Sunday, 15 September 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #19 - hosted by me.

We are still having 'Anything Goes' as our theme for the time being and I have made another go-to box Birthday card.  For this one, I used a Joanna Sheen CD - by  'Janet Kruskamp'.  There are some lovely images on the CD.  Some are a little too fussy for my taste but others are just beautiful.  I have chosen one I call 'Quintessentially English'. I think you can see why when I show it to you.

I have used Kraft card for the card itself and a mottled backing card (green) for the 1st matt. I cannot remember where the mottled card comes from but I think it is about 300gsm and there are many many sheets in many many colours.   I used a Happy Birthday swag die for the sentiment.  I have had this die for some time but I think this is the first time I have used it.   I managed to find card for the swag and the second matt which matched the tablecloth in colour. The little flowers in the two corners were die cut from one of my Marianne Craftable sets  - this one is Sakura blossoms.  I last used it on the basket of the Parchment Butterfly Balloon that I made a few weeks ago.
There is one layer of decoupage which was quite difficult to cut out. That is why I stuck to one layer.

May I say a personal big thank you to all those who entered Challenge #18.  I have enjoyed visiting all the Blogs and I hope that we continue to welcome many to CD Sunday Plus.

Any comments you care to leave will be avidly read and appreciated.

Monday, 9 September 2019

A birthday card for a special lady.

I used Tatty Ted from my Docrafts Digital Designer programme.  There are some super decoupage and pyramage designs on the CDs and in fact, I have printed out several to work on over the next few weeks whilst I stock up my go-to box.

I liked this one as it was cute, but not too fussy, especially as I do not know the special persons taste very well yet.  Here it is.

Just three simple layers of decoupage and two matts. I added a little Wink of Stella to the flower centre and some special gems to the die-cut flowers in the corner.

p.s  I have had some good news.  My second cataract op is now on September 30th. I don't have to wait as long as I thought I was going to have to. I was told it could be three months. So pleased.


Sunday, 1 September 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #18 - 'Anything Goes' - hosted by Jocelyn

Using something somewhere from a craft CD, USB or a Digital image, in the making of your project, is the new criteria for entering into the CD Sunday Plus challenges.

Having got that off my chest - Good Morning.

My team card this time is all from a CD (well I have got a few!!).
I have used House Mouse Decoupage.

They are so cute - aren't they?  The mirror - which looks suspiciously like a Dental mirror reminds me of my workdays.  In my early career, I was a Dental Nurse.  Happy days.
I have popped this card into my go-to box for later.

Please don't forget that you can now use USBs and Digital images as well as CDs when making your entries. 

If you care to comment here I would be pleased to come visit.
I look forward to seeing you.

Friday, 30 August 2019

More fun with my new CDs

This first one is for my sister who used to have two beautiful dogs.  Not both at the same time.  The first one was a Soft Wheaten Terrier and the second one was an Airedale Terrier. Both fabulous dogs.

I found both these breeds on 'In the Doghouse' by Mark Bardsley from The Card Hut.  I had such fun again making up the card using the graphics on the CD.  The speech bubble was on the other CD I used - 'The Great Outdoors'. I just imported the card I had made using  'In the Doghouse'  into 'The Great Outdoors' as a background and added the speech bubble.  All so easy.

Here is the card - which I have decoupaged.

I have called it  'Naughty Sam'.  The Wheaten Terrier is keeping quiet by the back door holding onto the sock or scarf.
The second card was made using 'The Great Outdoors'.  It is a Birthday card for the 'box' and was just as enjoyable to make.

This one isn't decoupaged.  I think you have to think up a little story when making these and I thought that he shouldn't have taken his Volkswagen into the woods so the deer are making it difficult for him.
Hope you find these fun.

p.s. I found some more CDs on eBay - one of which had sold out on the Card Hut site so I am now waiting for them to arrive.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Lots of fun with a new CD

I have been buying some new CDS and have just had so much fun with one that arrived in the post this morning.
It is from 'The Card Hut' and called  The Great Outdoors.

There is so much on the disc and the graphics programme is great and easy to use.  This is what I have made.

I really have had so much fun with everything on the disc that I used, and there is so much more.  I have saved what I have done  as a topper (with and without the speech bubble)  and will probably use it for a male birthday.  I have printed it out on the great matt photo paper that I always use and the colours are perfect.

Can you tell I like my purchase?


Sunday, 18 August 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #17 - 'Summer Holidays' - prize challenge.

As you will see from the title CD Sunday has now become CD Sunday Plus.  As a team, we have decided to move with the times and include the use of USBs and Digital images as well as CDs for image sourcing for entering our challenges. The full announcement and details are to be found here.

Challenge #17 is our 2nd prize Challenge of the year.  The theme is 'Summer Holidays'.  The team will be awarding a prize or prizes and the winners will be chosen by the whole team.   We look forward to receiving your entries and do not forget that you can now use USBs and Digital images as well as those CDs.

Here is my card for this challenge.  I have made this card before but enjoyed making it again for this challenge.  Here it is:

The image comes from -  Best of La Pashe 2012 CD.  The die-cut starfish come from Marianne Craftables Silver Selection.   I love these little die sets.   I now have a collection of 26 of them.

Now I did say that I had used this image before and in fact, I have discovered that I have already used it twice.   The first time for a CD Sunday Challenge -  'On the beach',  and the second time - the one that I had remembered - as a wedding card.   Here it is:

 If you are interested in why and how I made this one click here.

As a team, we are excited about our changes and we hope you will help us celebrate by joining in this challenge - and we hope - many more.


Monday, 5 August 2019

Parchment Butterfly Balloon

In a desperate need to find out what parchment I can do with one cataract done and waiting for the other to be done I fished out a project I had seen in the Parchment Magazine with the intention of doing it someday. 
It is called 'Butterfly Balloon'. Designed by Alla Terpugova in the Talent Spotters section in the July 2017 edition. I have done my own thing by using Pergamano Multi Grids Nos: 31 and 17 for my butterflies and a very new (arrived this morning) flower die from Marianne Craftables for the flowers on the edge of the basket. I used some special gems by Habico for the butterflies bodies. 
The parchment was coloured by using patterns from various craft CDs. I loved making this and stuck at it until I finished.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #16. 'Anything Goes' as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere in the making. Hosted by Wynn

I have chosen an image from 'House Mouse Decoupage'  that really made me smile - and in my mind, I have called it 'Oops!'.

Actually, I think that almost all the images from House Mouse CD's make us smile and that is why we love them and use them so much in our card making.

Here is my card:

I have added a little decoupage and die-cut seagulls and sentiment. A very simple card but I think the image says it all.

Sadly we haven't had as many entries as we would have liked in our Challenges recently. Perhaps it is the weather or the school holidays or perhaps even holidays in general.  Please note though that Challenge #17 will be themed and there will be prizes awarded and, as they say, (whoever they are) you have to be in it to win it.

I look forward to some blog hopping. Perhaps a little less expensive than last time as I ended up buying 3 more CDs.

Take care.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

ATC Swap UK (Facebook)

I have just sent in my swaps for the August swap - 'Pot Luck'.
Having this theme means that we can send in ones we have made earlier and our organiser - Sue - kindly arranged this to help me out.
So I have sent in 5 from my 'stash' - all made in parchment.  Hope the girls like them.


Wednesday, 31 July 2019

More stitched Christmas cards for 2019

I have managed to finish off the last of my stitched cards for this Christmas.  In all I have now made 64 cards of different styles  but not as many parchment as I would have liked . Hopefully both cataracts will have been done in time for me to make some before Christmas.
Anyway here are the 9 I have just finished.

My favourites are Nos: 5 & 6 - the two star cards. Even as you are stitching them you don't think that the pattern is going to look as good as it does in the end.  The colour combinations can be endless.

I now have some ATCs to get on with.  Nothing too complicated until I am less like a Pirate with one good eye.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Parchment Lesson July 2019

For our July lesson, we had some Dog Roses to colour using 3 colours - colouring on the back and the front of the image and then quite a complicated edge pattern to complete the card.
This was the first parchment I have done since I had the first cataract replaced and I wasn't at all sure how things would go.
But Wow!  -  I was surprised at how much I managed to do,  and to be happy with what I did do.

I didn't do the complicated border as I felt that that was a step too far and too soon. Instead, I found some pretty little corner heart emblems from a Groovi plate and I used those instead.  I also added a larger single heart in the middle of all four sides.

I added the bow. I found I had a bow die with a pretty edge so I used that.   I made a couple - one in a toning pink and one in parchment -  and then asked my son to say which he preferred and the parchment one was his choice. I added the gem to give a flash of sparkle.

I really enjoyed this and can't wait until the second cataract is done so that I can get back to doing some decent edging with the grids.

Here is my card. Hope you like it too:

Sunday, 21 July 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #15 - 'Anything Goes' as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere in the making. Hosted by Jane

Thank goodness it is a little cooler and wetter than it was at the time of my last CD Sunday posting.  I don't like the really hot weather so the thought of a 'heat bomb' does not appeal.
We have now reached Challenge #15 and almost halfway through the year.  It will soon be time for our Summer Challenge which will be themed and have prizes but, in the meantime, I have my offering for our current challenge to show you.
I have named this one 'Naughty but Nice'.  I think you can see why.

The pie looks so golden and delicious that I decided to use toning colours for the backgrounds, die-cut and sentiment.
The image - of course - is from House Mouse. I love House Mouse.   There isn't much on any of the CDs that I do not like.   There are a couple of layers of decoupage - another of my craft loves - which sadly is on hold at the moment.  My cataract op was a great success but I really need to have the second eye done before normal snipping can be resumed.  Thank goodness I had made many of my cards and projects early.

Thank you to those who entered the last Challenge -  which I hosted.  I was sad though that we did not have more entries but I expect that many are holidaying.

I look forward to more Blog hopping.  Actually, I say this with some trepidation as a visit to a Blog last week sent me to a CD site and I was tempted - and gave in.  I now have three more CDs in my vast collection.
Whatever the weather - have fun and take care.

My son Chris has a birthday today and here is the card I have made for him. Just a simple one I am afraid.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #14 - 'Anything Goes' as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere in the making. Hosted by Carol (moi).

It has been quite an eventful couple of weeks for me since Challenge #13.

Last weekend I had my great friends Debs and Mandi to stay from Friday to Sunday.  It was wonderful to see them again (too long since the last visit).   We caught up on gossip and exchanged news and even did some crafting.  The very hot Sunday was too hot for a trip out so we sat and did parchment in the cool of the dining room with the fan going full pelt and lots of cold drinks and beers.

But I digress.   Here is my card for this challenge.   All of the card comes from La Pashe and it has some decoupage.   It is called 'Man at Work'.

In my working life, I don't think I have ever seen a man working that hard.   My two sons used to work with me in the family business and I don't remember seeing them as busy as he seems to be.  They will say - of course -  that they were too well organised.

Back to a busy couple of weeks.  I had my annual breathing check up and all was well. Then suddenly on Monday, I got a call from the Hospital Eye Clinic and I have been booked in for my Cataract OP.  I had the pre-op on Wednesday and the op will be on Monday (tomorrow).

Wish me luck and I will visit your blogs as soon as I am able.


p.s. Cataract op very successful. Just have to wait a couple of months to have the second one.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

'Blinged' to the max

At our last parchment lesson, we had a choice of projects and I chose to use a Groovi plate called - Tina's Floral Layering Panel. In fact, there are two panels on the plate -  each 13cms x 6 cms.
I have made what I call a three-panelled cross-over gatefold card. I googled to see what they were really called and apparently I got it right first time.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished card:

The top and bottom panels are as per the Groovi plate but the middle panel has some of the bottom panel design with a few bits from other sources. The sentiment is also from a Groovi plate.
The edging on the panels was done with a Pergamano half-square tool with embossed lines and the panels have been attached by matching tiny brads to the teal glitter card from my stash.
I then went to town on the Bling. On the sentiment panel, I used some fabulous crystal gems from Habico - purchased from the Art of Craft. The smaller gems were all from a selection pack I bought from Amazon.
It was a fiddly and time-consuming project but thoroughly enjoyed and has given me ideas for future projects.


Tuesday, 25 June 2019


Here are a couple of new sets of ATCs I have made for the Facebook group.
The first is the swop for June - Vintage - shown in the presentation done by our organiser Sue.

and this second set is for the July swop - Pets.  I am just about to post these to Sue.  I have made them a little early - long story - but I found my 'Pets' CD by La Pashe -  so had to have a play. My presentation.  The background paper is from MCS.


Sunday, 23 June 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #13 - 'Anything Goes' - as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere in the making.

Good Morning.  Our Challenge #13 is being hosted by Jocelyn and again I have chosen an image from a La Pashe CD. This time 'Gnomes and Fairies'.
This is not a CD that I have used very often but sometimes I see an image that I like and would like to try out and the lady (fairy) showering in the lily is just one of those.  I have just done simple decoupage and here it is:

I have made this for a friend on my Birthday List and I hope she will enjoy receiving it in due course.

I have made some ATC's in the past using some of the fairy images on this CD inlcuding the fairy showering:

The fairy doing her housework:
And the fairy doing her washing:

I look forward to visiting your blogs and I hope you will come visit me too.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Remember When?

I was 'sorting' through a large box of bits and pieces I have been collecting and I found all sorts of interesting things. Quite a few were just leftover pieces of a decoupage project because it would have made too many layers. But there was one complete sheet that I had printed out but not touched.

It came from the La Pashe Big One CD  - Volume 1 - Remember When?.

I can't resist cutting out sheets of images for decoupage as it is still such a firm favourite form of crafting so I set too....... and here is the card:.

I know why I printed it out as I was - and still am - a great fan of puffer trains - or puff puffs as my children use to call them.  I live fairly close to the 'Watercress Line' in  Arlesford, Hampshire, which is a privately run steam train.
The main pieces to decoupage are the bridge and the two children and the dog. I love the way the dog is also standing on tippy toe to see the train
It makes quite a large card almost a full 8" x 6".  I am going to keep it in my go-to box for one of my young great-nephews.  I just need to wait until the current craze for dinosaurs is over and they might like a puff puff train.

P.s.  I didn't save this for my Great Nephews. I gave it to my hairdresser for her children to give to their father who is a mad keen puff puff lover.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

More for Christmas 2019

I have been making some more Christmas stitch cards. Most of the patterns I have used before but used  different threads, colours and backgrounds.
This first card is using very new to me thread called Sulky Antique Christmas. It is a multicolour blend and I love the effect it gives.

I haven't used this pattern before but the threads are old friends.

Old favourite - new colours.
A special favourite - Tipsy Reindeer.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #12 - 'Anything Goes' as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere in the making. Hosted by Margaret

It would appear that rain and sunshine are the order for this weekend - but the mornings are still so cold.
Crafting is the best thing to do when the weather is so unsettled.  I have been doing quite a lot of that recently as I have been catching up for my inactivity whilst I had that dreadful cough.

I have combined my card for this challenge with the birthday of a dear friend who will be 80 next month.  I have decoupaged an image from La Pashe and changed the couples competition No: to 80. I have been invited to her celebration luncheon at the Golf Club where we both used to be members.  I am looking forward to the occasion as I expect there will be many people there that I have not met up with for a while.
Here is my card:

All of the card comes from the CD - Big One Vol 2 - Decoupage Plus - 'Strictly Ballroom' including the sentiment  - but I did add  'Keep Dancing' using my graphics programme.
I look forward to visiting your Blogs and to reading your comments here if you care to leave any as you pass by.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #11 - 'Anything Goes' as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere.

Firstly I am sorry about the poor quality of this photo of my card for Challenge #11.  I have tried playing about with my graphics programme but for some reason it all looks a little wishy-washy.

It does look a great deal better in the flesh and I enjoyed making it.  I love all things House Mouse and I am also a jigsaw addict so a perfect combination.
I used one of my jigsaw dies to cut out the extra pieces of jigsaw having found some card scraps in the right colour range.

I do have a new jigsaw to do which arrived yesterday.  It is a jigsaw of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow which I think is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world -  and I would have loved to have seen it for myself.

Please join in with us if you can. It is always a pleasure to visit your blogs.


Friday, 24 May 2019


Just catching up with the postings of my swops made for the Facebook Group.  They are presented by the organisers so beautifully.

Here are my catch-ups:

February - Jewellery/Gems

I make quite a lot of 'Jewellery' Atcs and always enjoy making them.

March - Celtic

April - Easter

These were all parchment using Groovi and PCA plates. Easter Bonnets.

May - SteamPunk
I really enjoyed making these. Love Steampunk

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Another from MCS 'Simply Silhouettes CD' and one from Docraft

I had fun making the Fairy/Imp card for our current CD Sunday Challenge so I made this one at the same time.

The die cut tiny fairies were made using the Joanna Sheen dies using black, silver and glittered pink card. The wings were infilled with gold Glamour Dust.

I then had to make a card for my grandaughter Ellie and I chose 'Tulip and Friends CD' from Docraft.  I love all the images on this CD and enjoy the chance to use it.  The cake is one of my favourites and have used it before.  I have decoupaged the two bows and added tiny red half pearls to the cake decorations and her hair and shoes.
Ellie has a little dog called Alfie.  Not this breed but then you can't have everything.

Thank you for looking.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #10 - 'Anything Goes' - as long as a craft CD has been used somewhere.

Challenge #10 is being hosted by teamie Meg. Sadly this will be Meg's last challenge as a team member as her time is needed elsewhere.  I love Meg's style of cards and I hope that she will join in with us if and when possible.
I am afraid this will be a short posting from me. I am suffering from the worst cough I have ever had and am exhausted. (playing for the sympathy vote here).

Here is my card which I have made for my 'Birthday Box'.  The image - which I think is a cross between a Fairy and an Imp -  comes from MCS - 'Simply Silhouettes'.  I had fun making a few cards using this CD together with using some little fairy die cuts. The larger die cut is by Joanna Sheen and the itsy bitsy ones are from Marianne Craftables Silver Selection. They come in sets of miniatures on a certain theme and I have now about 22 of these sets.

You will see from our Blog posting that we will announce the Birthday Challenge winner/winners later during this challenge.

Take care and keep away from coughs. They aren't much fun.


Sunday, 28 April 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #9 -' Anything Goes' but a CD must have been used somewhere.

My goodness me it is windy down here in the South.  My craft room is my 19ft x 10ft all glass conservatory and there doesn't seem to be much between me and the galeforce winds which seem to be stronger than during the last storm.

Our 9th Birthday has come and gone. Not as many entries as we would have liked  but some lovely cards were entered and we will choose some winners.

For challenge #9 I have chosen to use a House Mouse CD .

All of the card comes from the CD.  No real decoupage - just the addition of  a sentiment and a mouse circle and a suspended teabag.  I don't actually like mint tea in fact don't really enjoy any tea but I have learned that fellow teamie Jane does love Mint Tea.

Wherever you are I hope that  Storm Hannah has not done you any harm. According to the weather forecasts the South East isn't really involved but I can certainly hear and see the gusts of wind.

See you on your Blogs.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

CD Sunday 9th Birthday Challenge - #8 The theme is 'Birthdays' and a CD must be used somewhere.

It is difficult to believe that it is CD Sunday's 9th Birthday. The actual Birthday is on the 18th April but today is our nearest Sunday.  As promised the team are giving prizes.  Good value vouchers but more details about that can be found on the CD Sunday Blog - here.

I entered the first CD Sunday Challenge  back in 2010 on 23rd April  and here is my entry

The challenge was 'Wings and Things' and I used an Ooh La La CD
As it is my birthday this month (Easter Sunday)  and also Her Majesty the Queen's birthday (same day as mine) I decided to do a patriotic card - at least colourwise.  Her Majesty is about the same age as some of these wonderful guys but I hasten to add that I am NOT.

It all comes from La Pashe CDs.  The image came from The Wrinklies and the background from The Big One Backgrounds - The Wrinklies No:24

Pretty please come and join us especially as we have saved our pennies for the great prizes that will be awarded.

I look forward to visiting your blogs and to then together with my fellow teamies choosing our winners.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

La Pashe and die cuts for Christmas 2019

I have used yet more images from La Pashe CD's and this time just one die cut frame for all except one. I had fun with colours and gems.  I have now made at least half of the quantity I will need and I plan to make some stitch cards - for a change.


Friday, 5 April 2019

More Christmas 2019

As promised here is a Christmas card made in parchment using parts of the Groovi plate 'Tina's Henna Corners 2'.  I had used it earlier during a lesson here.

It has made a slightly unusual card - certainly very different to my usual makes.

The jury is still out.  My son says he likes it. Well it was paraded in front of him and poor lad couldn't say much else - but I am still not sure. Perhaps it just isn't 'Christmassy'.


Sunday, 31 March 2019

CD Sunday - Challenge #7 - 'Anything Goes' using a craft CD - hosted by me

Good Morning on Mother's Day  I hope the weather will be fine for the day.  I always write this a couple of days in advance so I never know what the weather is going to be.

It is my turn to host the Challenge and here is the card I made (a birthday card for a member of our Facebook Group):

The image and background all come from 'The Best of La Pashe' CD.   I have done a little decoupage and added a few strategically placed gems.  I am afraid I cannot remember the make of the Birthday banner die.

I hope you will join in with us and talking of joining in please don't forget that Challenge #8 will be our 9th Birthday Challenge and there will be prizes.   I can't believe that it is 9 years since the Blog was started.  I joined in the challenges during the first or second week and have been doing so ever since.

As it is Mother's Day I wanted to show you the card I received from my daughter.
It is good that I have the same sense of humour.   In fact would rather this than a slushy one .

On that note I will say -  See you on your Blogs.

Happy Mothering Sunday.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

More for Christmas 2019

This time I used die cuts, gems and some La Pashe circular pictures .

These were fun to make and I plan to add some more .

My fellow CD Sunday teamie Margaret has just come back from a trip to the far North and she brought back a couple of Babushka dolls. They are on her Blog and I liked the look of them so I made her a couple of ATCs using her photos and adding some words in English and Russian.  Margaret has received them so it is safe to show them here.