Saturday, 19 October 2013

Red Dragon

There is a little story behind this card but I will be brief.  I have a lovely friend - Pamela - who happens to be Welsh and when I saw this parchment pattern of a dragon by Judith Maslen I wanted to make it just for her.  Now Judith had coloured the dragon green as she had designed it for her series of Pub titles - 'The Green Dragon'.  But the true Welsh dragon is red  - so red it had to be.

The rest of the story concerns CD Sunday.  Pamela has very kindly sent me a parcel of goodies for CD Sunday to add to the prizes that we award.  As I had just finished the dragon for Pamela we decided to send it to her from us all at CD Sunday as a thank you for her generosity.

So thank you again Pamela from CD Sunday ........and me.



  1. How lucky Pamela is to be receiving such a beautiful card. The dragon looks stunning in red. And also how genorous of Pamela to donate some prizes for the CD Sunday Challenge.

    Sue x

  2. And the Y Ddraig Goch is standing up next to my PC monitor. What a stunning boy he is too! Thank you Carol and it was my pleasure to provide the goodies for someone else to make use of.

  3. Beautiful parchment, he is a gorgeous dragon and I like him in red better than green.

  4. Your parchment work is amazing Carol.
    Jocelyn x