Sunday, 21 December 2014

Alice in Wonderland ATC's

Whilst winding down from Christmas card making I have been adding to my stock of ATC's.  I have quite a few to send out after the holidays for two of the ATC groups to which I belong so they will be used up quite quickly.
I made some earlier using the MCS Alice in Wonderland images so I have found more images that I haven't used plus a repeat of a couple.

I have made one of the evil Queen of Hearts.  I didn't like the image but it was pointed out to me that she belonged in the set.
Here  are some more:

I would like to wish all a very Happy Christmas.



  1. Wonderful ATCs Carol, I especially love the Alice in wonderlad ones.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year.
    Sue xx

  2. What a wonderful set of ATC's, wonderful designs
    I wish you a happy Christmas and happy new year