Thursday, 30 June 2011

A commission - a repeat of Miniature Handbag No: 11

A friend of mine has made a Ruby Wedding card  at one of my monthly classes for her daughter and SIL.
The backing paper used - printed direct to the card - is from a Carol Ann's Studio CD and the heart design came from Stitching Cards
My friend wants to give them a voucher as a present and we discussed the best way to present this and it was decided that I would make her one of the basket versions of the handbag in which to put the voucher.  So we chose my No: 11 and I used the same backing paper as the card but printed direct to parchment with a darker plain piece in the same colour range for the lining.  She chose two of my glass heart beads (from Anita's beads)  for the toggle which I made myself.

  and here is the toggle- there is a story with this about me sticking my fingers together with super glue - but I am OK now.

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  1. Hi Carol,

    Beautiful card, I love stitching cards and this is a gorgeous design.
    Your parchment bag is also gorgeous lovely colour and design