Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Tattered Lace dies and downloads

I have been totally absorbed over the last couple of days using my new toys again.   Both the  Petals of Lace and The Favourite Florist collections from Tattered Lace.
The first card is from Petals of Lace.  The pinks are the most natural tones and I prefer them to the blues and other tones.

Here it is:

I have used about three layers of decoupage to most of the roses and die cut the sentiment message in bronze Mirri card.

The structure of the above card came from the downloads but the second card I have designed and created myself.

Like Topsy,, it sort of grew as I went along.  I found an image on the internet of a garden to use as a background.  This was my starting point. Rather than just stick it on to a folded A5 card and go from there I decided to make a gatefold card.  My favourite flower from the Favourite Florist collection is the Wild Rose which is in the 'In the Field' section of the collection.  This Wild Rose is a beautiful pink so I chose that colour as my base and used my graphics programme to create some card the right colour for the basic card.  I then positioned the green matted 'garden' image to the gatefold front and then decided how to decorate it.
Easier to show you rather than long descriptions:

The three Wild Roses are from Tattered Lace but the mauve, pink and yellow roses and leaves in the left-hand corner are die cut using a similar programme from Hunkydory (Moonstone in Full Bloom).  They have a book of images (rather than downloads) which have matching dies.

In amongst the Hunkydory images and dies, I found a sentiment for the inside of the card.

I had such fun making these.  Whilst I was downloading and die cutting I was doing extras for future projects.
Love to hear from you if you care to comment.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

CD Plus Challenge #39 - hosted by Jo

As always our challenges are 'Anything goes' with the proviso that either a CD, digital image or a USB has been used singly or in any combination.

This is also team member Jo's first time to host a challenge and choose the Top 3.

This is my card for this challenge:

This was originally die-cut decoupage. There was so much on the sheet to use.  In fact too much for just one card.  I copied the image back sheet and with my graphics programme added the borders and the sentiment. I printed an extra sheet of flowers so that I could punch out some flowers for the corners and for the second card and topper that I managed to make using the layers from the original sheet.  I love this flower study.  Funnily enough, I do not like Hydrangeas in real life but I do like them in pictures and paintings.

This one was also made for a Facebook Group where we have been making  'Cards of  Kindness'.

Here are the second card and the topper that I made to show just how much there was to use.

I look forward to some more blog visits so please join in with us.  I will already be doing a great deal of blog hopping as it is my turn to choose the  Top 3 for Challenge #38.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

More Tattered Lace

I really am enjoying the new 'toys' and this time I have used the Iris die.  I found an old photograph I took many moons ago during a trip down to Bristol to stay with my sister.
We visited an old house and gardens that were open - in aid of something or other,  and I took lots of piccies.  I have used several but not this one before.

Here it is:

I used my graphics programme to add a border.  The Irises are from the Tattered Lace set and the white picket style fence is from a die that I have had for some time but from whence I do not know. The matting layer is purple Mirri card - not black as it appears.

Another for my go-to box which during the lockdown is getting very full.   I fully intend to stay where I am for some time to come so I am sure it will get even fuller.

Keep safe.

Carol xx

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Tattered Lace

I have just been using a new to me Tattered Lace collection of dies - Petals of  Lace.

I have not used one of these types of collections before and  I can say that I really enjoyed myself.  Took me a good part of the day discovering what I could do with the dies and downloads.

I have finished one card.  Fairly simple in that I haven't added anything fancy - just created a central sentiment.  I have been looking at galleries and Pinterest to get some ideas of what can be done - in the future - with a little imagination and lots of 'stash'.

This first one is for the person who kindly organised my getting the collection. Hope she likes it.


Saturday, 27 June 2020

Flower basket - 'Thank You' card - pattern by Judith Maslen

Here is a card made using a Judith Maslen download pattern called 'Thank You' but I have changed it to 'Happy Birthday'. I have also changed the border shape and the grid pattern.

This is my second attempt at the card. I didn't like my first interpretation hence a second go with changes. The first try of the central image was saved and is now an ATC.  The image was a perfect ATC size. So rather than waste it, which would have been a shame, I just found a background with all the info needed on the back.

I enjoyed changing the border and the grid.  I had to think about what would work.  It took my mind off the heat which was tremendous here yesterday.

 Here is the ATC.  Nothing added - just used some brads to fix to the ATC back.

Hope you like it.  I enjoyed working and trying to keep cool.


Thursday, 25 June 2020

Some new makes and some 'finishing offs'

These are both from Judith Maslen parchment patterns. They were started in workshops and finally finished in the last couple of days.

This is using a couple of Groovi plates and a pattern from an accompanying book.

Here is another Judith Maslen pattern - this time Christmas.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

CD Plus Challenge #38 - hosted by me

I am typing this on Wednesday waiting for the storm that has been promised. I have a humdinger of a pressure headache so something is on its way.   In the meantime, I have a very Summery image to show you.  At least it makes me think of Summer/Autumn - a pot of Honey.

This card is a bit of a mixture.  Obviously, it is a gatefold card.  In the inside, I have used a copy of a stitched card I made quite a while ago.  Luckily it seemed to scan very well.   I added the sentiment and the border with my graphics programme.  The outside of the card is a digital download of a honeycomb image with the die-cut BEE HAPPY added.
Here is the stitched card of the honey jar that was made a while ago.

I started to play around with the stitched card because I  wanted to enter a Facebook challenge where we had to use bugs, the letter B, and colour Yellow and the card had all of those.
So I have had two cards using the same image very differently.

I hope all are well and safe.


Monday, 15 June 2020

In the pink - for any occasion

I am fairly up to date with required projects so I have been having a crafting play.  I needed to make a couple of 'Sending a Hug'  cards for the UKSN group to which I belong.  I decided to use my Kaleidoscope CD and programme.  I have such fun with it and often save images from various places just so that I can see what they look like 'kaleidoscoped'.

This is the 'pink' card I made:

The central image (topper) was copied again and used in the kaleidoscope programme to make the background sheet.   I printed out two copies - one for the card and one to use for die-cutting the flowers affixed in the 8 corners.  I used the Sakura Blossoms die set from Marianne. I love this die. The flowers are small and perfectly formed for this kind of embellishment.

This card is for my go-to box. I can use it for almost any occasion.

I made this after I had made the 'Sending a Hug' card that I needed to make.  This is the one I made and because the person it is for doesn't know it is coming I can show it here:

A beautiful photograph of a rose was used for the kaleidoscope and I used a curved star shape for the centre.  I then did the same as above - printed out an extra sheet to use for the die-cut flowers which were affixed around the star shape. The words were added by my ACDSee graphics programme.

I hope all are still well and happily crafting.

Carol xx

I am entering my 'pink'  card here

Thursday, 11 June 2020

NUB Facebook Challenge with UKSN

Our NUB - never used before -  challenges are still going strong and I have made another card that qualifies for the June NUB:

The image of the young lady busy crafting came from a book of such images called  'Craftaholics Collection' by Katy Sue Designs.  I purchased this book last year and I am sad to admit I didn't use any of the images until now. 
The die used for the 'green swag' was a very new purchase and was received the morning I made the card.  The dies used for the pink flowers have been in my stash - unused - for some time.

Having finished all my Christmas cards I am now going to try and concentrate on some parchment work.  Bye for now.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

CD Sunday Plus Challenge # 37 - Anything Goes

I can't believe that the last few mornings and evenings have been quite as chilly as they have been. I am writing this on Friday and last night I put the heating on for an hour when I finally sat down to watch some TV.

I hope all are well.  I know that we are allowed some movement from homes but quite honestly having regard to some things that have gone on I feel safer where I am.  At home, crafting is much the best place.

On that subject  - before showing you my card - I want to personally welcome our new team member Jo.  Welcome, Jo and I hope you will enjoy your time with us.  Jo is probably known to you as Seafield Jo.  There is more about Jo on the blog here.

Here is my own card for the challenge. A parchment one.

My dear friend Debs had her own business for quite a while and she designed and created craft CDs. I have them all - especially as I used to be on her design team.   My particular favourite was a CD   that was done in collaboration with Pamela West.  It is called 'Dayze of  Innocence'.
I printed this image onto parchment - created a very simple border, and enhanced with embossing in the right places.  After I had mounted it using some pink and purple card I then added some die cut bullrushes.
I have used this image a few times. Here is a previous one with a more complicated border and beads.

I look forward to visiting your blogs and if you feel like leaving a comment as you pass by it will be avidly read and greatly appreciated.  Please don't forget to visit my fellow teamies and perhaps give Jo a special welcome.
Stay safe everyone.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

CD Sunday Plus #36 - Anything Goes.

The sun is shining whilst I write this and I hope all are well and still sane.

Today is the first day of month 4 in lockdown for me. I last went out on February 20th. It does seem a long time ago.  It has been a great excuse though to continue to craft and chat on Facebook with fellow crafters.  One group I belong to has been having challenges amongst themselves and these are proving very popular.  Like making something using an old favourite craft item that hasn't seen the light of day for yonks.  Using something that has never been used before.  That is easy amongst crafters who are always buying things enthusiastically and then putting them away somewhere safe -  for later use.  Hands up all those guilty (me included).

We have been sending Cards for Kindness to each other -  and having a challenge of making a card which has to include three must-have items like a subject, colour and a letter.

I digress.  My team card for this challenge is from La Pashe.  An old go-to favourite.  I don't know what I would do without all their CDs.

Here is my card:
There is some decoupage and the sentiment die is an old favourite.  There is a story behind the backing paper.  I had one I particularly liked almost exactly like the one I have used but in better colour shades.  I searched my folders for it until I had to give up to save my sanity.  In the end,  I found a very small piece of it in my bits box and I scanned it to make a piece large enough to use.  I had to accept the colour and one day I will find the folder for which I have been searching.

The 'Hen House' is from The Best of La Pashe CD - value decoupage section.
Talking of eggs - well sort of - is anyone else getting cartons of mixed sizes in orders from the supermarket?  They do look odd but so far haven't made any difference to any recipe.

Keep safe and keep sane everybody.

Friday, 15 May 2020

Groovi Birthday card

I saw a card on Pinterest? made using a particular Groovi plate and loved the effect the creator had achieved.   I ordered the plate and had a go myself and this is my first attempt.

It ended up being an 8"x 8" card so I had to order some more card blanks.  I don't do 8 x 8's very often.  At least they won't be wasted as you can cut them down.

I used my Prismacolour pencils for the colouring. They are softer than the Faber Castell pencils and therefore better when colouring small areas where using a spreading medium can be tricky and messy if not careful.   Perhaps you don't achieve such a sharp colour but a softer effect can look pleasing.

The plates I  used were:

GRO -WO - 40538-15 for the outside and inside squares.
GRO - FL  - 40633-15 for the two flower designs.                                     
GRO -WO - 40060-09 for the words.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

CD Sunday Plus Challenge #35 - ATG hosted by Wynn

A beautiful warm sunny day as I write this for scheduling.  Let us hope it has stayed fine for the Bank Holiday weekend even if only for those exercising.

This Sunday will be my 80th day of self-isolation and I must admit it is beginning to pall for the first time.  I have plenty of crafting etc to keep me occupied and busy but all of a sudden I don't want to keep busy.  I have also noticed that it has been quite an expensive lockdown - for me anyway.  Firstly I had to purchase a new American style fridge/freezer as my old one just died.  I then had to buy a new camera.  The old one just died on me as well and today my car went in for its MOT and service and let us say I am just pleased I was sitting down when they rang me.

Anyway, I was in the mood for crafting when I made my card for this challenge and in fact I enjoyed, making it very much. A very pretty stitching pattern I hope to use again.

The pattern is a download from here.  The backing card I have had for some time and I cannot remember where it came from.  I have had the sentiment die for some time and it is one I do like to use when possible.
We have had quite a few entries in our last challenge and as I have to choose the top 3 I am going to be busy this week.  I look forward to looking at them all again.

Keep safe and if you are passing by why not stop and leave a comment if only to help keep me company.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Lockdown Christmas cards

I have spent quite a bit of time making stitch cards. I can do the actual stitching in the evening whilst I have the TV on and then finish them during the day.
Here they are:

They were all photographed out in the garden and some caught the evening sun.  I have now completed 33 Christmas cards with a mixture of disciplines and have another 7 stitched toppers to make up.
Three of the patterns are new ones from Stitching cards - Value packs 81 and 82 - here.
I hope all are well.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #34 - Anything Goes - hosted by moi

Good morning.   I hope that wherever you are it is a glorious and sunny morning, such as the last few have been.  Some have been a  mite chilly but it is still good to feel the sun.

We have been having a goodly few entries into our challenges about which the team and I are delighted.  I certainly enjoy my visits to your blogs.  There is so much to admire and learn along the way.

As always it is an anything goes challenge as long as a CD, USB or 'digital image' has been used either on its own or in combination.

This is my card for this challenge:

It is a La Pashe die-cut decoupage.  So that I conform to the CD Sunday Plus criteria I have created a simple greeting inside using my Docraft Digital Designer programme.

There are quite a few layers of decoupage in places but it was nice to get back to a first love in crafting.

I look forward to more visits and discoveries and to that end  I hope you will join in with our challenges.

Please take care and stay safe.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Card stitching with a difference

A study in mauve.

For this, I used No: 4 of Tina's Flower Embroidery plates from Groovi.  I didn't stitch in all the places marked for stitching.  Instead,  I embossed the outer swirls and leaves and then just chose the places that I wanted to decorate with stitching.  I used a mauve Mirri card for my background stitching plate.

It did take quite a while to complete.  I used a Gutermann Sulky Holoshimmer thread which broke very easily if you got bit enthusiastic with it.  More haste - less thread.

I did buy all four of the set of plates and fully intend to complete the other three.

I had started this project some time ago but - as you do - I had put it away whilst getting on with something else.  I was reminded that I had started it when a gorgeous birthday card arrived from a friend that was one of these four plates.  I was inspired to find mine and finish it.

Here is the card I received:

Isn't it fabulous?  Marion had also adapted her pattern. The centre is a little different and that border is to die for. Marion designs the most fantastic borders.

I will see you later. It is CD Sunday tomorrow.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Birthday cards

I just wanted to sympathize with those - like me - who are celebrating birthdays during the lockdown.   My birthday was on the 21st - the same day as the Queen and........this year we didn't have the gun salute in Hyde Park.  The first time this has happened in my 77 years.

Apart from not seeing my family, what I am missing most is the evening out with the group of us ( ex golfers) who have been celebrating each others birthdays (with an extra for Christmas) for more years than I care to remember.   There are 7 of us with birthdays fairly well spread over the year and each chooses where they would like to go for their birthday dinner.

I also belong to a Facebook birthday group and I have received so many lovely cards from them, and from my family and friends, that I took a photo of them all affixed to my dining room doors

to show you and to have them all somewhere where I can see them for quite a while.

I have already been in my own lockdown now since 21st February and I received an NHS letter this morning dated 15th April in which it tells me that they want me to do another 12 weeks.   At this rate, I could be sharing another lockdown birthday with you all next year.

So just thank you to everyone who has sent me a card, email or phone call to wish this lockdown lady a Happy Birthday.

Please all keep safe.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #33 - hosted by Jocelyn

Happy Easter to one and all.  I really hope that everyone is well and has managed to find some chocolate.  At the moment I am into KitKat bars.  They have always been a favourite and as the cross between sweeties and biscuit, they are perfectly filling a hole.

As I said on the CD Sunday Plus blog this is not the way we all planned to spend Easter but at least we crafters can find plenty to do.

For my team card this time I have made an Easter card.   I don't normally make cards specifically for Easter.  Likewise neither for Valentine's day or Halloween. But I remembered that I made a stitched card way back in 2016 (here)  and really liked the pattern so I went back to Stitching Cards and found another pattern to download.   Stitching Cards, by the way,  have a Facebook Group and I have joined up.

The oval frame - which I think is gorgeous and perfect,  is from  Joanna Sheen's 'Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady'  CD1.
The colour of the backing card is, what I would call eau de nil, and gives the effect of having been enamelled.   Especially put together with the gold frame, peel-offs and thread.   It all reminds me of a piece of jewellery - perhaps a locket or brooch.

Don't forget please to visit CD Sunday Plus - link in the sidebar.  There you will find our few rules and also links to my fellow teamies so that you can visit them too.
Happy Easter

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Another for our NUB challenges on Facebook

I found a small jigsaw die that I haven't used before and made some ATCs.  I made 7 in all and here is just one of them photographed in three stages to show the mechanics.

The brickwork backing card I had already and the image is from the internet from many moons ago.
It was all a bit fiddly but it kept me busy and quiet.

A friend on the UKSN site suggested that I add some graffiti - so I did.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Still keeping busy

We are in our second month of NUB (never used before)  at UKSN on Facebook.

This is my entry:

Here is the description I added to my posting on UKSN.

NUB for April. Quite a mixture for this card. The image - if memory serves me well - was given to me by someone ages and ages ago.   I printed it out on parchment to use and didn't until now. The border - my own design - was the same - I started it years ago and didn't finish. The backing velum comes from a pad purchased from Clarity Stamps which I shared with someone and promptly forgot I had it. The card itself is a scan of one of the papers from the pad. The sentiment and the gems I have used before.

I did enjoy the making even though it took a couple of days.  Once I had found the image with a partially done border I knew I had to finish it. The flower - which I think is a Magnolia - is too pretty to throw away.


Saturday, 4 April 2020

Keeping busy

during our enforced craft time!  Aren't we lucky to be crafters - we have so much stuff to play with.

I have two Facebook projects to show you.  Firstly a member of the UKSN that I belong to suggested we make something using something from our stash that we have never used before - a NUB.  We crafters have oodles of those.
I have a die of a Ferris Wheel that I have never used and in fact, cannot remember from whence it came.  I used an image from a CD by Pamela West as the base for my card.   I have used the CD many times before but not this particular picture.

Here it is.

My second Facebook project is my April offering for our ATC swap.  The theme this time - Fairies.

Here they are:

Now our organiser Sue's husband helps Sue out with all the organising and is affectionately known as the Slave.  He is, like me, a Minion fan.   I have - in the past - made some special Minion Atcs for him and this time I have made him a Fairy Minion because I saw this wonderful minion on the web and couldn't resist.
Here is the one for the Slave.
Isn't she a hoot?

Sunday, 29 March 2020

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #32 - hosted by Margaret

As always this challenge is an 'Anything Goes',  as long as a CD/ USB, or digital image has been used -  or any combination thereof - in the making

I chose a beautiful image from a favourite CD from the Joanna Sheen stable - Faye Whittaker Collection - CD2 - Country & Garden section.

Here it is.

 I just loved the Spring/Summer look to the image and the sentiment of a Mother and child spending time together.  I added the Birthday sentiment and the borders with my ACDSee programme.  The green and blue mats were cut using the Pretty Shabby rectangular dies. I haven't got bored with using them yet. There is something so pleasing about the effect.
The gems in the corners are more of my purchases from China.  I do see now that they are available from UK suppliers.

I hope the recipient (whoever it may be) will like it as much as I enjoyed making it.  For me, it just seemed to flow.

Please take the time to comment - if you wish of course - and to visit my fellow teamies. If you click on their names above their cards it will take you straight to them.

Stay home and keep safe.
Love and hugs

Monday, 23 March 2020

Is someone trying to tell me something?

Last year I showed you the Mother's Day card I received from my lovely Daughter.  It was great fun and very amusing.   As I said at the time - more my kind of card than a slushy one. This was it:

But...... I begin to detect a theme!!.  Here is the one I received yesterday.

Now should I be worried?