Thursday, 26 September 2013

Noah's Ark

When I can't craft and I am so bored with TV (I still can't drive yet) I have been doing some jigsaws.  I used to love doing them with the family but like so many things you get out of the habit of doing them.
Well I wanted to show you this one which was a joy to do and I got so involved I was still up at 2 am just putting the last bits of sky in.

This is called Noah's Ark by Colin Thompson.  1000 pieces.  It was difficult to photograph well because of the size .
Does anyone else still do jigsaws?



  1. Like you it was years ago since I did a jigsaw, I do have an app on my iPad with jigsaws to do but they are very small.
    Lovely picture and must have been nice to do

  2. Oh WOW that looks a great one Carol! I love doing jigsaws and like you don't want to stop once I start one LOL!

  3. Hi Carol never much worth watching on TV and yes I love doing puzzles too, our last CD's artwork are all jigsaws and there are loads of adult lovely puzzles on their site aswell