Sunday, 22 January 2012

CD Sunday - Zodiac

I wasn't sure what I was going to make for this challenge. I haven't a lot on CD's that I thought are suitable but then I remembered I have the Zodiac stitchwork patterns. I also have a family birthday due at the end of this month so I stitched away with 'Aquarius' - chose a blue gingham background from Robert Addams 'Printable Ginghams etc' and hey presto. A birthday card for No:1 son.

I decided to set it all at a jaunty angle but when I had finished remembered that water doesn't flow at an angle so...........poetic licence and all that!


  1. This is a beautiful card Carol, No. 1 son will be thrilled I am sure! Michelle x

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  3. Hi Carol,

    Love the card, nice different way of putting the image on the card.

    Sorry its not an earring we now have what might be a tail, we are about half way though.