Thursday, 27 February 2014

It's that bow again

This time using a piece of the 'ribbon' from the die set.   The die cuts 'ribbon' at just over 6" long so it is big enough for  most cards.  If you want to make it appear longer you could cut 2 and the bow would hide the join.

Here is my bow and ribbon.

I matched the paper for the die cut bow to the bow on the basket in the image.


Monday, 24 February 2014

My 'owl' friend

I have said before that I love the Woodware singles range of clear magic stamps and here is a new one (to me) used to create a card in parchment.

I stamped the owl on to card and then traced the image on to parchment and embossed etc as the mood took  me.  This time I also used a set of dies that I have had for some time.  I can't remember whose they are.  The smaller die was used to cut the red  mat for the owl.  I also drew round the outside of this one and the next one up on parchment and then embossed the outlines and the dots in between.  The next size up was used for the second red mat.

The owls eyes were coloured with dark brown and black pencils and I cut out second eyelids to give a little 3D effect.

I hope you like my 'owl' friend.


Sunday, 23 February 2014

CD Sunday - 'Quotations'

Good morning on what I hope will be a beautiful day.  It was a glorious day  yesterday when I typed all this.

I am afraid that I chose this weeks theme of 'Quotations'.  I am hoping to see lots of interesting and varied ones.  Unusual ones perhaps that can be stored away for future use.

My card was made using MCS Watercolour World 1.  I fell in love with the backing paper which is funnily enough in the images section.  I then found the butterflies to tie up with the quotation which  I printed in white as I think it looked better than in black or another colour.  I printed it all out on photo paper and then used blue mirror card and matt pink matting on a white card.

MCS Watercolour World 1
I did print out some more butterflies to decoupage but they didn't look right so I will add them to the insert when I make that.  I always leave the insert until I know what I am going to do with the card.

I look forward to reading and cribbing lots of quotations and I will have some of my parchment flowers for No:1 in my Top 3.  Hope you don't mind.

Have fun and take care.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Wisley Butterflies

I spent a wonderful morning surrounded by some incredible butterflies in the Glasshouse at Wisley.  Although this is an annual event it was my first time and it certainly won't be my last.
The humidity was necessarily very high and first it fogged my glasses so the world disappeared and then the camera seemed a bit blurred.  Here are few decent ones that I managed to take despite difficulties of vying with the....... 'professionals'!

Scarlet Swallowtail

Tree Nymph

Tiger Longwing
Asian Swallowtail
and there were a lot of these ones but I couldn't get a picture of the wings open.
Owl butterfly (landed on someones coat)

and here just to show Spring is on it's way
A single Camelia bloom.
Hope these all helped to cheer spirits.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Stitched ATC's

Here are a couple of new ATC's for my stash.  I have been playing about with stitch patterns this time.

Two Owls

The Hat

I have the patterns for two more hats for when I get a moment or two.

Off to play with some gilding wax.  A new aquisition.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

An Easter bow with a Sue Wilson die

Can one fall in love with a die?  I think I have.  This wonderful set arrived yesterday and I have been having a play with it this morning and it is just the best.

I grabbed a piece of light card and made this:

I then searched about trying to find something to put it on.  I even looked in my box of already made cards but couldn't find something suitable. Not an easy colour to have chosen.   I did find though a La Pashe decoupage topper ready to be finished off.  I printed off another topper giving it a large border in the right colour using my ACDSee  graphics programme to give me the paper to use for the die.
Here is the result:

There is also a die cut strip of ribbon but I couldn't find a spot for that.    I used 160gsm Ultimate Graphic card (stiff paper)  from Polkadoodles.  I use that for all my toppers and decoupage.  A beautiful finish.

So expect lots of bows to go with my flowers and my favourite La Pashe CD's.

The dies were bought from Joanna Sheen.

You are going to have to get a set.

Monday, 17 February 2014

CD Sunday - All about Spring

Good morning on this lovely day without rain (at the moment).

Team 'A' at CD Sunday are 'All about Spring' this week and I thought I would join in with some sparkly Spring flowers.

I have made these from parchment which has been printed directly from some of my CD's and a sheet of Special Vellum Glitter Embossed by Papermania.  The CD's that have been used come from Carol Ann's Studio and Debbees CD's.  I can't remember exactly which Carol Ann's Studio I used but the Debbees CD is the 'Paper Flower Boutique'.
Each flower has 4 parts plus a gorgeous sparkly embellishment as a centre.  I will have these to use on my cards when appropriate and I can also give some as a prize when it is my next theme choice.

Spring is coming.  We just need to keep telling ourselves that it is inevitable.  Maybe wet but it will come.

CD Sunday

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Another card for a Spring Birthday

This time a parchment one.  I started this after lunch and have just finished. It is another of Judith's lovely clean designs and so enjoyable to do  Mostly whitework and a little colouring - the best of both worlds.
I hope you like it.  I enjoyed the making and was off in a world of my own.  I listen to  audio tapes (stories) whilst I am working and sometimes almost forget where I am.


Cards for Spring Birthdays

I think we are all hoping that Spring isn't too far away.  To try and cheer myself up yesterday when it was pouring with rain I decided to do some decoupage for a couple of birthdays that are happening in the next few weeks.

Here is Card 1 - from La Pashe.  I used some silicon glue for the first time for months and months as I had printed out the images on 160gsm paper and wanted something to hold the weight of the shaping.

Here is Card 2 - again from La Pashe - this time with the addition of some die cut leaf sprigs.

I hope all are safe and dry.

Monday, 10 February 2014

May I introduce you to 'Estelle'

'Estelle'  is one of 4 Elegance patterns designed by Judith Maslen sold through the CC Collection.
This is the third of the 4 lovely ladies that I have done.

I did a little of my own take on the pattern by adding the die cut flowers and leaves and not including some drawn and coloured roses in the border.  Also the curved line at the edge is done in gold on the pattern and I am not as good as Judith when it comes to gold pens..

These 4 patterns are wonderful to do .  Here are the first two that I completed a while ago:
Octavia is the last in the group and I will tackle her pattern when I can find a quiet moment or two.

Postscript.  The Elegance patterns are now sold by Judith and available on her site.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

CD Sunday - Love Always

Good Morning - she says optimistically.  As I write this the rain is lashing and the wind howling - but then what is new about that.  It will stop eventually and in the meantime my heart goes out to those who are really suffering from floods, the cold and wet and lack of power and I really hope the situation improves for them as soon as possible .

Now Caz  - fellow Team B member - has chosen this theme.   I imagine because Valentines Day is looming. I have very mixed feelings about all this but instead of boring you all to pieces with those feelings  I will show you my card.

This one is as simple as it looks - all from Docraft - Tulip and Friends.  There is nothing more to talk about really except that is about 6 x 6 and printed on my favourite linen look 280gsm white card and looks crisp and fresh in the the flesh.

I don't feel that I have been very inspiring this week but I know that you all will be and I look forward to visiting your blogs and seeing what I could have done.  I know that Caz will have a difficult choice for her Top 3.


Monday, 3 February 2014

For the man in your life

I think it might be a rather sporty Riley but I am not sure.  I don't know enough about cars.  This is a Judith Maslen pattern.  I just love the way Judith has drawn this and  I wish I could draw half as well.
It has been coloured using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils on the back and then blended with Zest-It.  The number plate has been left blank so that the initials of the card recipient can be added in due course.

I found this in my folder of projects started but not completed and decided that I must finish it.  For some reason - that I have totally forgotten - I had reduced the size of the pattern.  The original is about 6 x 6.