Monday, 15 August 2011

May I introduce you to 'Cordelia'

'Cordelia' is one of 4 Elegance patterns designed by Judith Maslen sold through the CC Collection. There are three more lovely ladies yet to do but this is my favourite and I had to make her first.

I love doing any of Judith's patterns  but I am really  pleased how this one has worked out.
I haven't decide on a mount or backing paper yet.  It needs a little thinking about.
I hope you like this lovely image as much as I do.  Thank you Judith for yet another gorgeous pattern.


  1. Cordelia is stunning Carol, I can see why she is a favourite. Your colouring is perfect, such a lovely delicate blue. Look forward to seeing the other 3 patterns.
    Christine xx

  2. Hi Carol,

    Beautiful design and lovely lady, the colour is gorgeous and really makes Cordelia look gorgeous, Looking forward to seeing the others.

  3. Wow hunny, I saw this on the Reader this morning but didn't have time to pop over before work demanded my attention, this is soooo gorgeous. I adore how you have created the sweep and fall of her dress. It is totally beautiful. Thank you for your kind comment on my "creases" post, are you implying I talk too much? Lol, I never was one for getting to the point too soon!! Hugs Sxx