Sunday, 29 August 2021

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #68 - hosted by Margaret

Here is my 'make' for this new challenge.   It can be used as a Birthday card or perhaps a Get Well card.   In fact - on reflection - for almost any greeting.

This is made using the 'Vibrance' die set and vignette (download) from Carnation Crafts together with background dies from the 'Equinox' blooms collection - again from Carnation Crafts.   The dies for the little sentiment tags are also with the background set. This was all done using glossy photo paper.

There are at least another 4 colourways for the flowers and several background colours with the Equinox Blooms so many more combinations can be made.

I hope all are well and still being careful.  I don't think that we can relax yet.




Saturday, 28 August 2021

Another for the Christmas box

This time I have made a 7" x 7" card.   I needed the space to get everything on.  I have used all Carnation Craft goodies, for this one except for one sheet of backing paper:

It took me quite a while to design and stick.  A slightly new style for me but I enjoyed the playing around.

The gold and cream backing sheets were printed from Carnation Craft (lets call them CC for short) and Tattered Lace (TL). The gold comes from 'Illuminating' (TL) and the cream from 'Christmas Time'  (CC) - which is also where the circles and centres come from.  The Christmas Roses, Sherry and glasses are from CC Christmas Accessories.  I chose to use a sentiment die that I have had for some time.  Where from I disremember.

There are three circles in the Christmas Time collection and I have made up the other two but haven't decided how to present them yet.

I hope you are all well into your Christmas Card making.  This makes my no: 52.



Sunday, 22 August 2021

Christmas 2021

Back in February this year I made a Christmas card for a CD Sunday Plus Challenge - here.

At the time I said that I would probably make some more as I enjoyed making them, and the 'look'.

Well, I have made another 3 with just a tiny difference on each.


I still think that the charisma for the stag is fantastic.  There are another two decoupage layers that could be used but I prefer the single layer on this occasion.

Happy Christmas!



Monday, 16 August 2021

Christmas 2021

I think this is possibly Christmas card no: 48.  For this I have used a new to me  collection  by Tattered Lace called 'Christmas Tidings'.  There are six die sets in the collection - each comes with  two outer rings and the image die. The Charisma image is in a download as usual and, I believe, on a USB.  To make it look like a bauble with a hanger you have to buy another die from the same set - The Festive Bauble.

I have made a couple so far and but am only going to show one of the two at the moment.

I found the background from somewhere and cropped it and added a couple of toning borders with my graphics programme.

Here is a picture of the die that I used for this card.


These dies and images do make lovely cards and am now off to make some more.  I will show you these later.    It is just the first one I cannot show you as I have made it for CD Sunday Plus and 'rules is rules'.




Sunday, 15 August 2021

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #67 - hosted by Jo

 As always our challenges are Anything Goes as long as our Rule 3 has been followed - here

For this challenge I have made a card for one of my cousins who lives in France.  His birthday is this month so it is already winging its way.

I used Carnation Crafts Shabby (rectangular) dies for the two backgrounds and then the 'Naughty but Mice' dies and vignettes.

It is obviously a very simple card but I enjoyed the overall effect.  Have you guessed his name yet?

I look forward to plenty more blog hopping.




Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Another Christmas Wreath but different hues

 I haven't added any Christmas wording yet.  I haven't decided what to say or where to say it.  I have though added a little glitter to the centre of the Christmas roses.

As before I used the Carnation Crafts 'Christmas Wreath' maker but with a different selection of colours.  I also used less items than with the first wreath.

Hope all are well.



Sunday, 1 August 2021

CD Sunday Plus Challenge #66 - hosted by Pamela

 As always our challenges are Anything Goes as long as our Rule 3 has been adhered to, which is shown on the CD Sunday Plus blog.

Here is my design team card for this challenge:

The digital part of this creation is the taking of a photograph with my digital camera and downloading it to my computer, and then using my graphics programme to resize, add the borders and the text.

The photograph was taken in my garden on a small wall by some steps. The flowers are from the garden.  I don't know the names I am afraid except for the central Peony and I think the leaves are from a 'Smoke Bush'?  I think there may possibly be some Lily of the Valley.

The 'vase' or in fact 'glass' is a Coca Cola glass that belonged to my son. I say 'belonged' as it doesn't any more.  Somehow it is now in the cupboard with my other vases.  It was a perfect colour and size for the arrangement.

As these flowers and leaves appear each year I do like to use this arrangement quite often.

I am afraid the very heavy rain has finished off the few flowers I had left.  The roses have been stripped of all the petals.  Even the Foxgloves look very sorry for themselves but the grasses have gone berserk.

I look forward to some blog hopping. In the meantime stay well and safe. 

Carol xx

p.s.  I can now reveal that this card was for my lovely friend Mandi whose birthday was on the 11th August  but  came to visit me at the beginning of July.   It was lovely to get together.  This 'Covid' stuff is making it so difficult to meet up with friends.