Thursday, 22 September 2011

Two posts for the price of one.

First is a peek at the wedding card I have made for my nephew and his bride.  I am attending the wedding on Saturday in London.  I don't think they have my Blog address and anyway I think they will be too busy to browse.

I wanted it to be simple and uncomplicated so I chose a pattern that wasn't designed as a wedding card.  The photograph doesn't show it but the ribbon does tone with the background.

The second posting is the project for our parchment lesson last night.  I was so tired still from Sandown that I made a pig's ear of my work last night so I decided to sit quietly today and do it again.  I took time over it and I don't mind showing this one.
It is an old pattern and is for a Scented door hanger.  Two double layers of parchment with dried Lavender in the middle.


  1. A beautiful card Carol, hope the weather stays nice for the wedding this weekend. I love the door hanger as well.

    Sue x

  2. Both pieces are beautiful, I hope the weather behaves itself for the wedding