Thursday, 21 January 2021

UKSN CCC Challenge cards

I haven't been keeping up to date with my entries into the challenges - so I will now .  The last one I posted was CCC #37 which I was delighted to say I won. So not only did I get to keep my own creation,  I received a few others.  When we are making these cards we mostly make them without any printed words and without our own handmade stickers so that that recipient/winner may put them in their own go-to box - if they wish.

The next challenge I entered was  CCC#38.

Theme:  New Years 2021
Colour: Yellow
Letter: H


Then CCC#40

Theme: Trees

Colour: Brown 

Letter: B

and the latest is CCC#41

Theme: Hugs

Colour: Pink

Letter: S

I have just read that I have been lucky again in the draw and will receive the entries for CCC#40



Sunday, 17 January 2021

CD Sunday Plus Challenge - #52 - hosted by Margaret

 As always the challenge is an Anything Goes Challenge (AGC)  as long as 'Rule 3' is followed ....  

a  CD, USB or Digital images, or any combination thereof, must have been used somewhere in the making of the physical card or project.

For the last challenge I made, and showed you, a card for the younger of my two Great Nephews- Arlo.  Today I am showing you the one I made for his older brother - Ellis -  whose birthday is in February.

Now Ellis will be 6 and I am told that he loves walks in the woods and learning about animals so I thought, thought, thought (I think that is what Winnie the Pooh used to do) and came up with the following card.

I have a large selection of The Card Hut CDs and I used various of the CDs to make the scene.  I then used my graphics programme to add the sentiment and the border.

I decided to make it into a little quiz and this is what I put inside the card.

I hope he enjoys his card as much as I enjoyed making it.

Stay safe.




Monday, 11 January 2021

Kaleidoscope background

Here is another stitched card for which I have made a kaleidoscope background.  I scanned the finished stitching and then used the CD programme to make a kaleidoscope backing.  

Here is the card I made:


I made several backgrounds - 5 in fact - and then chose one to use.  The others will keep for another day.






Friday, 8 January 2021

More for the go-to box

The stitching pattern is from here.

I used two of my Carnation Craft (Shabby) dies for the white and blue mats.  The background I made using an image of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and my Kaleidoscope CD. The toning flowers in the corners were made using one of my Marianne dies. For the eyes and mouth of the doll I used some appropriate peel offs.

Another stitched pattern from the same site.  I have used this pattern before but last time I used pink for the Kimono.  Again I used the Shabby dies for the mats.  The backing paper I found on the net and used my graphics programme to add a border. The sentiment is made using a die from Tattered Lace.

This was made using my Kaleidoscope CD and an image from the net.  It is difficult to see in the photo but I have printed the images on mat photo paper and then added some 150 micron acetate to give it more 'shine'.

I love using my Kaleidoscope CD and it would be so easy to use it for all my cards. You could spend hours making and choosing a pattern as one little tweak of the pattern makes a completely different kaleidoscope.

Here is the background sheet that I made for the first card to show how it is done.

 The Kaleidoscope programme makes the image in a square format. I just used my printer to change the shape to fit the card I wanted to make.

I hope all are well and staying safe.




Sunday, 3 January 2021

CD Sunday Plus Challenge - #51 - Anything goes - hosted by Wynn.

 (Please see Challenge Blog side-bar for the rules)

I hope everyone had the best Christmas and New Year that was possible. For those of us plunged into Tier 4 it was a bit of a shock but if I am honest, not totally unexpected.

I hope, though, that all are well and eager to join in with our challenges.

My first card for this year is for Arlo - one of my Great Nephews.  He will be 4 this month and growing fast. His brother, Ellis, will be 6 in February so another card to make.   Ellis likes wildlife and 'stuff' so my new Tattered Lace dies and charismas will come into play for his card.  I have managed to see a recent short video of both the boys and they are growing so fast.

So here is my card for Arlo, who likes rockets and things:

It is all from the La Pashe stable.  I love using all the CDs by La Pashe  that I have and I wish they were still around making more.  

The image came from Big One - Vol 2 - Kids and Teens decoupage. The Background was from the Big One backgrounds.  I used my  Carnation Crafts Shabby dies for the white and dark blue mats.

I used my Marianne letters die set for his name and a sentiment die (name forgotten) for the Happy Birthday.  The number 4 is from a sheet of peel offs. 

I am looking forward to another year of crafting, visiting your Blogs and welcoming you to mine.




Wednesday, 30 December 2020

UKSN - a new challenge

 One of our members suggested a new challenge.  She had obviously been working her way through a large tin of  very high quality sweeties during Christmas and  saved all the wrappers.  Her challenge was for us to make cards, or ATCs, or such like using similar wrappers as part of the project. 

Now coincidentally I happened to have the same high quality sweeties but I hadn't actually started mine.  But of course there was now a challenge, so I started eating a few - choosing the sweeties with the colour wrappers I wanted to use.

I really enjoyed this challenge.  First of all I thought of stained glass windows but although I searched my many many dies I hadn't got a suitable one.  Then I found just the thing and here is the card I made.

This was a die set that I bought quite a while ago but hadn't actually used.  It consists of the palette, brush and paint tubes together with tube tops, labels and squirts of paint. The  pieces of the coloured cellophane sweetie wrappers just needed to be cut to size and glued to the back of the palette die.

I knew where to go for the background - my trusty La Pashe CDs.  I added the tri-coloured border with my graphics programme.

Whilst I am posting about UKSN challenges here is the latest CCC challenge - #37.

The theme for this was Feathers, colour Purple, and the Letter - F

The background and the coloured part of the fan comes from an old Artylicious CD - Peacock Summer Party.  The background colour is more purple in real life.

It seems odd to wish a Happy New Year whilst we are still finding our way through all this mayhem so perhaps I should just wish everyone a Happier New Year and 2021.




Friday, 18 December 2020

Last Christmas card - I think

 My son is not very enthusiastic about things Christmassy so it is very hard to know what card to give him, or make for him.  He loves pictures of the New York skyline and other such vistas so I found a picture on the net and made this for him.


 I hope it isn't too Christmassy.  He will have to put up with Santa and his sleigh.  I used my graphics programme to add a border and find a different sort of font.



Tuesday, 15 December 2020

UKSN Facebook

 I have three CCC (Captivating Card Challenge) entries to show you today.

#33 - Theme:  Penguins

          Colour: Grey

          Letter:   S

I used an image from La Pashe for this one.

#34 - Theme:  Reindeer

          Colour: Dark Blue

          Letter:   L

 The pattern is from Stitching Cards and is one of my favourites. I always make this at least once a year.


#35 - Theme:  Any animal wearing a Santa hat.

          Colour: Red

          Letter:   J

 Again I used an image from La Pashe.  A favourite image as I am very fond of Meercats.  Three of the front ones are decoupaged.

 #33 went off to the winner of the draw.  #34 was sent to a member who is poorly at the moment and #35 has yet to be drawn.

Now waiting to find out to whom to send the 'Meercats' and what #36 will be about.

P.S.  The Meercats are off to Scotland .  I will probably give #36 a miss unless I find  some spare time from somewhere.


Sunday, 6 December 2020

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #50 - AG - hosted by Jo

It is raining hard again whilst I am typing my blog entry.  But when hasn't it been raining.  I am very aware of the weather whilst typing as my computer is in the conservatory and the continual cascade of water is a bit depressing.

Perhaps my card for this challenge will cheer me/us up as it is supposed to represent a lovely day out in the country.

I have used several dies and charisma downloads from Tattered Lace for this one.  The background paper, the background scene (which I think is gorgeous) and the bicycle die are all part of the Picture Getaways Collection. The backgrounds on the USB are fantastic.

The die cut flowers/downloads are from the Favourite Florist  and Timeless Lace.  The little bee comes from a Hunkdory die and download.

I haven't chosen a sentiment yet. I will wait until I know to whom I am going to send it.

Challenge #51 will be in the New Year - Sunday 3rd January.

I hope that you all manage to have the best Christmas possible within the boundaries that we have been given by the Government.

I look forward to visiting your blogs during the next few weeks and I hope you will visit me.

So for now may I wish you a Happy Christmas and a really good and healthy 2021.

Virtual hugs



Tuesday, 24 November 2020

UKSN Facebook

 We are now up to challenge CCC#32.

Theme: Background with stars

Colour: Red

Letter: C

Those above criteria can only mean Christmas -  so here is my entry:

I used a starry background design from a Carol Anne's Studios CD.  The Father Christmas image comes from La Pashe with the border and sentiment added using my graphics programme. Then I just added a few peel off red stars.

I wasn't the successful one in the last draw so my wonderful handsome Harrison Ford went off to pastures new. 😢

So with this little card may I wish an early Happy Christmas - and don't all shout at once please.


Sunday, 22 November 2020

CD Sunday Plus Challenge #49 - hosted by Pamela

 Our challenge is 'Anything Goes' as usual, but of course, remembering to use either a CD, USB or Digital image - or any combination of the aforementioned  - somewhere in the making.

Like my last challenge make I have made this one before -  but slightly differently.

I have used one of Carol Anne's CDs again .  I must put them away for a while.  For these ATCs I used  Carol Anne's Studio  CD 14 - Glitz 'n' Bitz.

These have been decoupaged and had some pearl heart embellishments added,  and are now just awaiting an appropriate ATC swap.

I look forward to some serious blog hopping and hope that you will visit me too.



Tuesday, 17 November 2020

UKSN Facebook

 Our weekly challenges seem to come round very quickly.

This time:

Theme: Hollywood Celebrity

Colour: Yellow

Letter: M

I have 'worshipped' this icon of the film industry from afar since he first appeared on the silver screen.

Hence the sentiment.



Monday, 9 November 2020

UKSN Facebook

Here are my latest two entries into one of the challenges.

Here is CCC#29

Theme: Ice Cream

Colour: Green

Letter: U

I was the lucky winner of the draw so I get to keep my card and receive the other entries.

This is CCC#30 - this weeks challenge.

Theme: Lighthouse

Colour: Orange

Letter: C

For this one I found a sepia/grey scale print on the internet and coloured it myself using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. I also found the saying on the 'net and used my graphics programme to add it and the border to the picture. The backing paper is some rainbow paper that I keep for when I am backing parchment projects.  I printed out the finished image onto glossy photo paper which gives it a lift.

I enjoy these little challenges and have only missed a few at the beginning.  A change from Christmas/Birthday cards and ATCs.




Sunday, 8 November 2020

CD Sunday Plus Challenge # 48 - Anything Goes - hosted by Carol (me)

For this challenge I revisited something that I had done for a previous challenge ( way back in 2013) but altered it a little so it isn't exactly the same.  This came about because at the time I was using an old CD favourite of mine by Carol Anne's Studio - Carol Ann's Studio Midi CD-4 Flutterby Purple (here)  -  and I remembered this one and wanted to make it again.

 Here it is:

Here are some extra photos to show  it all:

And here are a few samples of the tags and sayings that are inside - ready to be used in and on future cards.

 I loved making these and hope you enjoyed looking at them.




Tuesday, 3 November 2020


Here is a card I have made for a Diwali Festival challenge.  I have used a pattern from Stitching cards with Gutermann Sulky threads, glitter card and some blue gems.

I enjoyed making the card and am looking forward to seeing all the entries into the challenge. There is much you can do.  The following is the description,  and the suggestions, by the organiser.

'Diwali is the Festival of Lights.
You could use, divas (candles), peacocks, henna /paisley patterns, elephants, Ganesh (the elephant headed God), fireworks, water lilies/ lotus flowers, mandalas! You can use paper stamps stickers fabric etc.' 

As you can see I chose a peacock for my theme.

 November 14th is Diwali Festival Day.  Happy Diwali.


Friday, 30 October 2020

Christmas card top-up

 I have been making some more Christmas cards using some Tattered Lace dies and charismas.

As you can see I think the mouse in the boot is my favourite image of the moment.  I have also made a couple of other ones for the go-to box:

All of the image dies used are by Tattered Lace and but most of the layering dies are other makes that I have had for a long time. 



Sunday, 25 October 2020

CD Sunday Plus Challenge - #47 - hosted by Jocelyn

 Well - it has been another wet week.  I hope everyone has managed to stay reasonably dry.  My jolly moment of the week was seeing my window cleaner this morning.  When I asked if he was mad to have come today he said that it was supposed to be dry!!

For our challenge #47 I have made a card using one of my Carol Anne's Studio CDs - No: 14 - Glitz 'n' Bitz.  Some of my very favourite CD's are by Carol Anne's Studios.  They never fail to supply style and colour.


I made the card to include a simple sentiment.  At the moment we seem to be sending many more cards to each other and quite a few are just to say Hi - I haven't forgotten you -  and -  that I hope you are well and coping.  So this card will be for my 'Cards for Kindness' box.

It all comes from the CD except for the die-cut sentiment.  I have had these dies for some time but cannot remember from whence they came.  The shoes are decoupaged and the sentiment is cut in purple mirror card.  The purple edge to the card is just so that it doesn't blend into the background page.

Stay safe everyone and thank you for your visit.




Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Stitch and Do Kits

 I realised - after counting up - that I needed a few more Christmas cards.  I decided that I would  make some seasonal stitch cards especially as I had purchased these new to me kits from Amazon.

Not the plain sailing I expected.  I have been doing stitching on cards for years so didn't forsee any problems.

Firstly the cards are very small - 134mm square - the stitched topper is a wee bit smaller.  The kit includes 3 linen cards, embroidery thread, 3 toppers with already pricked pattern and 3 x  3D images for decoration.

The embroidery thread was very very fine.  Difficult to use as it split very easily and kept coming out of the needle because it was so fine and consequently difficult to re thread.  The pattern is very delicate so I guess it needs fine thread but I think a better quality could have been found.

The biggest problem was the pictures of the patterns. Those to show the pattern and colour usage.  They had done a small enlargement of part of the pattern but even with magnification it was hard to read.

I have finished two of the first pack that I purchased.  They took quite a while because they were delicate and the problems with the threads.

In fact the first one here uses the thread that came with the pack and for the second card I have used my own threads - matching the colours. 

  In the second card I have altered the pattern slightly because I couldn't quite make out the instructions and I got cross.   I used my own push out decoupage images on both of the cards as the ones provided were not die cut and too fiddly to cut out.

I probably will persevere with these. I will certainly make the third card in this pack but think about making up the other pack.  I must be honest and say that I like the look of the cards.  They look small, delicate and quite elegant.  I am thinking about it.



Sunday, 18 October 2020

UKSN Facebook

Here are my cards for the last two of our weekly themed card events.


Theme: Tiger

Colour: Yellow

Letter:   K


Theme: Rainbow

Colour: White

Letter: Y

Until I started to think about what to do with this theme I didn't know there were such things as 'white rainbows'.  They are very rare and apparently are referred to as 'fogbows'. Fascinating.  I love learning new 'stuff'.



Sunday, 11 October 2020

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #46 - hosted by Margaret

For our challenge this time I am posting one of the first serious cards I made with the Tattered Lace Collection - Peaceful Picture.  I have made some since which I have shown but not this one.

The water colour scenery is from a Tattered Lace project book that came with the collection.  The barge and decoupaged flowers are die-cut charisma downloads and the white die cut circle is from the Abby Hill die set.  The bow die I have had for some time.   

I enjoyed  making this and am planning to use it for one of my go-to birthday cards.

I hope all are well and not getting too wet.  As I am typing this the heavens have opened again and the rain is beating down on the conservatory roof.




Monday, 5 October 2020

Two more for my Go to box

 I have been having fun with some more of my Tattered Lace purchases.  

The topper for the first card is an image die cut with a freebie die that came with Tattered Lace Magazine No: 61.  I must admit it wasn't the easiest die to use.  Normally the charisma papers drop out of the die very easily but this one didn't until I used the Cut Tidy sandwich and then it just popped out.

I just decoupaged one layer and added some flowers to the edges punched using my Marianne Sakura flower die. The background card and lace edging came from Tattered Lace Vintage Heritage Collection.  The 'Just For You' washing line sentiment die is also by Tattered Lace.

For this following card I used one of the great decoupaged basket of flowers toppers from the Sensational Celebrations Collection by Tattered Lace.  I used three circle dies for the backgrounds and they were then set on a lace background - Tasar - from the Wild Silk Collection.  I added a few little gems to give some sparkle.



Sunday, 4 October 2020

UKSN Facebook

Two more challenges to show.  Firstly CCC#24.

Theme: Flamingos

Colour: Pink and Black

Letter: R

I made two cards for this challenge. I seemed to get the juices going and couldn't stop. Here they are.


These have been posted to the winner of the draw.

The latest challenge is CCC#25

Theme: Bicycle

Colour: Grey

Letter: M

When I first read the challenge all I could see in my mind was Queen with their song - 'I want to ride my bicycle'.  I am a big Queen fan.  So I played the CD a few times but then changed my mind and the next thing to come to mind was E.T riding in the basket on the bike up towards the Moon.


I had fun making this and I hope whoever wins the challenge likes it.



Monday, 28 September 2020

Bouquet of Roses

 I have use a lacy background die from Carnation Crafts together with a new favourite from Tattered lace - Sash 3D Roses.

 The bouquet has 4 layers of decoupage including the base layer and I stamped the sentiment.  First time I have stamped anything for ages. I had to search for them.

I needed a background sheet in a colour to match the roses so again I used my graphics programme to scan one of the roses and make a huge border.  This border I kept increasing in size until the rose was a small dot in the middle of the sheet.   I have had this programme now for 11 years and still discovering things it can do that I hadn't noticed before.

There are 4 dies in the Sash 3D series but unfortunately I only have 3.  I am trying to track down the Tulip bouquet to complete my set.

If anyone knows of one going please let me know.




p.s. I have tracked down the Tulip bouquet die set and now just awaiting its arrival. xx

Sunday, 27 September 2020

CD Sunday Plus Challenge #45 - AG - hosted by Wynn

Isn't the new Blogger fun?  I post the CD Sunday Plus blog as well as my own and did I have trouble?  For some reason - best know to someone else - it wouldn't let me align each team members name above their picture.  I tried for so long and had to give up in the end.  It all looks so odd but c'est la vie.

Anyway I am supposed to posting my own blog.  Here is my team contribution:

I used an image from a CD by Faye Whittaker.  I decoupaged a little and added floral corner  die cuts  by Hunkydory.  I found a new to me font using my graphics programme called Freehand591 BT which I used for the sentiment.  I like it so much that I now use it quite often.  I also matched the backing paper to the little red dress in the image.

I hope all are well and still managing to keep sane.  Crafting is the best medicine.