Friday, 25 March 2016


Our theme for March 2016 is a choice between Transport or Fashion through the ages.  I have chosen Fashion and have made 5 very simple ones using a pack of cards I happened to have at home.  It is a Kings and Queens of England game.  I chose 6 - which I scanned, added a border, cropped to the right size and then added a single layer of decoupage.  Nothing fancy -  just let the drawings speak for themselves. I will choose which 5 and pop them in the post.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Happy Birthday circle

Here is a card I made for a dear friend for her birthday - which in fact is today.

I used one of the new rages in the parchment world - an embossing plate.  The one that I used here is by PCA (Parchment Craft Australia). They make parchment tools as well - in fact all things parchment.  When I first started parchment it was their tools that I bought because my Tutor is PCA qualified. Now I use a mixture of PCA and Pergamano.

Here is the card

The embossing took quite a while to make sure it was all even.  Many goes at it with rests in between.  Rests for the parchment - not me I hasten to add.  Embossing is always better if you take it slowly with rests.
I stitched the finished piece to the backing with some of my favourite beads and then added some flat backed pearls to the corners.  I chose a scalloped card to try and reflect the flower petals as they go round the circle.
I enjoyed making this card very much.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

CD Sunday - All Creatures Great and Small - chosen by Jocelyn

Good morning one and all.  It has been a little chillier down here in the South but (she says whispering) it is not raining at the moment.
Wow - what a great response to Wynn's Colour Challenge.  Wynn must have seen something that I didn't when she chose that picture.  But in fact I found the colours quite easily after I had taken off the sun glasses and so did my fellow teamies and all our lovely supporters.  The colours looked so good. A great choice Wynn and good luck with your Top 3 choosing.
Jocelyn's choice of theme offers  many many  possibilities so we are hoping for lots of cards or projects.
My contribution to 'All Creatures Great and Small' is:

I know that compared to most of the world's creatures these aren't the greatest or the smallest but I think that the fish is thinking that they are.  That's if fish do think!! 
The stitch pattern came from here and I used 'The Pet Set' CD by La Pashe for two  background papers - the stripes for the card and the second for  the paper fish which were cut out for the corners. 
I hope all is well with everybody.  I look forward to some more blog hopping to see old friends and make new ones.  I love reading blogs and looking at what others are doing and picking up hints and tips.
Please join in with us with your creatures - big and small - but don't forget to use a CD somewhere.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Bubble Blooms - from Woodware

A new (to me) stamp in the Bubble Bloom series by Woodware was the inspiration for this card.
I found the stamp at the Art of Craft last week when I was there for our parchment workshop.  I just knew I wanted to stamp it out and have a play with parchment.
This is the second one I have done. The first was a practice as there are several ways to interpret this design.
So only white work using embossing tools, a bold pricking tool and a couple of star tools.  I used 9 toning brads to hold the work to the background - one in  each corner and 5 in the blooms and tiny gems at the ends of the thin stems.

I think that I might like to do a coloured version next.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

CD Sunday - 'Colour Challenge' - chosen by Wynn

And what a 'Colour Challenge' Wynn has given us.

Surprisingly I knew where to go to find these colours and I went to a couple of favourite CD's - Robert Addams - Printable Butterflies and Artylicious - Butterfly Bliss for these ATC's I wanted to make.

I used Butterfly Bliss for the backgrounds and Printable Butterflies for  - of course - the butterflies. As I had to print out several sheets of different colours I now have made up many more for future projects - as long as I can find them again.

I think my fellow teamies have produced some beautiful cards and I hope you will go  visit and then suitably inspired -  join in with Wynn's challenge.
And before I go -  Thank you again to our four Guest Designers. It has been a pleasure to have had you on board.
I look forward to any comments you may feel inclined to leave and to visiting your Blogs.
Carol xx