Sunday, 24 June 2012

CD Sunday - Jenny's Sketch

As this is a timed post I am not sure how Jenny is going to title this challenge.  Sketch was her choice for this week and this is how we have referred to it on our Admin Blog so I will have a 50/50 chance of getting it right or wrong.

I haven't done many 'sketch' type cards.  In fact my very first one was an early entry into CD Sunday challenges before I was kindly invited to join them.
Anyway here is my 'take' on 'Jenny's Sketch'

I used 'A little bit of folk' from MCS 3rd Anniversary bundle.  I did actually buy some lace ribbon especially for this card as I haven't a die or punch that would achieve the zig zag edge.  I am pleased with the result and it will be an addition to my 'here's one I made earlier' box.

The reason for the timed posting this week is a very early start to tomorrow for myself and Debs (who at this moment is winging her way to my house)  and another friend - for our drive to Bristol.  We are leaving at 6.30am.  I am looking forward to the day.  It is a wonderful chance to meet and greet so many talented 'parchers' from all over the place.

I'll catch up with everything when I get back - a tired but happy bunny.


no tired and happy bunny i am afraid.  we were loading the car last night ready for this morning when i tripped over the threshold went smashing down onto a wood floor and broke my left arm.  finally got home from casualty about 0.15am  can't describe the pain.
sorry can't do caps.  can't lift to hit the key.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Back to parchment

I felt the need to do some 'proper' parchment.  The sort of project that needs quiet and concentration and practice of various techniques.  This pattern involves colouring with Faber Castell  polychromos pencils and white work embossing.

The pattern - Semi Circle of flowers -  is by Kay James and is in the Parchment Craft Magazine - Summer Special

Here it is

Kay's pattern has a second parchment lining (a little larger)  with a repeat of the edge pricking and embossing pattern but I omitted this and just used a dark purple card liner.  The semi circular embossed and pricked feature uses a Pergamano Moon tool and the card edge uses a Pergamano Wing tool.  Both are recent additions to my tool stash.
I enjoyed making this and I hope you like it.

Now - on Sunday - down in Bristol -  is the  Bristol Parchment Craft Exhibition .  A wonderful extravaganza of all things parchment and yours truly will be there.
This year instead of just being a shopper I will be running a stand.  I am going as representative for Judith Maslen  and will be showing and selling her wonderful patterns.  Judith can't make it this year so I am thrilled to be doing it for her.  If you come down please come and say Hi.  Stand 17/18.  My great friend Debs and Tina Cox will be next door on 19/20.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

CD Sunday - Delicious Damask

A timed posting for me this week as I have a busy few days ahead.  I am attending a jewellery making workshop on Saturday.  I have decided that I really ought to learn properly how to use all these beautiful glass and crystal beads I keep buying. Then on Sunday I have a workshop here and then off to visit my daughter.
Back to matters in hand.  We have seen some  beautiful Ballerinas and I  know it will be a difficult Top 3 choice for me but I will let Jenny know at the beginning of the week my choices and will have a small gift for the winner.

This week we have Christine's choice - Delicious Damask.  Damask is always a popular theme so I am sure that Christine will find it equally hard to choose her Top 3.

Here is my card.  I have used some parchment.  I felt I haven't been using enough  parchment in my CD Sunday cards lately.

I used Artylicious 'Damask Delights' and 'Butterfly Bliss CD's'.  For the parchment oval I used parchment printed using the CD and a multi grid for the shape. The damask oval in card  was cut using one of my new dies. and the parchment  butterfly was made using another multi grid -with  added pink pearls for the body.  The swirl - yet another new die with a little glitter added for pizzazz .
The card has already gone to a parchment workshop friend.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

CD Sunday - Beautiful Ballerinas

I loved visiting all the Blogs last week.   Some very different and beautiful shades of green were used in the making of many fabulous cards.

Now the theme for this week is my choice.  Beautiful Ballerinas.  I didn't choose the theme because I ever 'did ballet'.  So far away was I  from managing anything so elegant and graceful when I was a child that my nickname was 'the tank.'  According to my Mother  I never went around anything -  either over, under or through it.

Here is my card:

The bp and the image are from  'Dancing with Shadows' - Joanna Sheen.   I used one of my new dies for the frame and the big floppy flowers are from 'stash'.

I enjoyed making it and hope you like it too.
I will have a little something for the winner of the Top 3 and I look forward to having a difficult choice to make.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Oodles of Doodles

Not my title but the name of some new  (to me)  stamps by Hobby Art Ltd that I found at The Art of Craft on Wednesday.  I was there for our monthly Parchment workshop and of course I went shopping.
I love doodles and Zentangles so I was pleased to find these.  I had a great deal of fun making some ATC's with the flowers etc made using the stamps.  They were stamped on some fabulous Tim Holtz papers from his 'idea-ology' pad of 12 x 12 papers.  I added sequins, beads and  wood cut-outs etc all from my stash and just let my imagination run away.
There are a couple of parchment ones in the last photo - made at the workshop - so I did do some work.
Hope you like them

Sunday, 3 June 2012

CD Sunday - Gorgeous Green

Be ready to be green with envy at all the different shades we have chosen this week and also to welcome our two new team members.
First please welcome Beryl and Cazro.   We are delighted that they are now part of the CD Sunday team (it also means that Jocelyn and I are no longer the newbies).  Both Beryl and Caz make wonderful cards and I am sure they would appreciate a visit from you all.

Now my shades of green are a tad bright.  I think it probably glows in the dark.  Anyway here it is - my first 2012 Christmas card.

We have always said at CD Sunday that as long as something from a CD is used somewhere in the making of your card it is eligible for our Blog and competitions.
Well here is the living proof of that as my only  CD contribution on this card is the sentiment which comes from Rachelle Anne Miller Collection.  It was whilst trying to print this out that I discovered that my printer had died colourwise and I had to spend out on a new one.
I look forward to visiting your Blogs, and your visits and comments here are always welcomed.