Sunday 26 November 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #124 - hosted by Jocelyn


I think that this is one of the most realistic animal stitching patterns that I have found.

It was made using a Sparkle Stitch card pattern -  downloaded from 'Add Some Sparkle'.  The pink and black mats were cut using Carnation Crafts Shabby dies. The sentiment comes from a box of various ones I must have had for years.

It looks so much more realistic in the 'flesh'.  The pattern seems to make the body of the cat seem rounded.  I know quite a few cat lovers and this will be destined for one of them.  I quite like cats but would prefer a dog - if I could cope with having a pet again.  My last dog was a beautiful black and white English Springer Spaniel.  He was gorgeous.  Ah well!!



Sunday 12 November 2023

CD Sunday Plus Challenge - #123 - hosted by Margaret

This card is a first for me..  I have to admit I do not like Gnomes without faces.  It is not a new dislike - it has always been there.  There is a particular girl/doll image used on a craft CD - Gorjuss dolls that  I have never been able to use it because it has no facial features.  

I found this Gnome pattern on Stitching Cards, and with the addition of two black eyes (tiny wee black round peel-offs) and the pink nose I can cope with this.  In fact I think he is lovely and enjoyed I the stitching.

I even managed to find some super white/silver thread from Gutermann for his beard.

Tis funny I  know but I need to see facial features otherwise I get the shivers.  I even find it difficult as part of  the CD Sunday Plus Design team when I am making comments about entries to our challenges - beautiful as they are.   I don't duck my responsibilities but I do find it hard.  Now my fellow teamies know as I have not mentioned it before.

I hope all are well and getting busy with the cards for the period I am not supposed to mention (see card above).

I wonder if there is anyone else out there who doesn't like faceless images?

Carol xx

Monday 6 November 2023

A little bit more of Halloween 2023

 On the CD Sunday Plus challenge before last I showed a digital Halloween card as my team card  - and also four others that I had made for a card swop.

Here now are the others that I made for that same swop.

I confess to showing the 'Pumpkin People' again as that was my favourite.  This one went all the way to Australia - and it was on time!

They were made using things from different sources. The two 'Cats' were from a CD by Linda Ravenscroft.  Several of the die-cuts were from Carnation Crafts, and I think from  Tattered Lace. The various backgrounds have been collected over time and used many times.

I have collected even more Halloween 'stuff' for 2024 so watch this space.

Carol xx

Sunday 29 October 2023

CD Sunday Plus Challenge - #122 - hosted by Jo

I have another Christmas card to show you as my team offering for this challenge.  I will have a couple more though to show you before our break for Christmas but I have now actually finished making for 2023.  I think I have made more than I need but it just means I will have started early for next year.

Here is my card:

This is from La Pashe (where else) and is decoupaged - the pillars, wreath and birds.  I actually think the Mistletoe should have been decoupaged but, whoops,  I couldn't find it.

I am so pleased that Jo is back with the team .

I hope all are well.

Carol xx



Saturday 21 October 2023

ATC Swop Uk

 Here are my latest ATCs for the group swop:

90. Jungle Book

91. Buttons, Bows and Frilly Bits

92. Going Postal

93. Red and Blue

I have sent in my next ones for the swop.  A favourite theme.  Harry Potter.


Sunday 15 October 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #121 - hosted by Pamela

I have a Halloween card for this challenge.  Although I don't personally celebrate Halloween, and never have done, I love the the 'arty' side of the celebration.   I love making cards and ATCs with the Halloween theme.   I also am a serious 'all things Harry Potter' fan.  The films and especially the Audio CDs read by Stephen Fry.

Here is my card which is all digital:


The background comes from some Alice in Wonderland downloads purchased from Etsy.  The cauldron and the nasty looking potion both come from Kate Hadfields digital shop folders -  'Franknfriends' and 'Wizadry' . The sayings come from Jan Mayhew.  Folders - 'Haunted' and 'Witches Brew'.

The borders were done using my graphics programme - ACDSee

I have had some correspondence with Jan Mayhew about Halloween and I promised I would show her  some cards I made - using her digital images -  for a Facebook swop to which I belong.

Here they are:

The two ghosts and the flying witch are by Jan.
Again the two ghosts are by Jan

All the images and words are by Jan

The Pumpkin People and the conducting cat are all by Jan. The skeleton and the Mummies are by Kate Hadfield
Carol xx

Thursday 12 October 2023

An extra to go with my CD Sunday Plus card

 I found the pattern for a full beaded version of my current CD Sunday Plus Challenge card.  Luckily I  had enough of the small beads to have a go -  and voila!


 In fact it took less time to make this than it took to make the 'stitched' version.  The pattern - of course - came from the same source - Emelie:s Designs. 

Carol xx

Sunday 1 October 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #120 - hosted by me.

I have made this one a few times as I do like it. The stitch pattern is a download from Emelie:s Designs.

The beads are from my stash. The threads used are by Gutermann and the colouring of the bow was done using chalk pencils.  I love the die-cut 'Happy Christmas', which looks like handwriting, but I can't remember from whence it came.

I hope all are well and I look forward to hopping around all your entries - especially as it is my turn (officially) to choose the Top 3.

Carol xx

Sunday 17 September 2023

CD Sunday Plus Challenge # 119 - hosted by Jocelyn


This has been made for the young lad Marcus who lives next door to me. According to his Dad - who I questioned most carefully - Marcus is Space and Astronaut mad.   I think he is 6 - not too sure.  Stupidly I forgot to ask.

This is the insert:

 I used the MCS programme to make the square image with the blurred edge on which to write the greeting.

The  stitch pattern is a download from The die cut cards and mats are from a set purchased from The Art of Craft and are designed to look like postage stamps etc. They are by John Next Door. The sentiment was made using a die cut and my ACDSee graphics programme.

The background was gathered from the internet.   I enjoyed making this. It is an 8" x 8" so  I can deliver it personally.

p.s.  I have discovered two things since I posted this.  No: 1 -  read things properly the first time.  No: 2 what I thought was an Astronaut is actually called a Robot by Stitchcards.  I think he looks like an Astronaut and I am not going to tell Marcus - if you don't.

Sunday 3 September 2023

CD Sunday Plus Challenge #118 - hosted by Margaret

I have a stitched Christmas card to show for this challenge. It is one of my own favourites of those that I have made this year.

I downloaded the purchased stitch pattern - by Linzoos - from the internet and after finishing the stitching I completed the card with a 3D decoupage central image.

Here it is:

I love the stitch pattern which enhances but doesn't detract from the image used. I was pleased with the colouring and the glitter background mat that toned with the threads that I used. 

I hope all are well and doing well with your own Christmas card making.

Carol xx

Wednesday 30 August 2023

3 new cards to show

My first card is one I made for Michael - husband of my American friend Aimeslee.  Aimeslee happened in conversation to tell me that Michael loved Lighthouses -  and so do I.  It just so happened that I had obtained a greyscale image of a lighthouse that I had hand coloured with my pencils so I made it into a card and sent it off to Texas.

Here  it is:

As I told Aimeslee -  I was 'chuffed' that Michael liked it.


My second card is made using Serif Craft Artist 2. 


 I used the folder Butterfly Paradise.  I played about a little, taking out this and moving that to my liking.  I added the sentiment using my ACDSee Graphics programme.   I had recently purchased some wonderful die-cut butterflies from Katy Sue so I used three of them as my finishing touch.  I can highly recommend the sheets of butterflies and here is the link.

My third and last one was made using my Docrafts Digital Designer.  My favourite images from this designer are Tatty Ted.  They are all wonderful.  This is what I made;

I printed out Tatty Ted Twice and  used my Pinflair punch to punch out the flowers to decoupage.  Once I had fixed them on I used some Cosmic Shimmer twinkles in the centres. Everything comes from the Digital designer except the coloured borders which come from my ACDSee.

I hope you like them.

Carol xx

Sunday 20 August 2023

CD Sunday Plus Challenge - #117 - hosted by Carol

Our lovely teamie Jo still isn't up to par - although on the mend - so I am hosting again.

I have another La Pashe decoupaged Christmas card to share with you.  As you will know by now La Pashe items are a favourite of mine.

Here it is:

It measures 6" x 8.5" with at most 3 layers. It comes from the 'Big One' CD and the 'Remember When' folder. 

I just like the boldness and simplicity and it just shouts 'Christmas'.

I have made most of my Christmas cards now so I am using the  time for  making some more 3 point cards and some stitch card work.  The 3 point cards I toyed with back in 2021 and always planned to come back to them.  I am trying some different stitch cards. That is with more involved patterns.

And of course the Jigsaws.   I never get tired of those.  I am an avid collector  of Audio CDs covering many genres and I listen to them whilst jigsawing or crafting.  I have the almost complete set of 'Agatha Raisin' novels on Audio - read by Penelope Keith - 32 of them -  and listen to them time and again.

In between writing this and before publication I have managed to track down the last Agatha Raisin Audio book and am now avidly waiting for its arrival.  This is Book No: 33 and as sadly the authoress has died there will be no more.

I look forward to your comments and seeing your entries.


Carol xx

Thursday 17 August 2023

Some more stitch cards for the Christmas Box


A 'Stitch and Do' pattern - from the 05 set.  The central 3D image from ??

A Linzoos download.  It took a long time - more than the usual patterns I use.  But once started I felt I had to finish.  This pattern had beads which I haven't used for some time.  Again I can't remember where the 3D die-cut image came from.

Now have 56 Christmas cards completed for 2023.

p.s. In my post of 22nd July I showed you a new jigsaw  I was doing called 'The Crown' - purchased via Amazon. Not made by Amazon.  I finished it and was very disappointed in the quality of the whole puzzle. They use recycled board in the manufacture - which is to be admired - but it meant that the basis of the puzzle wasn't stable and the cut wasn't good. The purple border paper was so poor and thin that I had to repair most of it with my purple Polychromos pencil.  I am not saying anything I haven't said to Amazon and they have published my comments.  I had ordered a similar puzzle of my home county Surrey,  but I sent it back.  I couldn't see the point of being disappointed again.  

This avid jigsaw doer was very miffed.

Sunday 6 August 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #116 - hosted by Pamela

 I am getting on well with my Christmas cards for this year and here is one to show you:

This is one of quite a few stitched cards that I have completed.  The stitching pattern is a download from Linzoos in the Netherlands.   I chose to use glitter threads by Gutermann and the central die-cut decoupage image was purchased from The Art of Craft.

I used my graphics programme for the sentiment.

I have now completed 54 Christmas cards.  But I think I have a few more to make.

I hope all are well and dry.




Sunday 23 July 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #115 hosted by me

I have another Christmas card to share with you - this one is a bit different.  In fact I would call it whacky.

Here it is:

As soon as I saw this I knew it would be perfect for a friend of mine who loves Flamingos.  It is so whacky and unusual I can't wait to send it to her.  It is going to seem a long while until Christmas.

I liked the idea of matching the mats to the colouring of the picture rather something more Christmassy.

The image is a download from Creative Crafting that I obtained last year.  No decoupage or anything else except the addition of three red gems.

I hope she (and you) will like it as much as I do.


Carol xx

Saturday 22 July 2023

A wet Saturday and what to do?

 It is pouring with rain.  I know we need the rain but it is depressing and a little chilly.  I have done the CD Sunday Plus Post already for tomorrow.  I have some housework I must do  as I am expecting a girlfriend over for lunch tomorrow so..... I thought I would finish my jigsaw instead.

This one is one of Colin Thompsons'.  My favourite jigsaw designer. It is called 'Higgledy Piggledy House' and you will see why.

Here is the picture from Amazon from whom I purchased it.  I cropped and magnified to make it easier to see.

Here is my puzzle finished:

This is my next puzzle - for when I have finished all my chores.

I can't wait to get started on this one. It is called 'The Crown' and is by an English artist called Tim Bulmer.  I think you can see that it won't be easy.

Sunday 9 July 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #114 - hosted by Jocelyn



For this card I used an image from Docraft - Tatty Ted.  The bluish mat at the back was cut using a new set of dies by John Next Door  called Postage Frames.  I bought them from The Art of Craft.  

I used my graphics programme for the pink edging to the image, and for the words, and then stuck on some enamel gems in the corners.

I love all the Tatty Ted images on the Docraft Digital Designer.  I remember seeing Tatty Ted first in card shops.  Usually Hallmark Cards I think, if memory serves.  In those days I never dreamed  that I would one day be making my own cards - let alone using Tatty Ted.

This card was made for a friend of my son - for her birthday later in the year.  I think I have decided that the Happy Birthday will be put inside the card.

I have only one more Birthday card to make for 2023 and I have made quite a few Christmas cards so I am reasonably up to date so ......I can do some more jigsaws - with a clear conscience.

If you feel like dropping a line as you pass, I would love to hear from you.

Carol xx

Saturday 1 July 2023

3D die-cut decoupage and stitching

I find card stitching very relaxing and can do it whilst watching or rather listening to the TV.  It also helps me feel that I am not wasting crafting time whilst the TV is on.  I have some more stitched cards to show you.

On the following three cards the central 3D die-cut decoupage comes from Katy Sue Designs and the pre-pricked stitch sheet was bought from Add Some Sparkle.


 Here is a 4th  card and this time the stitch pattern comes from Ann's Paper Art and the central decoupage comes from a sheet of 3D pushouts by Yvonnes' Creations.

 Carol xx

Sunday 25 June 2023

CD Sunday Plus Challenge - #113 - hosted by Margaret

My DT card for this challenge isn't the one I had planned to show you.  I have always looked upon my blog as a craft blog and not a personal one -  but sometimes.........

Last Sunday (18th June) I received the very sad news that my bestest friend had passed away.  It wasn't unexpected.  I had been waiting for the news for a few days but even if you know it doesn't help.

Here is the card I have chosen, and below, the story behind it:

My friend, Jacqui was the one who got me interested in parchment work.  We used to go together to the 'Make It Show' at Farnborough, Hants.  The first year it was held there The Parchment Guild had a stand.  Jacqui dragged me over and said that she would like to do parchment and would I go with her.  We met Dorothy Holness and my soon to be Tutor Marilyn.  Well to cut a long story short we joined Marilyn's happy band of students and we learned parchment. Or rather I did.  Jacqui did learn for a while - and she was very good at it - but went on to other things and left me at the classes without her.

The main point of my story is that during our chats, talks and outings whilst she was so ill she told me  that she had saved one of her parchment efforts - a beautiful one - and she wanted me to have it as a birthday card .  She didn't want it just thrown away.  It is beautiful, and now it is framed and in my bedroom.

I still wanted to make her usual September birthday card even though I knew deep down she probably wouldn't make it.   But then  I remembered a special one of my own early parchment cards that I had framed and kept.  I decided to give it to her, as she had given hers to me.  The envelope was addressed and sealed  ready for September.  Above is the card and it is in a frame again and in my bedroom along side hers.

It was made in October 2010 and the image comes from a CD called - Patsy May's Clip Art CD

This is the card that Jacqui made and gave to me.



Sunday 11 June 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #112 - hosted by me

Don't shoot me but my card for this challenge is a Christmas card.  First of the year in my contributions to  CD Sunday Plus.

 Here it is:



I know - I know - back to La Pashe.

This is from the folder - Remember When - on the CD 'Just Inklined - The Big One'.

I have two super little ones - boy and girl -  living next door to me. They moved in a couple of years ago - and I thought they would like this card.  I enjoyed making it for them.

It is 8" x 6" - decoupaged and has plenty of glitter.  Sadly the glitter never shows well in photos but it is there if you look closely.

As I have finished making most of the Birthday cards I need to make for this year it is time I started seriously with Christmas Cards. That is if I can spare the time from jigsaws.  Another of my many passions. I told you my Mother called me butterfly brain.   She was right I think.   Most Mothers are.

Keep well and safe.

Carol xx

p.s.  As you will see on the Challenge Blog we are one lady down.  Jo has been quite poorly but is recovering at home and the team are taking on her duties until she is back on her feet. We are hoping that it will be soon.

Sunday 4 June 2023


Here are my latest swops made for for the Facebook group to which I belong - ATC Swop UK

88. April Showers



89. 'M' is for

 I am now making my ATCs for the next swop which is to be 'Jungle Book'.

Carol xx

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Yet more Jigsaws

 Recently I showed one of the jigsaws that I was given on my recent birthday.  I started it almost immediately and it is finished but I didn't take a photo.

 It was quite a tricky one and took some concentration.

I am working my way through the Awesome Alphabet jigsaws by Colin Thompson as they are produced. Here is 'F and G' - the second puzzle received as a birthday present.

 Easier to appreciate with the photo from the box.

  A good friend - who also is a jigsaw fan - came round for the day on the 12th and we finished it together.  Then we started a new one that I had bought some time ago.  It needed thinking about before I started it so my friend and I started it off and then on the 17th two more friends were inveigled to help with it -  after I had fed them lunch with wine.  I was so pleased to find more jigsaw enthusiasts.  I only managed to finish it by myself last Saturday

It proved to be as difficult as it looks. I can't bear to put it back in its box so I am going to frame it.

Now I have another new one on the go. Yet another Colin Thompson one  - called 'The Treasures of Time'.

All finished now and back in the box.

This looks to be as tricky but time will tell.

'Awesome Alphabet' letter H is already on my wish list.


Carol xx

Sunday 28 May 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #111 - hosted by Pamela

My card for this challenge comes from a CD by Ooh La La called 'Say it with Words'.

For some time I was part of the Ooh La La Design Team and also used to make sample cards in parchment for their shows on Create and Craft.  Sadly they do not seem to be around any more.  I liked the CDs they produced and enjoyed using the artwork - and still do.


I  made three cards back in January using this CD, for Challenges #101, #102 and #104.

I love the saying/quote on this card and the painting is a perfect accompaniment.

The background paper comes from La Pashe.  I expect I will be using this CD again until I rediscover a different one.   I often go off on a tangent. 

Recently I decided to tidy up the folders on my computer and make it easier to find things. That was the plan.  I spent many hours rediscovering forgotten sources of material and work done with the material.  Of course, I then wanted to reuse it, and consequently have not acheived much in the way of tidying up.

 Butterfly brain my Mother used to call me.

I hope you will enjoy your visit.



Thursday 25 May 2023

An unexpected birthday card required.....

My lovely hairdresser Amanda visited me yesterday - obviously to do my hair - and when we fixed up my next appointment I discovered it will be on Amanda's birthday.  We usually only exchange Christmas cards but how could I not give her a card on her birthday, when she will be here.

Now, funnily enough, on my last delve into my hoard of La Pashe decoupage images I had found something suitable for a hairdresser so I made up the card, without any sentiment.  At the time I had no idea who it could be for but just liked the making of it.

So I have added the Happy Birthday sentiment and some enamel gems for the corners etc and Voila!

I used my Carnation Craft Shabby Dies for the mats and to cut out the sentiment. The image comes from 'La Pashe Splash Double decoupage.

I hope she likes it. She had been doing my hair now for 25 years and at 8-9 times a year that is quite a few visits.

Sunday 14 May 2023

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #110 - hosted by me

I have another La Pashe 3D decoupage card to show you. The last for a while I think, but not THE last, as I really do love La Pashe.

All the details about this card are - I am afraid - the same as my card for the last challenge.  Just a different image.

This decoupage image comes from the 'Nice and Easel' folder on the 'Big One' CD. The Butterfly is on the image but I added the ladybirds from  the same box of 'little bits' as last time.

The background image and the mats were cut using Carnation Crafts Shabby dies.  Yet again I haven't decided yet which greeting or sentiment to use.

The trouble is that I put the CD in the drawer and start wandering through all the images.  I then see this one and that one  -  start printing them out -  and Hey Ho -  I am decoupaging again.  

I hope all are well and I look forward to your visits and hopefully some comments - if you feel inclined.


Carol xx

Monday 8 May 2023

Birthday booty

 As promised I have some photos to show of just some of the cards and flowers etc that I was lucky enough to receive last month. It was a wonderful birthday and seemed to go on for ever.  I felt very humble and grateful that friends and relations had gone to so much trouble.

Here are just a few of the flowers:

And just some of the cards:

From my son

From my daughter and SIL

From Aimeslee

Many others but not all up when I took this  photo.

These balloons were hanging up in the restaurant - for all to see - so I brought them home.

Finally - most of my friends know that I love doing jigsaw puzzles and have a huge collection but when I added this particular one to my Amazon wish list I must have been quite mad.  Bought for me by my daughter - bless her. I do a little each day but not finished yet.

And this is what I hope to see when I have finished:

Thanks for your patience in sharing part of my day.


p.s. Finally finished the puzzle late evening on the 11th. Took quite a while.