Monday, 20 October 2014

Some more Black and Red Christmas cards with La Pashe

Here are some of the square ones I mentioned earlier.  I have a little tip to go with the last one.

Sometimes the curve shape of a die goes only one way and if you want to reverse it the effect isn't very good as it is obvious that it is the reverse of the die that is showing.  This was the case with the fir branch die I used in the card above.  I wanted the bottom two to curve the other way.  I used a large embossing tool and an embossing mat and and carefully smoothed the cut edges flat on the reverse.  I did it again from the front and in the end I think you would be hard put to see which side is which.

You may have already thought of this - but I only just did.

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  1. Love these black and red cards Carol, so striking. The La Pashe images are fabulous, their artwork is wonderful (in my opinion!!). Regarding the die cuts, I believe that if you cut the die, take it out of the die and run it back through the machine with the embossing plates, it flattens them too. Not tried it though! Michelle x