Monday, 9 December 2019

Parchment Advent Calendar for the Christmas Tree

The pattern is by Alison Yeates from quite a while ago.  When the pattern first appeared in the Parchment Magazine - Sept and Oct 2008 -  I made a set for my own tree.  Now, many years later, I have made a set to take down to my sister this year for her tree.
Here it is - in two photos:

They are designed so that you can slip down the coloured interior lining and insert sweeties or somesuch if you wish.  This is why the ribbons are longer and knotted at the top (to prevent it from pulling out of the pyramid).
Each pyramid has two sides with a grid pattern, one side with the image you have chosen and the last side has the day written in gold and a lickle bow.
Looking like this:

I thoroughly enjoyed making them all again.  Just hope my sister likes them too.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Christmas Prize Challenge - #25

Good Morning.  I hope the slightly warmer weather has arrived by the time this goes live. It is really freezing whilst I am writing this  -2.0.

This is our last CD Sunday Plus challenge for the year 2019 and it is a prize challenge.  We are asking for 'Anything Christmassy' rather than Anything Goes.  It doesn't have to be a card - just a celebration of Christmas.   Don't forget that downloads, USBs and CDs can all now be used in your creations - in fact, at least one of them must be used.

This is the card I have chosen to make:

This is a download sheet purchased from Craftsuprint many moons ago and was designed by  Ann-Marie Vaux.  I must admit to this not being my usual style but I liked it because it reminded me of Parchment work, and it is decoupaged,  which is another of my crafting loves.   In fact, my fellow teamies thought it was made using parchment.

All the details about the Prize Challenge can be found here.

It was my turn to choose the Top 3 for Challenge #24 and my choices will be published when we return after Christmas- 5th January 2020.
Thank you for your visits to my blog over the last year and I look forward to a productive year in 2020.

A very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year to everyone.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Christmas parchment

I have been trying to get back to some parchment for Christmas now that I have finished all my Christmas cards.
Firstly I have made a gift envelope using a pattern by Anne Quinn.  Although I have had the patterns for quite some time this is the first time I have used one of them.  This will be for my Grandaughter who, when asked if she wanted something special or money for Christmas replied,  Ooh money please, Grandma Carol.

Secondly, I have been making some Christmas Angels using an old Pergamano template.  I did make a few some time ago but now I have made more and found a way to present them as a table or side table decoration.  I needed some decent bows to decorate the stand and these arrived yesterday via Amazon.  Incidentally, they are the best-made bows I have ever bought.

I took the photo out in the garden this morning in between the showers.

I am now working on another Christmas Tree Advent Calendar. I have one for my own tree and I want to make one for my sister.  I have managed to make 12 of the required 24 pyramids so I had better keep going. The pattern is by Alison Yeates.

Here is  my own set which was on display at the Sandown Show many moons ago.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #24 - ATG - hosted by Moi

Since we increased the usable sources on CD Sunday to include USB's and digital downloads it has been good not just for our challengers but also for the team.
I am now able to include most of my parchment work if I wish as so much is created using downloaded patterns, and also my stitchwork -  as that is all from downloaded patterns.  Of course, I have used them in the past but before we changed the parameters I had to find something from a CD to include in my creation.  Although enjoyable it is no longer absolutely necessary.

I recently showed a stitched card I had created using a pattern downloaded from Cardmaking Online (Australia) -

Whilst I was buying this pattern I purchased several more and the one I have saved to show you today is absolutely my favourite stitch pattern to date.  Designed by the same creator that designed the frog blowing bubbles here is.............Cupid.

Isn't he wonderful?  I can't tell you how much fun and enjoyment I had creating this card. It has been hard not to show him before today.
The creator is Laura and her patterns - of which there are many - can be found on Cardmaking Online (Australia).

The green and brown colouring have been done using chalk pencils. The threads are by Guttermann and the hearts are die cut from red card.

If you like stitched cards I can recommend this site. The link is in my sidebar but I do know that they might be 'off air' for a little while as they are relocating.
I hope you will join in Challenge #24 and I look forward to visiting you.

Friday, 22 November 2019

ATC Swap UK - Facebook Group

Our City swap (October)  is now all done so here are the ones I sent in for the November swap - 'A Stitch in Time' - as presented by the organisers.  The three stitched thimbles are from patterns that I reduced in size to fit the ATC.

The other two ATCs were made using a frame image (again reduced in size)  from a CD  (Grandma's Button Box) that was kindly given to those on the CD Sunday Plus design team by Katy Sue designs a wee while ago.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

ATC Swap Uk - Facebook

Our theme for the October swap was Cities.  Now the city I visit more than any other is Bristol   - because my sister lives there.   In fact, I will be there again soon for Christmas.  Sadly I have never managed to be there when the famous Balloon Festival is on.  I love Hot Air Balloons so I decided to take them as my ATC theme.

Here is how they were presented by our organiser Sue:

I included my love of Minions in a couple.

Our theme for November is 'A stitch in time'.  I have already sent mine in so will be back with those when the swap has been done.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #23 - ATG

Good morning.  We had a wonderful selection of entries for #22 -  and thank you all - and to those who managed to find something from Debbie Moore. 

Now - for this challenge -  I have been using one of my new CDs again.   I just love playing about with the images and telling a story.  I think that this story is fairly obvious when you see it :

.....but where did the ball come from?   Next door?  The little dog nearest the French windows is looking very worried.  The Robin looks scared stiff and the little Corgi? doesn't look very interested at all, does he? He certainly isn't wagging his tail.  The leader of the pack is giving it his all trying to catch the ball.   I have no idea what breed he is supposed to be - perhaps just a mongrel.

The print looks a little feint but it is better in real life.  I used a linen card which dampens down the effect.
The only thing that wasn't on the CD was the ball.   I found one on the 'net' and just adjusted the size and used a 1mm sticky pad just to lift it from the background.
I hope you enjoy my little story and I look forward to your visits to me  - and my visits to see your creations.

Monday, 4 November 2019

It never rains but it pours.....

and on Saturday it sure did.  Our little group of three were Barton on Sea bound for the last Judith Maslen workshop of the year and the heavens opened and the wind howled.  Unbelievable weather conditions.  How our chauffeuse Charmaine coped I don't know? -  but she did and we got there safely but.....just to add to the day (which had only just started) I took a tumble.  Dashing through the door to the hall carrying stuff and trying to get out of the wind and rain I fell headlong flat on the ground.  How embarrassing!!  Oh, boy, do I know about it now.  I have bruises and aches and pains everywhere.  It did shake me up quite a bit.  Let's face it I am too big and too old to go throwing myself around like that.  I didn't parch very well in the morning as I couldn't really concentrate so the morning card I am going to show you was started again from scratch yesterday.  The afternoon one didn't fare much better but apart from having to rescue the border, it wasn't too bad.

Here are the cards:

Christmas Reindeer - jm 138

'Keys' - jm 139
I hope you like them. They are two cards I won't forget in a hurry.

Stay upright - tis safer and more dignified.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Thrilled to bits

as a card I made for my son Chris has been chosen as the November banner card for the Facebook parchment site I belong to.  Such a surprise and so chuffed. 

It is  Judith Maslen pattern and I think was made at one of her workshops. I am not sure.


Christmas 2019 - last few

Parchment and Groovi plate.
Digital from Serif with added parchment poinsettias.
Parchment and Groovi plate with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils used for colouring and a very small parchment poinsettia added.
Die-cut decoupage sheet from?
Parchment and PCA plate for the image and Groovi plate for the sentiment and Faber Castell for the colouring.
After I had finished these last cards and whilst posting them to my computer I realised that I hadn't done any stamped cards this year.  I will have to rectify that next year.  I have too many stamps not to use.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #22 - ATG but a little twist this time.

Our little twist for this challenge comes with the generosity of Debbi Moore.   Fellow teamie Margaret met Debbi at the Shepton Mallet Show back in April and they got chatting.  Margaret told Debbi all about CD Sunday Plus and as a result, Debbi sent us a selection of her CDs for us to use. A very generous gesture.
So the team have all made something using the CD of their choice from the gifts and I chose 'Vintage Botanical'.

Lots of lovely images to choose from so I decided to use several - six in fact - for my project.
I made notelets - 4 x Thank You and 2 x Best Wishes.  I always like to have a few in the drawer as it is so much nicer to send one of these out rather than an email or a Facebook message.
I printed them out onto linen card which gives even more of a vintage feel.

Here are the ones I made:

I have a programme on my computer called ACDSee. It is designed to play around with photos and images so I use it all the time. It came with a camera I bought at least 10 years ago.  This programme allows me to import any image and add a border of almost any design and width and match the colour to any part of the image. It also is a great programme for adding text.  I really couldn't manage without it.  The programme is CD-based so it is a win-win.  And as you can see I used it for my notelets.
I enjoyed using Debbi's  CD and I thank her for her gift.

Please join in with us, and if you can use a Debbi Moore product -  then even much more betterer.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Forever blowing bubbles.......

It will be obvious to regular readers of my blog that apart from my love of all things parchment I also love card stitching. You will see that in my sidebar under 'Some Great Sites' you will find some stitching sites and one of them is Cardmaking Online (Australia).  For a card stitcher, this site is a gold mine and there are so many wonderful patterns to choose from.
One of my favourite designers down under is Laura and this pattern that I have used can be found on page 14 of her designs.  Wonderful service from the site as they come so quickly digitally - even from Australia!!

I fell in love with this design immediately but it has taken a while to finish because after I had started it - the first time,  I had an accident.  I had the 'girls' round for our monthly craft day and I was stitching the card.  We all do different things.  One of my guests wanted something and I jumped up to get it for them in my best hostess manner and knocked over my coffee and you can guess where it went.  I put on a brave face but I was very upset after all the work.
But because I loved the pattern I started again and I finished it yesterday.  Here it is:

 The frog and the bubble blower are coloured with chalks and the fairies are die cut from a Marianne Craftable set.
As the scene of a frog blowing bubbles can only be in the imagination - I imagined some fairies.
I hope you like him as much as I do.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Surprise in the post

I had a wonderful surprise in the post this morning. A beautiful, stunning 'Just For You' card from Jo (Seafield  Jo ).  Jo is one of our (CD Sunday Plus) faithful challenge  followers and has been a contributor for many a year.
It was to wish me well after my 'eye' ops and I must admit my new 'eyes' filled up a bit when I saw what Jo had made for me.

Here it is:

Thank you so much Jo for your thoughfulness.


Sunday, 13 October 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge # 21 - Anything Goes

I have already shown some of the cards I have made with my new CDs from 'The Card Hut' and here is another that  I have made for this challenge.

I love how the scene can tell a little story - if you want it to of course.

My two scouts are having a practice camp in a back garden. They are toasting marshmallows.  The fire looks a bit fierce and as you can see one of the boys has set fire to his marshmallow.  The birds and the rabbit are looking horrified and even the hedgehog is looking very wary and making his escape. 
Like all good scouts with an eye to Health and Safety, they have a First Aid Book to hand.

Believe it or not, I was a Brownie.  I can't say that I really enjoyed it but I do have one strong memory and that was of a trip to see Windsor Castle.  I think that was my first coach trip.  All very exciting,  a packed lunch -  and no parents.  I was living in Thame in Oxfordshire at the time so it was quite a full day out.

I do love using these new to me CDs and wish I had discovered them earlier as sadly some are no longer available.  Watch this space as I have already another lined up for a future challenge.

Please don't forget that we now accept USB and Digital images as source material as well as CDs.

We look forward to visiting your Blogs and hope that you will visit ours, and leave some 'love' on your way past.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Another parchment Christmas card

I have made this one before ( here ) but I have made it again with some differences.

 This time I did portrait instead of landscape and used a different central image (but still from La Pashe).  Last time the border was done around the image but this time the image has been done separately and glued to the aperture and the whole has been stitched to the green backing card.

I found some old peel-off sheets of gems and borders and decided to do a little titivating.  All to celebrate my new 'eyes' - which reminds me that I must go and do my third lot of drops for the day.


The border pattern was by Gwen Paxton and was in the Parchment Magazine in Dec 2009

Not only crafting......

......but cooking as well.

Just to show that it isn't ALL about parchment.  I have just finished a mammoth session of chutney making.

 Sadly I cannot tolerate anything from the onion family which makes eating manufactured chutneys and sauces etc impossible so I have to make my own.  It just so happens that this particular one is also a  favourite with friends and relations so I have to make a biggish batch - 21 jars this time.
The recipe is very simple and the main ingredients are eating apples, dates and sultanas.
If anyone wants the recipe just leave a message.


Thursday, 3 October 2019


The cataract operation on Monday was a success and I have celebrated by making a parchment card.  I couldn't wait and started it yesterday. I was so keen to find out by how much my sight has improved especially for fine detail and for colour.  I used a pattern  by Judith Maslen in November/December's Parchment Magazine.  Judith had designed a gorgeous image of  the head of Father Christmas which involves the use of colouring and embossing.  Some of the colouring involved the face which is always the most difficult to get right.

I shouldn't say so but I am thrilled with the result and am so glad that I have had the cataracts removed.  I cannot fault the wonderful service, care and attention I received from my local hospital - Frimley Park.

Here is Father Christmas.

Thank you for the gorgeous pattern Judith. It was a joy to do.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #20 - Anything Goes

I love raspberries.  The colour and the fruit.  Quite a short and bold statement with which to start my posting but it simply explains my card:

The card was made by decoupaging a delicious looking raspberry cupcake from a pad by  Hunkydory  - The Square Little Book of Delicious Deserts.  This was a  Members Gift from 'Create and Craft' back in August.  
I then,  of course,  had to find something to add to the card from an acceptable source.  I found a pretty and toning backing paper from MCS  (My Craft Studio).  The pale pink matt (second largest) comes from 'The Collection Edition' -   Ladies NSR background No: 28.  The enamelled cupcake charm has been in my box of trinkets for some time.  I have actually recoloured the cherry on the top which was yellow.

The cake looks delicious and the colours are vibrant so I hope the recipient (whoever it may be) will enjoy receiving the card.  My go-to box is filling nicely.

Now I am off to the Eye Department tomorrow to have the second cataract done (TG). Everything went very well last time and I have no worries about this one so I will see you when I can see on here.

 P.S.   This picture is for Seafield Jo.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Judith Maslen Workshop - 28th September 2019

We completed two new patterns - as usual - today and I enjoyed the making of them both equally.  They are very different in style.

They are both finished and ready to be mounted on cards. I haven't decided what colour card to use yet so that is partly why I haven't finished them completely.

The first card is called 'Ribbons'  Pat no. jm132.
Judith explained the background to her design and it is based on a Japanese 'Noshi'.
Originally this was a bunch of reed, tied in the middle and represented 'humility'.  Now 'Noshi' is a bunch of ribbons, usually given for good luck, or to decorate a gift.

Here is 'Noshi'.

The second card is called 'Bells across the Snow' and is Pat no. jm131.  Again I haven't finished the presentation.

 I need to be able to see a bit better before I can mount them on matts that are straight so I will show them off again when that has been done.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Groovi Plates

I have just finished off a couple of Groovi plate cards that I started a few days ago. 
For the colouring on these, I used Prismacolour pencils. I normally use my Faber Castell Polychromos pencils on parchment but I thought I would give the Prismacolour a trial.  They were very comfortable to use.  Much softer and spread more easily without having to use any medium which can be very fiddly in smaller areas.
Here they are:

I am an avid audio book listener and I will admit to having recently purchased all the Harry Potter book tapes read by  Stephen Fry and I am slowly listening to them all whilst working. I loved the films and these audio books are wonderful.  I do so much work whilst in my imagination being transported to a magical world.

p.s. The book tapes are sold by the Book People at a reasonable price.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Tatty Ted to the resue

Whilst I am still not able to do any detailed parchment and I must keep busy - I have been looking up old friends like the Docraft Designer programme (hence Tatty Ted and others) and my folder of stitch card patterns.  I also - whilst scrabbling  about in a cupboard -  found my Pinflair Punch set.
Here are the results.
On the last card the corner flowers and some of the 3D flowers were made using the Pinflair Punch. Great little gadget.
I can't show you the stitch card I have  made just yet  as it is for a future CD Sunday Plus challenge but I know you will love it when you see it.
I have just purchased some new Christmas patterns from Stitchcards so am off to have a play.
See you soon.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

ATC Swop UK - Facebook

Our theme for September is 'Unicorns'.

I sent in 5 - one with beads and 4 in parchment.

Here is how they have been presented by our team leader Sue.

I look forward to seeing the 5 that I will receive in exchange. We have some very talented ladies in the group.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #19 - hosted by me.

We are still having 'Anything Goes' as our theme for the time being and I have made another go-to box Birthday card.  For this one, I used a Joanna Sheen CD - by  'Janet Kruskamp'.  There are some lovely images on the CD.  Some are a little too fussy for my taste but others are just beautiful.  I have chosen one I call 'Quintessentially English'. I think you can see why when I show it to you.

I have used Kraft card for the card itself and a mottled backing card (green) for the 1st matt. I cannot remember where the mottled card comes from but I think it is about 300gsm and there are many many sheets in many many colours.   I used a Happy Birthday swag die for the sentiment.  I have had this die for some time but I think this is the first time I have used it.   I managed to find card for the swag and the second matt which matched the tablecloth in colour. The little flowers in the two corners were die cut from one of my Marianne Craftable sets  - this one is Sakura blossoms.  I last used it on the basket of the Parchment Butterfly Balloon that I made a few weeks ago.
There is one layer of decoupage which was quite difficult to cut out. That is why I stuck to one layer.

May I say a personal big thank you to all those who entered Challenge #18.  I have enjoyed visiting all the Blogs and I hope that we continue to welcome many to CD Sunday Plus.

Any comments you care to leave will be avidly read and appreciated.

Monday, 9 September 2019

A birthday card for a special lady.

I used Tatty Ted from my Docrafts Digital Designer programme.  There are some super decoupage and pyramage designs on the CDs and in fact, I have printed out several to work on over the next few weeks whilst I stock up my go-to box.

I liked this one as it was cute, but not too fussy, especially as I do not know the special persons taste very well yet.  Here it is.

Just three simple layers of decoupage and two matts. I added a little Wink of Stella to the flower centre and some special gems to the die-cut flowers in the corner.

p.s  I have had some good news.  My second cataract op is now on September 30th. I don't have to wait as long as I thought I was going to have to. I was told it could be three months. So pleased.


Sunday, 1 September 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #18 - 'Anything Goes' - hosted by Jocelyn

Using something somewhere from a craft CD, USB or a Digital image, in the making of your project, is the new criteria for entering into the CD Sunday Plus challenges.

Having got that off my chest - Good Morning.

My team card this time is all from a CD (well I have got a few!!).
I have used House Mouse Decoupage.

They are so cute - aren't they?  The mirror - which looks suspiciously like a Dental mirror reminds me of my workdays.  In my early career, I was a Dental Nurse.  Happy days.
I have popped this card into my go-to box for later.

Please don't forget that you can now use USBs and Digital images as well as CDs when making your entries. 

If you care to comment here I would be pleased to come visit.
I look forward to seeing you.

Friday, 30 August 2019

More fun with my new CDs

This first one is for my sister who used to have two beautiful dogs.  Not both at the same time.  The first one was a Soft Wheaten Terrier and the second one was an Airedale Terrier. Both fabulous dogs.

I found both these breeds on 'In the Doghouse' by Mark Bardsley from The Card Hut.  I had such fun again making up the card using the graphics on the CD.  The speech bubble was on the other CD I used - 'The Great Outdoors'. I just imported the card I had made using  'In the Doghouse'  into 'The Great Outdoors' as a background and added the speech bubble.  All so easy.

Here is the card - which I have decoupaged.

I have called it  'Naughty Sam'.  The Wheaten Terrier is keeping quiet by the back door holding onto the sock or scarf.
The second card was made using 'The Great Outdoors'.  It is a Birthday card for the 'box' and was just as enjoyable to make.

This one isn't decoupaged.  I think you have to think up a little story when making these and I thought that he shouldn't have taken his Volkswagen into the woods so the deer are making it difficult for him.
Hope you find these fun.

p.s. I found some more CDs on eBay - one of which had sold out on the Card Hut site so I am now waiting for them to arrive.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Lots of fun with a new CD

I have been buying some new CDS and have just had so much fun with one that arrived in the post this morning.
It is from 'The Card Hut' and called  The Great Outdoors.

There is so much on the disc and the graphics programme is great and easy to use.  This is what I have made.

I really have had so much fun with everything on the disc that I used, and there is so much more.  I have saved what I have done  as a topper (with and without the speech bubble)  and will probably use it for a male birthday.  I have printed it out on the great matt photo paper that I always use and the colours are perfect.

Can you tell I like my purchase?


Sunday, 18 August 2019

CD Sunday Plus - Challenge #17 - 'Summer Holidays' - prize challenge.

As you will see from the title CD Sunday has now become CD Sunday Plus.  As a team, we have decided to move with the times and include the use of USBs and Digital images as well as CDs for image sourcing for entering our challenges. The full announcement and details are to be found here.

Challenge #17 is our 2nd prize Challenge of the year.  The theme is 'Summer Holidays'.  The team will be awarding a prize or prizes and the winners will be chosen by the whole team.   We look forward to receiving your entries and do not forget that you can now use USBs and Digital images as well as those CDs.

Here is my card for this challenge.  I have made this card before but enjoyed making it again for this challenge.  Here it is:

The image comes from -  Best of La Pashe 2012 CD.  The die-cut starfish come from Marianne Craftables Silver Selection.   I love these little die sets.   I now have a collection of 26 of them.

Now I did say that I had used this image before and in fact, I have discovered that I have already used it twice.   The first time for a CD Sunday Challenge -  'On the beach',  and the second time - the one that I had remembered - as a wedding card.   Here it is:

 If you are interested in why and how I made this one click here.

As a team, we are excited about our changes and we hope you will help us celebrate by joining in this challenge - and we hope - many more.