterns though and here is the morning one - that took all the concentration:

A very different pattern for the afternoon and although it took hard work and concentration it wasn't quite so intense.
Personally I was thrilled that I could make the workshop. I wasn't expecting to as I was due for surgery on my wrist - which was cancelled.  Re-scheduling is inevitable though and I am going to have to miss a workshop sometime.

Here is the 'afternoon' card:

I haven't added any sentiments as yet. They can be done at a later date using a peel off or die cut.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day thank you Judith and thank you to my two companions for the day especially our chauffeur.