Monday, 11 July 2011

Miniature Handbag No:15

This is from Amanda's second book' Exquisite Bags' - and is called Collection Bag.  Amanda has done hers in Pergamano Orange parchment which has a coloured side and a plain side so that you get different embossing effects depending on which side you use.  In her pattern you have to reverse the top half of the pattern so that the turn overs are deep orange compared with the rest of the bag.  I haven't got any such parchment so I use a very pale spotted sheet printed from one of my CD's. Nowhere near such a dramatic effect but I like how it looks.
I sat and made this yesterday after Debs had left to go home.  It seemed so quiet without having her to chat to so I resorted to a Poirot DVD to keep me company.

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