Monday, 27 May 2013

Stamping with Woodware - again

When I attended the Woodware stamping workshop at The Art of Craft (when I made 3 flower cards) I purchased a Woodware stamp designed by Jane Gill - who was our tutor on that day.
I stamped the image onto card and traced it on parchment using a sepia pen and then did a little pricking and embossing.  Jane told me that she designed it whilst on a barge holiday.  Something she saw must have given her an idea.  It is a beautiful stamp - nice bold clear lines which I love and it will stand on it's own or with colour or with parchment as I have done.
The black mat was a sudden inspiration - I think it works.
Carol x


  1. This is so beautiful Carol, the sepia pen goes very well with the salmon pink of your card too.

    Sue x

  2. Beautiful card, love the stamp and you have done a beautiful job