Thursday, 31 August 2017

Yet another card for the Christmas box

This time I have been playing with dies.  I cannot remember where I bought this die.  It might have been from The Art of Craft but I am not sure.  I enjoyed playing about with it and deciding how to use it.  It couldn't be simpler and I like the look.

The black card is spotless but the little specks you can see are glitter. How ever hard I try I can't get rid of them
Hope you like it too.

Whilst having a coffee this morning I decided to go through my stash of die packaging  to fnd where the die comes from and I have found it.
It is a Nellie Snellen die -   in the series Shape dies - Christmas Window Scene -2 (SD131).  I think I did buy it at 'The Art of Craft' - my very favourite Aladdins cave. I have added the link.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

More for the Christmas card box

At our last Parchment lesson we were using a couple of Groovi plates. We were also given an unusual card shape to use with our finished work but I decided not to use that yet and I made an easel card for my image.

This is the Groovi plate we were using ........

.............but I didn't use the centre motif, I used the Merry Christmas wording from another plate.
We all did various interpretations and added our own bits and here is mine.
I made the large bow for the 'stopper' and that pattern came from the same plate as the small bow in the centre.
As you can see I used ooodles of gems. TG  I know where I can get replacements from Amazon at a very good price.  Ask and I might tell!

Just off to finish an ATC for a swop next month.
Love you to leave a comment if you can as you are passing by.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

CD Sunday - 'Let's hear it for the boys' - chosen by Pamela

Pamela has given us a good opportunity to make a card to pop in the box for perhaps a husband, son, grandson, nephew etc,. etc,. We never seem to have enough so now is a chance to make at least one.
I have chosen to make one for my Great Nephew Ellis.  Some how it seems very aging to have a Great Nephew.  It sounds like something from a novel .
As you will see from the card this Great Nephew isn't very old yet:

I asked his Grandmother what his special interests are and I was told 'Diggers' etc and suchlike. I had a set of appropriate stitch patterns already on my computer so I chose the one you see and decided to make it into an easel card - just to add a little more interest for him.
My 'CD' part is background card for the image and his nameplate/stopper and for the 'tyre tracks' at the side. It came from 'Big One Backgrounds CD' by La Pashe. For the actual card itself I have used my standby 'sand look alike'  card so that hopefully it adds to the scene.
'ELLIS' and Happy Birthday are die cut using red glitter card and the number 3's are transparent glittery peel off's stuck onto backing card and more glitter card.
It is a wee while until his birthday so it will truly be in my box waiting for his big day.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


The Facebook parchment group I belong to has a challenge every month. The subject is decided by the group founder  and the winner has her winning piece posted as the group banner heading for the following month and then goes on to choose the next winner and so on.
I was lucky enough to win last month. The subject was handbags and I posted one of the miniature ones I make from Amanda Yeh's patterns.   So I get to choose the winner for August and the subject chosen is a Fairy or Fairies.
Obviously I can't enter the challenge but I can post a a piece of work and here is my card:

It is from a lesson I had many moons ago but I hadn't actually stitched the border to the image and mounted on a background but I have now completed it.
I have added a little Wink of Stella to the wings but as always it is difficult to see in a photo.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

CD Sunday - 'Past Times' - chosen by Jane

Firstly I would like to thank all those who entered my 'Anything Goes' challenge.  I will be choosing my Top 3 during the next couple of weeks.

Secondly we have a new challenge starting today. Jane has chosen 'Past Times' which I think offers almost (but not quite) as much scope as 'Anything Goes'.  There are lots of eras and many representatives of those eras that can be chosen.
I chose a ladies wear shop.   I am not positive as to the era - possibly Edwardian.   I am not sure but here it is:

I have done decoupage.  I haven't done a lot of decoupage this year and I do like to do some when the opportunity arises.   Now the image is of course La Pashe.  It couldn't be anything else - could it.      From 'The Big One'  CD .  A sentiment die and a bow die were used.  It is just a simple decoupaged scene which I think is quite pretty and evocative of an era that I didn't know but doesn't seem that long in the past.
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I will see you on your blogs.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Layering stamps by Nellie Snellen

I have fallen in love with a set of stamps.  Christmas layering stamps by Nellie Snellen. I have been using them with my Tim Holtz stamping platform and I did more stamping yesterday than I have done in a year or so.
Yesterday I made a dozen Christmas cards and here are some photos:

Here are  three individual ones as close-ups;

I think they make great cards. Hope you like them.