Monday, 26 September 2011

Mixed Bag

There are two main manufacturers of parchment tools - as most people know - Pergamano and Parchment Craft Australia (PCA).  My tutor is PCA trained so I started with their brand of tools - but - I do have a few Pergamano tools that have no counterparts in the PCA range.  Pergamano have published a pattern booklet called Tool Special covering the use of 10 of their special tools.  I bought this at The Art of Craft last week and have been 'having a play' with one of the patterns - by Wilma Bloemers.    I haven't got all of these 10 tools but using  a couple I have - 'moon' and 'drop' -  I have made the following
I used one of my own ready made parchment flowers instead of the one in the pattern and I added a butterfly made using Pergamano Multi Grid 17.  The backing paper comes from Carol Ann's Studio Patchwork Petals CD.
I was so tired yesterday after the wedding on Saturday that I just needed to chill out and 'play'.  A lovely wedding and good weather - it was just the travelling that was a nightmare.  How anyone copes working in London I do not know.  Only for youngsters I feel.


  1. Hi Carol,

    Lovely card, I love the design looks so delicate,
    I am glad your wedding went off ok,k travelling in London, well as a Londoner who commuted into the City of London many moons ago, it takes 6 months to get used to travelling into London, its something today I would not want to do again. I keep trying to get my husband to come with me for a long weekend so I can show him where I lived/worked unfortunately the country bunkin wont go. I wonder why!!!!
    Have a nice restful day getting over the wedding