Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Smaller Miniature handbag

I have ordered Amanda Yeh's second book of handbag patterns from Taiwan and whilst waiting for it to arrive I have been downloading some more of her free patterns on her site.  This little semi circular handbag was amongst them and I made it very quickly.  Amanda says it is designed for beginners and that is so.  But it is even smaller than the others I made.  It was hard to get it to stay on my little card easel so that I could photo it.  This would be an ideal one to have a go at if you wanted to try  a 3d object in parchment.  Amanda suggests rainbow parchment for the outer bag but I used parchment printed from one of my Carol Ann's Studio CD's.   I hardly ever use anything else for printing on parchment.
You'll find the pattern on her site - in my sidebar.  Once there if you want to download you need to register with your email address but that has never been a problem.

Just had a thought.  These are just about big enough to take one sweetie or a sugared almond - great for wedding place settings.


  1. Oh my gosh hun, how teeny is that?! Wow, it's amazing - you have my total, complete and absolute admiration. Gorgeous. Hugs Sxx

  2. Beautiful once again Carol, not been on Amanda's site recently so off to see what's new.
    Have a fab weekend at the show and with Deb's.
    Christine xx