Saturday, 30 January 2016

A visit to the Movies

Here is a birthday card I made for the husband of a dear friend of mine.  It is from the La Pashe CD - 'The Wrinklies at the Movies'.  Although the images on this CD are all great fun you have to be a little careful to whom you send them.  Fortunately I got a nice phone call of thanks so my recipient was not offended.
Here is my card.

Of course I don't need to say which movie!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

When it is just the perfect card.............

It is my eldest son's birthday on Thursday and some time ago I saw the perfect card - in a shop!!  Yes - a shop - I can hear the indrawn  breaths from here.
Before you get down to the card I must explain why it was so perfect. Philly (to his friends) and his brother run their own Property Development/ Maintenance  company which involves almost everything to do with buildings.  They also both own BMW's - one silver - one black.

OK - here is the card

Rainbow Cards - Ian Mackintosh - Copyright Ling Designs Ltd

The sentiment was added using a scan and graphics programme and the two fellas have been decoupaged.
Hope is raises a smile or two.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

CD Sunday - 'Seasons' - chosen by Jocelyn

I would love the season to be Summer - right now.  I am fed up with the rain - yet more whilst I am typing this.  I also have a stonker of a cough and every breath hurts my ribs but I do remember enjoying the making of my card for this challenge.  I plan to give it to my Grandaughter Ellie in due course and I hope she will like it  - and the egg to go with it.
So yes - an Easter Card for the Season of 'Spring'.  Easter is always in Spring so I am OK with my choice of card and season.

Here it is:
The background - multiple eggs - printed directly to card - was from Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady CD.  The stitch pattern was from here and the decoupaged blossom was from La Pashe.

I think Jocelyn's choice of theme is a great one as it opens up the whole year and many occasions.  So I look forward to visiting many Blogs - old friends and I hope new ones.

Please don't forget to visit CD Sunday and all the team's contributions. Just click on their names.

So as I retire to the sofa may I wish you Happy Seasons.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Garnets and snowdrop for a January Birthday

Here is a parchment birthday card I made for my sister whose birthday is tomorrow.  I found the pattern in the Parchment Magazine from January 2014.  The pattern is by Helen Osborne and I altered and adapted it for my own purposes.
Here it is

The 'gems' look very dark in the photo but in fact they are an almost  perfect garnet colour.  The sentiment is traced from a Groovi Plate and the rest is made up of parts of Helen's pattern.
I have spoken to her to wish her a Happy Birthday as she is out tomorrow.  The card has arrived safely waiting to be opened.  Hope she likes it.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

CD Sunday - 'Wild Flowers' - chosen by Wynn

Good Morning to one and all.  I hope that the rain has stopped where ever you are. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by the dreadful floods.  I can't begin to imagine how it must be. Perhaps I can but it seems such a trite thing to say.

Thank you very much to those who entered the 'Ring in the New Year' challenge. In due course I will be choosing and posting my Top 3.

Now Wynn has chosen Wild Flowers as her theme. Designed to add some beauty and colour to our pages I am sure and our team have come up with some lovely cards. Please don't forget to visit my fellow team members here - especially our guest designers Jane and Shaz
For my card I have used  -   'from the heart of the garden'  by Jane Shasky  -  a Joanna Sheen CD

The only thing not from that CD is the sentiment.  This is from a strip of little tear off tags mounted on some matching blue card.
Hopefully we may see some of these Wild Flowers a little earlier this year as it has been so mild  - as long as the promised cold snap isn't too cold.
Please come and join  in Wynn's  Challenge.  I know you will all feel better if you create some floral masterpieces.  Think of all those Birthday's, Thank You's and Anniversaries that you are going to need this year.