Thursday, 11 August 2022

Crafters in the 'pink'


I made this card to send as a 'Card For Kindness' to another member of the UKSN.  Each month - those of us who have joined this little section of our club - are sent a name of the person we are to make for and to send a card. So this month my card goes to Valerie and I hope she likes it.  I enjoyed making it using a new digital purchase from here.

The background I used actually came from a La Pashe CD and the borders were made with my graphics programme.



I am joining in:

Creations In Pink Challenge # 48 ~ Anything Goes in MAINLY PINK

Sunday, 7 August 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #91 - hosted by Pamela

 I have been dying for Challenge #91 to come up on the schedule because of the card I had chosen for it.  We have a very strict rule at CD Sunday that the card we show must not have been seen before on the web.  We can have given it to someone else e.g a birthday card - but we must not have posted it ourselves or entered it anywhere else that may show it publicly before the challenge date.  The same rule applies to our challengers.

Anyway all that being said you would think this card is fabulous or wonderful and ask what am I making a fuss about. But no -  it is just one of the digital ones I  made and I loved it and quite frankly wanted to share with you.

I had made the card - which let's face it isn't at all complicated but I wracked my brains to find the perfect caption.  All sorts sprang to mind until the speech bubble idea came and then suddenly I knew what to put in it.

The image comes from a Card Hut CD - Mark Bardsley's Country Show. This CD is one of many from The Card Hut - each with their own graphics programme. Such fun to use.

I have made several of this type of card and plan to show them in future challenges. It is funny how circumstances can send one off in a different direction and introduce something new. Exciting.


Carol xx

Saturday, 30 July 2022


 Here is a catch up of the last few entries to this monthly swap:

December 2021 - January 2022

February 2022

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

July 2022

Now these are up to date.  We haven't been told yet what is the theme for August.  I hope to try and make some a little more 3D.

Sunday, 24 July 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #90 - hosted by moi


This is from the Docraft Digital Designer - Tulip and Friends folder - Pampered Pets.  The words and the borders are from my graphics programme.  Some gems have been added to the cats collar and dingle dangle and to the dogs coat.

 You will begin to think that I am obsessed with above source and folders but I must admit to liking all the contents and have used many of them.  Whilst my hand was at its worst and I was just using digital images  - Docraft Digital Designer, Serif and MCS proved to be a godsend.

I will have used all that I made quite soon and have already started some decoupage and stitching.  When will I try some parchment? - I don't know yet.

Back to the card.  I just loved these two sweet animals.  I don't have cats and don't want one but they are very very cute and a lot of my friends have them - and my daughter has two.  I love dogs and have always had them until I could no longer go walkies. A girlfriend of mine has this sort of dog. A Scottie? I think. Anyway these two sweeties were separate images and I put them to together to make the topper.

I hope all are well and are enjoying the slightly cooler weather.  I look forward to visiting your blogs and choosing my Top 3.

Hugs - Carol xx

Sunday, 10 July 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #89 - hosted by Jocelyn

 This is from the Hot Diggity Dog folder again - in Tulip and Friends from the Docraft Digital designer.

I have added the extra cupcakes and the rabbit from The Card Hut CDs.  The words come from Beccy's Place and the blue borders from my graphics programme.  A real mixture of sources.

This looks like the scene of a super little picnic but... I hope those aren't wasps flying around after the sweet treats.  I hate wasps with a passion and have the scars to prove it.

I hope all are well and that the promised heat wave isn't too serious.  My plants are looking a little sad already.

I have managed some more stitching cards and a little 3D decoupage.  The 'girls' (my three crafting friends) are coming for one of their Sunday eat,chat and craft days at the end of the  month - hopefully - and I am planning that I will try some die-cutting with them.  The first since a while before the op. 

I look forward to lots of visiting and if you feel like dropping in to see me you will be very welcome.




Thursday, 30 June 2022

Christmas 2022 - Burst of Berries

 This is my first stitched card attempted since my operation.  I just wanted to see if I could manage with a fine needle and thread - and I couldn't be more pleased.

My last stitched card was managed about a year ago.  Towards the end of the year and up until just now stitching had been impossible.

I chose a Christmas stitch pattern from here and re pricked the already done holes to make them easier for the needle and thread.  Unusually, I did the stitching before I chose a focal image, and this made it difficult to choose one to match the theme and threads.  I have a whole box full of ready made 3D die cut images to choose from and couldn't find one I liked.  Instead I went to my album of already cut Christmas die-cuts and chose the Carnation Craft 'Burst of Berries' which I trimmed into a bouquet and added a bow.

I haven't tried getting out the die-cutting machine and plates yet to see if I can manage the weight and actions needed - but this is now high up on my to do list.  

All I need now is for the operation on my left wrist to be done and crafting life will be back to normal.

Carol xx

Sunday, 26 June 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #88 - hosted by Margaret

 On the day I am typing this we have a beautiful clear sky, lots of sunshine and a very light breeze.  Perfect for the subject of my design card:

I love all things about Hot Air Balloons and I would love to go up in one.  I love those beautiful paintings you see of many of them up in the sky. All various  sizes showing how near or far away they are.  I even have some jigsaws showing a sky crammed full of multi-coloured ones.  Some just striped and others as advertisements. Here are some ATCs I made some time ago show a couple as Minions:

One of the best places to see them in this country in all their majesty is at the Bristol Balloon Festival.

Anyway that is enough of me going on and on.   I made a couple of little matching calendar cards to go with the main card. All came from one of The Card Hut CDs. 


I have chosen to give this card to a friend whose birthday is later in the year so I will just include the 2023 calendar for her to pop into her purse.

 Here is a jigsaw of mine that was framed and hung.




Sunday, 12 June 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #87 - hosted by Jo

A card for the 'Go to' box.  Sadly we still need a few of these but thankfully not as many now, as were needed in the previous two years.

This is from one of the Tatty Ted CDs using the Docraft Digital Designer programme.   To the topper from the disc, showing Ted in bed with flowers and the envelope,  I added the biscuits, the corner embellishments, the pink pencil and all the words.  The border was added using my graphics programme.

Another digital card that I enjoyed making.

Whilst I have been reduced to making digital cards I have had another problem - not being able to write inside the cards I make - or in fact even sign them.  I can now write but surprisingly my handwriting is now rubbish and difficult!!   I have come up with a solution.  Not mind blowing or earth shattering but useful.

I have bought a pack of Avery Address labels - J8166.  They are 6 on a sheet and perfect for a verse or a greeting together with your name.  These seem the perfect size for sticking on to the inside right sheet of the card. Here is a sample - perfect for the above card:

Sending you love

and best wishes

for a very speedy


 With hugs

Carol xxx

 You can obviously space this out as you wish and choose any font but this is the one I chose and can print it out any time.  Just an idea.

On the subject of  'Wellness', I hope that all are well.  Please do take care.

I will be choosing my Top 3 during the next couple of weeks so I look forward to revisiting all the entries to #86


Carol xx

Sunday, 5 June 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Card Challenge - with UKSN

Although the UKSN is 90% about stamping and mixed media they do allow any kind of medium for their ATC section of the club and they have -  graciously -  allowed me to continue to use digital images whilst my hand is healing so that I could enter this challenge.  I had all sorts of ideas buzzing in my head and this is what I produced:

I loved creating this card.  The background of Buckingham Palace was a copyright free image from the net.  'Her Majesty' is a wonderful first layer decoupage image from a La Pashe CD.  This is the first piece of fine cutting I have managed since my op so I am so pleased.  The union flag numbers, bunting, corgis, guards and the princes all come from a digital download purchase from Kate Hadfield.

I am secretly pleased with it (perhaps not so secretly now) and I hope you like it too.




Sunday, 29 May 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #86 - hosted by moi

It should have been my turn to host the last challenge but Pamela kindly stepped in for me whilst I was recovering from the surgery to my hand.  All is well and I am back on duty.

Here is my card for this challenge:

I used one of the Card Hut CDs -  Mark Bardsleys Country Show -  and my graphics programme to add the words and the borders.

Those of our challengers who are not in the UK may not know about a TV series we had about a famous vet named James Herriot . I watched every episode of all the series and loved them all. I found this image in the ready to print section on the CD and I just had to add the reference to James Herriot.

Hopefully I will be able to physically create cards soon rather than just digitally. I am just being wary until the dissolvable stitches have all dissolved. At the moment I can use double sided tape and wield a pair of scissors but I haven't yet had the courage to get out the die-cutting machine etc. Lifting things are a no no apparently.

By the way the beautiful card that Pamela made for this current challenge is her birthday card to me.  It is truly beautiful.

I hope to be able to return to commenting on your challenge entries and I look forward to see in them all.




Wednesday, 25 May 2022


Any one who has followed my blog for a while will know that I love doing jigsaw puzzles - when time allows.

It would appear from this posting here that it is not uncommon for me to resort to jigsawing when everything else comes to a halt.  And the previous posting to that tells me that is was 5 years ago that I first started to have treatment for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I  managed to finish this one yesterday:

Harry Potter and friends. 1000 pieces

I had done the edges before the op but did the rest in the last week after the bandages came off.  A wonderful puzzle. I can recommend it. (Amazon).

Now the next one is ready to start:   Woodland Seasons - by Gibsons

This has 2000 pieces.  I have the edge pieces separated and plan to do one Season at a time.

When you have been instructed to take things easy - not to rush about lifting anything heavy (not even a kettle) - and only essential housework?  - this is the next best thing.  I am keeping my mind busy and improving my left hand dexterity.  That is my excuse.

So off to get started.




Sunday, 15 May 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge # 85 - hosted by Pamela

 More digital from me - but I am having fun.  Physical crafting is almost impossible still so I am really enjoying playing with a different style of crafting.  What I am doing is very simplified but fun.  I will know in a couple of weeks how my op has gone and how much movement and sensitivity I have regained.  Then I can play with all those new dies I have bought.

Here is my card for this challenge, and, I think a new favourite:

A mixture of downloads including a Card Hut CD - 'Pets in a mess' for Hamish the dog and the rabbit he is chasing and the sitting up cat on the windowsill. 

I added the writing on the blind and the borders with my graphics programme.  I am sorry about the colour quality. It is much better in real life.  I used glossy card for the topper and I don't think my scanner was impressed.

I think this will be for my daughter for her birthday in July.

All being well I will be having my op on Tuesday and be on my way to some die cutting craft at long last.


Carol xx


I have had my op and as far as I can tell it all went well. Thankfully not as much pain as I expected.  All done under local in the operating theatre.  I can only commend and applaud the wonderful service and treatment I received from all the medical and other staff.  After the NHS almost being on their knees I think it is great the way they are.  I just have to heal properly from this op  - which  takes a while - then have the left hand done and all will be well again.


Sunday, 1 May 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge # 84 hosted by Jocelyn

Another Docraft Digital Designer creation from me for this challenge.  More from the  Hot Diggity folder on the Tulip and Friends CD.  I must admit that I find almost all the images etc on the Docraft Designer brilliant.  They seem to fit most occasions and are all beautifully drawn.

Here is the one I have chosen for this challenge:

I just love the expressions on the dogs faces as they look at the frog invasion.

Remembering some previous cards I have posted I seem to have a thing for green camper vans and surf boards.  I have only just noticed!  I wonder if Aimeslee notices.

Everything comes from the CD apart from the tri-coloured border which was made using my ACDSee graphics programme.

I knew that there had been a Hot Diggity song way back.  Yes I am just old enough to remember it -  so here it is.

A cheerful song to reflect my mood as at last I have received a date for my first Carpal Tunnel op - May 17th.  I know it isn't going to be very pleasant but it has to be done and the sooner the better.

Please enjoy the music and perhaps leave a comment on your way past.




Sunday, 24 April 2022

A card that has travelled 4,896 miles...

 This super card arrived in time for my birthday all the way from Texas;

This was made by Aimeslee.  A new friend I have made through the wonderful place that is CD Sunday Plus.

We first got chatting because Aimeslee loved one of my DT cards in particular.  I had made several using the same image slightly differently.  I found I still had the original and sent it to her for her birthday - which she didn't have technically as it is 29th February.  This is the one I sent.  I know you have all seen it before:

Apparently the sand and the surfing brought back memories.

Aimeslee has made such a fantastic card for me.  There is much royalty for the Queen, having the same birthday as me, and sense of the UK and the States all mixed up together.

We have started to chat about ourselves and things British and American and I am thoroughly  enjoying it and long may it last. 

Thank you for my card Aimeslee.  If you would like to see more of the card and  Aimeslee see here.




Sunday, 17 April 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #83 - hosted by Margaret

It isn't often that our challenge lands on Easter Sunday but this year it has, so may I wish you all a very Happy Easter. 

I was named Carol because I was born at Easter.  Easter hymns and Christmas songs are both known as Carols.  Pity I can't sing - in tune.

I haven't got an Easter card to show you - I have a Birthday card.  I am still restricted to making digitally based cards but although it is turning out to be more fun than I thought it would I will be glad when the pain goes. Other complications have appeared and I am having another consultation on the 28th.

This card started out as an ATC.  I love making ATCs and belong to ATC swapping groups and have done so for years.

This is the ATC I made with Serif Craft Artist 2. This was made for a series just called Fairies in March 2017.

I went back to the original work on Serif and removed the fairy, added back the tissue like label,  butterflies and added the words and borders.  The ATC was decoupaged but I can't do that at the moment.

That was fun altering something that I had made all those years ago.

I will see you all again on May 1st.  By that time I will be a year older - and just maybe - wiser.

And in the meantime here is a copy of an Easter decoupaged ATC from  that same year 2017


Carol xx

Friday, 8 April 2022


 As a family- many years ago now - we managed to take our three children to Kenya for a wonderful 3 week holiday. The eldest was about 16 and the youngest - my daughter - 10.  I particularly remember the trip because it was in April just before my birthday - about now.

We had a fabulous time.  We were lucky that it was during a period of stability in Kenya.  It wasn't too long after our trip there that sadly there were more troubles.

One of the things that I especially remember was the guy in charge of the hotel pool - which was positioned  between the cottages and the main hotel.  We had to pass the pool on the way to breakfast and the 'pool man' wouldn't let the children pass him until they had greeted him properly and respectfully in Swahili.  The kids were great and joined in the fun with good heart.

This digital picture I have had fun making just reminds me of some of those days. 

The background image is one that I found somewhere and the giraffes are wonderful digital images from Beccy's Place.  Now 'Machweo' is Swahili for Sunset.  If you go onto Google it even tells you exactly how to pronounce it.

I think I might give this to my son Chris for his birthday in July.  It will stir some memories for him as well.




Sunday, 3 April 2022

CD Sunday Plus Challenge - #82 - hosted by Jo

Docraft Digital Designer.    Hot Diggity Dog from Tulip and Friends.

 I am so enjoying my revisits to CD's and graphic programmes to enable me to continue making cards.  Over time I have got so engrossed in exploring die-cuts and cutting machines -  Vignettes and Charismas etc that I had forgotten how I started out crafting.  I did also do a great deal of non die-cut decoupage (and still love it) but that is difficult until my wrists have healed.

 As the pains have eased a little I have been enjoying the 'digital' world but  I really do want to get back to die-cutting, and all that involves.

I look forward to lots of visiting, and I hope - visitors.



Sunday, 20 March 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #81 - hosted by Pamela

I am still with the digital cards although I am noticing some improvement in my wrist after the jab.  A little less pain and almost no terrible pins and needles.  So hopefully it will continue this way.

I had a lot of fun making this card using one of my favourite characters - Boofle - from Docrafts.

So here he is.

It was fun choosing some favourite poses, changing sizes etc, and then thinking of some appropriate text/sayings.  The border was from my graphics programme.  Everything else was  'Boofle' from Docrafts Digital Designer.

The card was made for the Card For Kindness group on UKSN and is winging its way to its recipient in Australia. I am hoping that by the time this post appears it will have reached Sue.

I will be busy next week choosing my Top 3 for the last challenge and with the improvement hoping to find it all a mite easier.

I have a little story to relate  about my son - true - it happened last week.

I am taking a drug called Gabapentin.  Supposed to help with Carpal Tunnel Pain.  I am on quite a heavy dose and one of the side effects is to make you dizzy and unsteady.  I have been suffering - in spades - as they say, and had a long chat with medics about it and it is being reduced.

That bit is just background.  Yesterday afternoon I went outside the front door to the post box (separate from the house) to see if there was any post and when I bent down I started to lose my balance - big time.  In fact, in my mind's eye, I could see myself hitting the box and ground.  Anyway, I manage to get back up straight and all was well.

Later on, Chris  came home just for a moment and he asked how I was.  I told him about the incident and what I needed was one of those alarm bells you wear round your neck if you do fall.  But I said I couldn't have one of those because I am not on my own.  What I needed was one that just connected to him but such a thing would be impossible.

Ah says he. What you need is a Cow Bell.

I am just about still talking to him.

Hugs to all and please still be careful.

Carol xx

Sunday, 6 March 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #80 - hosted by me (Carol)

 Yes, it is my turn again to host the challenge and choose the Top 3.  I have some treatment starting on Tuesday for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I am hoping it will be taking effect when I have to do some concentrated mouse work when choosing the winners.

In the meantime here is my contribution for #80.  Very simple again - I am afraid - but not long now I hope.

This was a digital download - printed twice - so that I could very carefully cut out the central oval.  This I decoupaged using sticky pads.  I had added 'Margaret' and the borders before I printed it all out.

This card is for a member of a Birthday List to which I belong.

It gets very tiring using the mouse and keyboard so I will just say that I look forward to visiting your blogs and choosing my Top 3.


Carol xx

Sunday, 20 February 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #79 - hosted by Jocelyn.

Another completely digital offering from me again I am afraid.  I am longing to be able to get back to 'making 3D style cards' again but having said that I am just glad that I can at least create something. I have been given some consultation appointments so I may have better news by the next challenge. 

I enjoyed making this card.  It is for a member of a group I belong to within the UKSN.  I used  my Serif Craft Artist 2 again.  The same folder as last time - just a different image.

I love the ghostly white fish. There are a few in the folder but I liked these best of all.  It was all part of  the same folder  I just added the borders with my ACDSee programme.  The outside border is just there to show the edge of the card for the posting.   It is not part of the card itself.

The wind is absolutely howling as I type this (Friday).  I noticed earlier on the news that the  S.E was the only area left with a red warning and the edge started just left of us - Guildford/Farnham.  I hope all are safe and everything is still in one piece.




Sunday, 6 February 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #78 - hosted by Margaret

Here is another digital only card from me again - I am afraid.  I can't wait to start playing with my die cutting machine etc but I will just have to be patient.

Today I have used my Docrafts Digital Designer  and I present to you a 'Tatty Ted' card.

The Tatty Ted folder in the programme is great. There are some super images.  Although they are 'cute' you don't get tired of them.  Here are some that I have used in the past

This one is simply made choosing a background and then adding an image. The balloons are from the extras and I added words to the border strips.

It does look better in real life than as a computer image and will be one for my 'go to' box.

I look forward to your visits and I am visiting all your blogs and commenting when I can.

Please keep taking care.


Sunday, 23 January 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #77 - Anything Goes - hosted by Jo

 I hope all are well and enjoying your crafting.  I have noticed a very very small improvement in the pain from the double Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that is plaguing me.   I had a phone consult with a Pain Consultant and he told me to up the dose of the medication and I think that is working.  Fingers crossed - if I could.

This means that I have an all digital card to show you for this challenge:

I found an image of a vase of roses and used it to make a background using my Kaleidoscope CD.  I then added a border to the original image using my ACDSee Graphics programme and then printed it out to use as a topper.  I added the sentiment to the topper with the same ACDSee programme.

The flat sparkly enamel type gems were used in the corners.

I love the old fashioned oil painting look to the image. 

I would usually be starting my Christmas cards by now but instead I am having to source images to use digitally.  Not quite what I intended but actually I am enjoying it.

I will be visiting all the entries and making comments when I can.  Happy crafting.



Thursday, 13 January 2022

CFK for the UKSN

 Here is my first Card for Kindness for 2022.  I was sent my 'name' a few days ago and I have managed to make a card but it had to be a digitally produced one I am afraid.  It could be that way for a while yet but I couldn't not make one.  If that makes sense.  Card making and crafting is what I do and I am so bored with the TV - I can't tell you.

Anyway I used my Serif Craft Artist 2 and produced this card.

 I did find some synthetic water drops in my stash to add for effect.

This is winging it's way in the post and I hope the recipient likes it.  I had to do the inside greeting using my Dymo Letratag.  A boon when you can't do any handwriting.




Sunday, 9 January 2022

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #76

I hope that a good and safe Christmas and New Year was had by everyone.  My Christmas plans were changed at the last minute. I was due to host a family Christmas at my place but due to daughter, son in law and nephew all testing positive I had to go down to Bristol to spend Christmas with my sister.  Not a hardship but she was supposed to be coming to me.

My first CD Sunday Plus card for 2022 is a birthday card for one of my Great Nephews - Arlo.  I remember that I started off last year with a card for the same nephew.  Last time it was a spaceship and this time it is a puffer train.


The image - which I have decoupaged -  comes from the La Pashe Big One CD  - Volume 1 - Remember When?

This has made a 6" x 8" (almost) card and I love these big and bold images.  They make such great cards for little ones.

Now that Arlo has a new younger brother (there are now three little terrors) I will have to find some  more and different images for future cards. I am sure that I will find something on La Pashe.

So a latish Happy New Year from me and I look forward to your visits chez-moi.



Wednesday, 5 January 2022


I haven't posted my entries for this swop for a wee while.

Here is the latest that are going in the post tomorrow for the December 2021 to January 2022 swop themed -  'Festivals'. They will be shown beautifully by the organisers,  who do always do a fabulous job displaying them all.

I am sorry that these are all single layer ATCs. The wrist problems are making any crafting painful so I am doing what I can.

Here are ones I made for earlier swops - starting with swop no: 69

69. The Colour Yellow

70. 'J' is for....

71. Black and White and one colour

72. Olympics

73. 'K' is for .....

74. Poppies