Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sarah Kaye - from Mettemusen site

I printed out and painted this little one some time ago but I think I must have over embossed the border I used as it all seemed to buckle. I didn't want to waste all that work so I 'took out' the image using a fine stamp edge tool and using Perga Glue just on the very edges have fixed her to a new border frame. If you add the smallest amount of Perga Glue you will find that it doesn't show through the parchment.
The border I have used is one by Florence Holmes - one of her 'need to think about' ones. I had already fastened the frame to the base card with Perga Glue again so this time the beads are sewn on just for decoration.
For the base card I used a backing paper from a Carol Ann's Studio CD printed directly to a matt linen A4 card.

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