Sunday, 20 June 2021

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #63 - hosted by Margaret

The weather is miserable again which makes me somewhat fearful.   I have mentioned before that back in late May- during the last horrendous rainfall -  I had a very bad leak in my Conservatory/craft room roof and I certainly don't want a repeat performance.

No more leaks-  so far - so here to celebrate is a bright and cheerful card for this challenge:

This was made using Tattered Lace 'Sensational Celebrations' collection and a background from a La Pashe CD.  The small white circular doily style mat came with a  'lot' that I purchased from eBay quite some time ago.

I really do think that the fruit looks good enough to eat.  Some of the dies and charisma's are amazingly lifelike.

I am writing this on Friday - now 1. 15 pm,  and the rain has at last stopped, but we have been promised more for the next few days.  A few more fearful days chez Carol.

Keep dry.




Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Oodles (Buckets) of Flowers

Here is the card I mentioned briefly yesterday.  It has taken quite a while because - as you will see - there is a great deal of die-cutting involved.  I have loved creating it and I think this is my favourite card (so far) of this year.

All the salient parts are from and by Carnation Crafts.  I got the idea from a card in their gallery but have changed some things.  I decided that I wanted the white lacy background to look more like a trellis holding up the pot stand so I use a 'brick wall' as the background - which I think works.

The dies and vignettes come from the 'Arrangement Maker' collection.  There are oodles of flowers and greenery and pots and vases.  So many to choose from.  The sentiments I made by printing out many different  ones on  white card using different colours and fonts.  I then used the smallest rectangular die from the 'Shabby' set of dies and cut them out.  I used a font colour to blend with the the brick wall. These are quick and simple and can be kept in a little box ready to shuffle through when you need something in a hurry.

I hope you like it as much as I did making it.



Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Vintage Blooms Easel


Here is the Easel card I promised.  Not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  Firstly I thought I could possibly purchase  a round easel blank ready to decorate but I couldn't find one.  This proved to be a challenge as my friends will tell you I only do 'squarish' cards.  So off to youtube and I found a good clear demonstration and I was quite surprised at how much easier it was than I thought it would be.

I had to get the larger die-cutting machine out as my little wonderful treasured Snap machine couldn't cope.

The circles  (three sizes) were cut with Carnation Crafts Crystalline dies. The flowers are from the Vintage Blooms collection by Carnation Crafts and the little blue birds are from 'Coming Home' - also Carnation Crafts.  The flowers have been decoupaged and a few of the extras were used on the tag.

The next project involves lovely small flower stems made into arrangements from the 'Arrangement Maker' collection.  Again dies and vignettes from Carnation Crafts. They have taken quite a while but fun to do.

Saturday, 12 June 2021

More crafting with die-cuts

I am beginning to think that at the rate I am going I will soon have made enough cards for next years birthdays etc. as well as this years.

I am enjoying using Carnation Crafts and Tattered Lace Collections and in fact I haven't done any parchment for many months.  But it doesn't really matter - does it?  I am, though, still fitting in some stitching.

Here is my latest creation using Carnation Crafts 'Vintage Blooms' and 'Coming Home' -  and  'Poppy' from Tattered Lace - 'Floral Friends'.

It is a large card - 8" x 8".  I don't very often make one that size but I wanted to get everything on.  All the flowers are decoupaged. The backgrounds used are from Carnation Crafts -  'Crafty Little Mice' collection.

I love this collection from Carnation Crafts and will soon have a circular easel card to show you using the same blooms- (I hope).

Bye for now.




Thursday, 10 June 2021

Armchair Comfort

My good friend and fellow CD Sunday teamie - Pamela -  made a card for the current CD Sunday Plus Challenge using Carnation Crafts dies etc that I hadn't got.  Not that I have to have them all of course but I liked the look of them and so ordered them.

They have now arrived and I spent most of yesterday making the card and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I do hope Pamela doesn't mind that I have copied her.  I have also used some of her tips about the wallpaper and the floor covering that she gave on her blog posting here.

Here is my version:

All the dies and the vignettes come from 'Comfort of Home' Collection except for the striped wallpaper which came from the 'Crafty little Mice' collection.  The picture of the garden through the window was sourced elsewhere.



Sunday, 6 June 2021

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #62 - hosted by Jo

I made this card using one of the three Carnation Crafts - 'Stand Out Floral Frames' and downloaded vignettes.  I made a background for the topper using a picture of the topper and my graphics programme.   I also made the sentiment.  In fact I  made several different sentiments in different colours and they can be slipped in amongst the decoupage. This way you can choose at the time what sentiment you wish to use.

This is the card:

I cut out several of the die-cut decoupage sheets to fill the centre and add  to the four corners.  I used my  Carnation Crafts Crystalline Circle Die Set to cut out the two pink matting layers.

Copied here from the Carnation Crafts site are the three sets.  I bought all three and have already made the diamond one to show at a later date.


I first saw one of these sets when I received a beautiful birthday card from Sue (Tossell) made using the square set.

Here is just the cropped centre of  Sue's card.

I have enjoyed making the two cards that I have managed to make, and, will soon be having a go at the square one.

I look forward to your visits and any comments you care to leave will be avidly read and appreciated.

I also look forward to my visits to your blogs. 



Friday, 4 June 2021

More for the Christmas Box

The patterns for both of these are by Stitch and Do.  The pattern on the green card I have done before.   I love the simplicity even though it is quite a bold pattern.

The pattern on the red card is a new one for me.  I particularly like the stitched star pattern in the corners.  I have not seen that before.

I have used die-cut 3D images for both cards and just added some gems in the corners.

More Robins for Sue. xx





Tuesday, 1 June 2021

More stitching but this time for the Christmas Box (card no: 35)


Stitch and Do -Cards Only

I sat and did the stitching last night whilst half watching some old Silent Witness DVDs.  I am using the new Mettler threads.  I have now used 9 of the colours.  I like to use just three colours for each card and then match the image to the threads - or vice versa

The beautiful Robin is a 3D die-cut from Carnation Crafts.  They do a set of two - names Flynn and Fifi.  I don't know which one is which especially as male and female robins look the same.

I also use a Carnation Crafts die to cut out the red layer of card.  The sentiment is also die-cut but I can't remember which make.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Stitching to relax

I have had a bad week.  I won't bore with all the details but in that torrential downpour last Sunday night - at about 10. 30 pm - I had a flood where the water came in through my Conservatory/Craftroom roof.

I suppose likening it to Niagara Falls is a slight exaggeration but it felt like it at the time.  It has taken almost all the week to dry out and to rescue and de-pong the carpet but we are almost there.

I was supposed to be having my first apres lock-down guests for lunch on Wednesday but I had to cancel.  I couldn't have coped.  That made matters so much worse.

In the last few evenings I have sat and stitched to help me relax and I am pleased with the two cards that I have just now finished.

Stitch and Do Cards Only - Set 50

Stitch and Do cards Only - Set 19


The images are both Tattered Lace die-cuts.  The teacup I die-cut myself but the bird was a purchase from E bay.

I have tried out some new threads that I purchased recently by Mettler.  Beautiful colours and the perfect weight for sewing on card but they can knot easily if you use too long a piece in your needle.

I love both of the patterns but I think the second one best.  I have used it before and bought a second set so that I could do it again.  I might even buy a third set.


Carol xx

Sunday, 23 May 2021

CD Sunday Plus - #61 - hosted by Pamela - Anything Goes (as long as our Rule 3 guidelines have been followed).


I fibbed.  Here is a 4th card in a row card made using The Card Hut CDs.   It was very easy to make and I admit I like the simple elegance of the background and images.   I used  'A Touch of Christmas' and  'Art Deco'  CDs by The Card Hut.  This time I used one of the frames on the CD, and printed it out on a semi gloss card and it looks very effective making the water and snow look very cold.

I think this might be my 'go to' Christmas card for this year if I suddenly find I haven't made enough.

I look forward to visiting you all and I will also be busy choosing my Top 3 from Challenge #60. We get so many great cards it is not something to be rushed.

Take care.



Sunday, 9 May 2021

CD Sunday Plus Challenge #60 - Anything Goes - hosted by me.

Before I show you my team make for CD Sunday Plus I wanted to reveal a wonderful birthday surprise I received from my daughter and son in law (Sarah and Simon).  Chris and I went down to their house on Saturday 24th for lunch and I was handed a huge heavy box and inside was a Cricut Machine.  I had already received some gifts from them both so this was over the top.  Needless to say I am thrilled to bits and when I have worked out how to use it and what to make I am sure I can bore everyone.  When I protested their generosity I was told I deserved it - so I shut up.

As I haven't even read the instructions yet for the above,  my make will have to be something I made earlier.  And you guessed it - from a Card Hut CD.  I did warn you I had made three on the trot.  Here is No: 3.

When I saw these ponies on the CD I just had to use them.  I used to ride. Not ponies - something a bit bigger.  In the village where I lived- in Kent - I had a friend who was horse mad and I used to go to her stables on a Saturday and she would let me ride for a couple of hours.  I did do some jumping but not very high.

These images came from the The Card Hut CD -  'Pets in a Mess'.  Once I had seen the look on the face of the girl in the front - incandescent with rage -  and the expression on her pony's face, I knew I had to use them both.  Wonderful drawings. They are a pleasure to use.

Now I must confess that I do have one more for next time and a new CD by the Card Hut did arrive in the post this week so.............

I do do other things in between.




Wednesday, 5 May 2021

More stitching

 I have a couple of new stitched cards to share.

The first one is a pattern from Stitching Cards and is an Otter:

I used a Carnation Crafts rectangular shabby die for the  green mat layer and a Marianne die for the sprig of bullrushes.

The second is a little more complicated. The stitching pattern is from Stitch and Do with a little alteration of my own to the choice of stitches. I used just straight 'stripey' stitches for the blue and green triangles instead of the stitches on the pattern.  The decoupage image - the teacup - is a Tattered Lace die cut and that and the stitching are mounted on two layers of card cut using the trusty Carnation Crafts rectangular shabby dies.  The pink card layer is from a collection of watercolour effect A4 card that I have in my stash.  

As I am hoping to invite friends over for tea in the not too distant future I decided to use this card as an invitation card.  But as much as I love crafting - and my friends - it would take hours to make more than one of these cards.  So I cheated.  I made the invitation label removable.  Here are two photos - one with and one without.

And here is a photo of the whole card flat so that I can print out as many as I want to fold and use.  The original can be kept and used for any occasion.

Have fun and keep staying safe.



Saturday, 1 May 2021

ATC Swop UK - March and April 2021

We have now really caught up with our monthly swops.  It is me who is late in posting them on here.

Here are the latest two months:


67: Flowers that bloom in the Spring - Tra La


68: Song Titles

We have just received our theme for May - The Colour Yellow.   I am trying not to include my favourite Minions but we will see if I weaken.



Sunday, 25 April 2021

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #59 - Hosted by Jocelyn

 As always our challenges are Anything Goes -  as long as a CD, a USB or a digital image, or any combination of same, has been used in the making of your card or project. 

As I said in Challenge #58 I have made some cards using The Card Hut CDs and my own graphics programme.  Here is the second one.  Again a mixture of  CDs used and the sentiment will be decided when I use it.

I particularly love the evil grin that the shark has - and the name of the boat.  I think this would be suitable for a male even if he didn't fish.

I had a wonderful surprise today - Saturday.  We went to my daughters for a late birthday lunch.       Birthday was on Wednesday.   I had already received several gifts on the day from her but waiting for me today when I arrived was a large heavy box.   Inside was a Cricut / Maker.  I still can't quite believe it.   I was so hot and tired after our trip that I have decided to leave it in it's box until tomorrow or later and then start reading up on it.   Wow! I have been spoilt.

So from one tired and hot blog writer I will say- see you on your blogs.



Sunday, 18 April 2021

A new stitch pattern

 from Stitching Cards. Here

I enjoyed stitching this new design although the Llamas woolly coat wasn't as easy to stitch as it looked on the pattern.

I also managed a couple more from 'Stitch and Do' and used a Hunkydory die cut in the centre of them both. I just adjusted the colouring with my grahics programme.

I used a mixture of Gutermann threads some of which were variegated.

All til the next time.



Thursday, 15 April 2021

A small selection

Here are a few cards made using different methods for a couple of  UKSN groups to which I belong.

Firstly CCC#50

Theme: Easter Eggs, Colour: a mix of any you fancy, Letter: C

And now CCC#52

Theme: Newsprint or book print, Colour: Brown, Letter: K

This is a weekly challenge and before the next one is set  the names are drawn for the one that is now finished  and the cards are all sent to the winner.

As a special thank you to our team leader of the UKSN we all made a secret card following the theme of her loves and likes. This was labelled CCC#52B and this is the one I made and sent.

My card is to show her love of all things pink especially Flamingos. Mickey is small in stature but big hearted and bubbly and a dab hand at all things arty.

Now a couple made for our CFK group (Cards for Kindness).  Each month we are given two names and make and send off our offerings with any message or greeting we like to use.  Mostly , now we leave the insert blanks and don't put our names on the back so the recipient could use it themselves, if they so wish.

The ones I sent in April were cards that I had made for such an occasion and you have seen these on here so these are the two I made for March.

For this one I used the graphics programme and contents from one of my Card Hut CDs together with some die cut ferns from Tattered Lace. The 'hole in the wall' was garnered from the WWW..

For this card another Card Hut CD was used.  I was trying to show what I hope will be possible when all this madness has disappeared.

Stay safe.  We still have to be so careful.



Sunday, 11 April 2021

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #58 - hosted by Margaret

This post is a stitch free zone.  I have been doing so many recently  that I decided to go back to something that CD Sunday (Plus) was started for - use of CD's.

I have a good selection of The Card Hut CD's and I love using them.  Apart from  great artwork they have a super graphics programme, and are such fun to use to enable one to make up stories and scenes. Especially when you mix up the CD's.

Here is my card for this challenge.  I warn you now I have made some more for future challenges.

I haven't decided about an appropriate sentiment yet but something will come to mind when I use it .

I can't remember exactly which of the many Card Hut CDs I used for this as I tend to hop from one to to the other.  If anyone really needs to know I will go back and search. I used my own graphics programme to add the border and my name.

Our lovely team member Jo tells me that this scene reminds her of when she was a child in Llandudno.  She was chased by some goats and took refuge in a phone box until her father came to her rescue. 

I hope all are still well and safe.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to go out at the end of the month to see my daughter. She is planning an outside pub lunch for my birthday and I can't wait to see her even though no hugging yet.



Wednesday, 7 April 2021

A couple for Christmas and one for the box

 Stitch cards again.

Both the stitch patterns are by Stitch and Do and purchased from here.

Both the central images are from a Tattered Lace Collection.  I tried to match the thread colours as nearly as possible to the images and then added gems to the Christmas tree and half pearls to the second card. The mouse in the shoe is decoupaged.

This third card is again using a pattern from Stitch and Do. The threads are by  Gutermann.  The sentiment is die-cut from some glitter card,  and gems are from stash.



Sunday, 4 April 2021

Stitching, stitching, stitching.....

I am thinking that perhaps I should change the name of my blog to 'Carol's Crafting Place' as the emphasis on parchment work has gone adrift at the moment.  I seem to be concentrating on die-cutting and stitching.

I am enjoying it and I don't have to do parchment so the apt saying 'Am I bovvered?' comes to mind.

That preamble is in order to show you two more stitched cards.  For some reason I just love the first one.   I chose the 3D Push Out decoupage first and then tried to choose the three colours for the stitching to match the Koala and tree.   Isn't he/she adorable?

For the second card I used a Carnation Crafts die-cut as the central image.  This time I did the stitching first and then found the image to blend with the colours I had used.

The backgrounds for both cards were cut using Carnation Crafts frame dies.

As I now have many stitching blanks and oodles of needles and thread I expect I will be boring you all with many more.  And..... they are all now neatly stored in my new needlework box.   An early birthday present from my sister.

Happy stitching.

Hugs, Carol xx

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Yet more Stitch and Do cards

For these ones I haven't used the kits as such.  I have purchased the toppers with the ready pricked patterns and used my own threads and backing card.  I have sourced the 3D Push out die-cut decoupage from a few places.  In fact - on a couple - I have used a Tattered Lace or a Hunkydory die-cut image.

I have also purchased some A6 ready pricked toppers but haven't had a chance to use these yet.

Tattered Lace die-cut image

Tattered Lace die-cut image

Hunkydory die-cut image

I am really enjoying making these little cards.   I have been doing stitching rather than parchment at the moment.   I have such a collection of threads, needles and patterns etc  that my sister has bought me a wonderful new sewing box for my up coming birthday.

Off to do some more stitching.   I had my 2nd Covid-19  vaccination this morning and was told just to take it easy as the second could be more potent than the first.   I don't need telling twice to sit with my feet up and stitch.

Keep safe.


Carol  xx

These are the sites where I purchase most of the bits and pieces.

Here  Here  Here

Sunday, 28 March 2021

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #57 - hosted by me

I am stepping up again - as hostess -  sooner than usual as our Wynn is still not ready to join us properly.

Even though our every day movements are still so limited the time seems to be flying by.  Easter next weekend and next month  my second birthday to be spent in 'lockdown'.   I don't gad about as a rule but I do like to have a birthday meal out with friends.  There are 7 in our group and we are badly missing our outings.

Anyway, on to business.  For this challenge I have made an easel card:

The dies and downloads I have used are  Flower Frames from Carnation Crafts - 'Summer Daze' - and  dancer 'Jasmine' from Tattered Lace Floral friends.  They have all been decoupaged.  The greeting comes from a favourite set of dies.

I used Carnation Craft shabby square dies for the card pieces which were cut from watercolour effect pearlescent card  (a favourite),  and I have left a space in front of the 'catcher' so that I can add a message of some kind at the appropriate time.    

 We have been receiving many great entries into our challenges and it is great to visit you all and see what else you all do.  Please feel free to leave comments as you pass by. It is always nice to hear from you.





Saturday, 20 March 2021

UKSN - CCC Challenge Cards

Here is my card for  CCC #49.  I missed #48.  I think I got involved in other things like some desperately needed housework.

I loved making this.

Theme: Balloons

Colour: Orange

Letter: H

I went to where I have stored my Card Hut CDs on my computer.  Some time ago I asked my son to put them all there in one place so that I can go from one to the other more easily to combine all the wonderful images etc.

Here is the card:

Usually when I make these there is a little background story to the card.

"It is not a very warm day at the seaside as both the boy and his Gran are wearing coats. He has seen the balloon and hears the cries for help but his Gran, who is deaf, can't make out the shouts for help and is just waving a greeting. Let's hope someone comes to the rescue".


Carol xx

P.S.  I have just learned that I won the draw so it will stay in my go-to box. xx

Thursday, 18 March 2021

More Stitch and Do cards

I have managed three more of these little cards in the last few days.  I have been catching up with recorded drama series from the TV,  and watching again old series - like all of Death in Paradise.  I can sit with my feet up and stitch away.  I can't bear sitting doing nothing.

Here are the latest three cards.  They all have 3D die cut decoupage images.  The first one is for Christmas.

These next two are for the go-to box.   For the second one I have used a Tattered Lace die-cut charisma teacup and saucer for the central image.


I really enjoy making these.  Just three colours are used for each one and now I have discovered that I can purchase just the pricked patterned toppers on their own.  Four sets of six arrived this morning.

I will post the site details for these items in my sidebar.  Just in case you would like to join in with my stitching.




P.S. I have now added a further site to the side bar for a great selection of 3D Push Out Decoupage sheets.  I have just received the latest 20 sheets that I ordered the other day.  Here  Art of Craft