Sunday, 29 January 2012

CD Sunday - Tag you're it

I don't often make or use tags so this one took some thought and I decided that the Cuttlebug had to come out of the cupboard. I only have one die for a tag so there wasn't much choice. Once I got started though I was on a roll. I couldn't get past the thought of Butterflies on the tag and found some new to me beauties on Robert Addams 'Printable Butterflies' CD. I cut out and completed 3 in graduating sizes so then had to make 3 tags as I couldn't leave one unused. I have a girlfriend with a birthday next month and although she doesn't make cards she always finds a special one for me so this will be a special for her.

This will send my fellow teamie Christine into orbit as purple and butterflies are her very favourites and I have put them both on one card. Sorry Christine.


  1. This is gorgeous Carol, it's one of my favorite combos to.

    Sue x

  2. Beautiful card Carol, those butterflies look so real, love the colours. Michelle x

  3. Beautiful card, lovely butterflies.

  4. Hi Carol,

    Beautiful card, lovely butterflies.
    The ribbon my card is made by spiral, if you would like some let me know and I will send you some, there are two widths, a narrow and medium width.


  5. This is beautiful Carol and one of my favourite colours too!

    Jocelyn x