Friday, 18 October 2013

Patterned Reindeer

I have created this Christmas card by using elements from different designs by two people.

The first is my tutor Marilyn who gave us a card of her design to make at our last lesson.  I missed the lesson but was kindly given the pattern at the workshop.  I loved the reindeer so I used him - filling in the sections using a diagonal grid and other multi grids.  The border is from a book - 'Parchment Craft Borders for Beginners' by Judith Maslen.  The sentiment was traced from one of Judith's Christmas Patterns. The snowflakes were made using a punch and embossing set that I bought last week at The Art of Craft and the gems are from one of Anita's Gem Wheels.

I enjoyed making it and I hope my tutor likes my use of her image.


  1. That's a beautiful card, I love the raindeer, he is so majestic, well done

  2. I agree with Margaret - a very majestic reindeer. I love your take on zentangle too Carol. Who'd have thought parchment craft could be so on trend LOL!

  3. Another stunning parchment card Carol, I love the patterns you've filled the deer with too.

    Sue x

  4. A stunning card Carol, your reindeer is gorgeous.
    Christine xx

  5. Another beauty Carol.
    Jocelyn x