Wednesday, 10 August 2011

In my Summer Garden

A nice simple design by Christine Coleman in the September issue of the Parchment Magazine.  My copy arrived this morning and I just wanted something gentle to do.    Coloured on the back with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils using dry pencil technique.  (Fancy way of saying - just colouring in).
The black ink work should be finer than this.  I cheated and used a Staedtler Fineliner instead of mapping pen and ink.  I wasn't in the mood for a pen.  Am I bovverred?


  1. Beautiful Carol, gently coloured, you have the knack of using pencils.
    Nice to know you 'cheat' sometimes.
    Christine xx

  2. Hello Carol, I have just found your site and am browsing. This is really pretty. I confess I 'cheat' too as I simply love Staedtler fineliners. I also encourage my students to try them as they can often be put off by the pen and ink technique.

    All the best