Sunday, 16 December 2012

CD Sunday - Teddy Bears

 A great selection of 'Frosty' cards last week - thank you.  My own 'Frosty Snowman' is now wending it's way North.  A good friend admired it on here so it is on it's way to you Joyce.

Wendy P  (Purple Wendy) has chosen this weeks theme of Teddy Bears.  I don't think we ever lose our love of  our Teddies.  I  have one on my bed which was a gift from friends.  They had asked me what I would like them to bring me back from the States and I said Harrison Ford.  I was disappointed on seeing them come through customs without the said gentleman but they did bring me a gorgeous teddy  instead.  Guess what he is called.

For my card I used Joanna Sheen's  - Jayne Netley Mayhew CD 1

For the sentiment I used die cuts but I can't remember the make.
During the recovery from my broken arm I have had to abandon the use of my Grand Calibur.  It just hurts too much trying to exert the pressure needed to hold the machine down on the work surface. I have found the 'sucker' almost useless.  I have though invested in a Big Shot and have been really impressed with how solid and steady it is and can do most work almost one handed or with a much lighter touch.  I have lent out the GC on a semi permanent loan until I decide if I will ever be able to use it again.  I don't do enough A4 work at the moment  to worry about the smaller capacity of the Big Shot.

I look forward to seeing all those teddies and perhaps reading about the ones you still have or own up to having.


  1. Fab card Carol, I do love this image, I used this for my first ever CD card a few years ago, x

  2. Gorgeous card Carol, love the image and the layout. I too, have a Big Shot and I agree it is easy to use. Got mine when my GC broke for a second time. Sending you a hug and hope you are feeling a little better.
    Christine xx

  3. Hi Carol

    Gorgeous card, I love your teddy, I have a bear on the bed that sits on Vernon's side of the bed, but I have never had a real teddy bear,I have a rabbit on my side of the bed, perhaps one day I will ha e a proper teddy bear.

  4. Beautiful Teddy card Carol, a real teddy bear one just like mum would have to have and she has quite a few as does my sister.
    Sue-b xx

  5. What a gorgeous Teddy image Carol.
    Ooh. Harrison Ford. I would!!
    Hope you are feeling a little more upbeat about things.(Just keep thinking about Harrison)
    Beryl xx

  6. I like that you've let the teddy take centre stage and that paw pattterned paper us very cute.