Friday, 14 November 2014

Easel Birthday cards

for my Granddaughter.  Her birthday is on Sunday and she will be receiving a Laptop as a present from all the family -  for birthday and Christmas.

I found two images I wanted to use for a card - so I made both and one is going to be from me and one from her Uncle.

From me:

This is all from La Pashe apart from the keyboard which I Googled

and this is from Uncle Chris:

Hidden talents - my son.  I had no idea he could stitch like this!!!!  The pattern came from Stitching cards and the card came from La Pashe.  I repeated the outside pattern on the inside but used a graphics programme to blur the meeces and add the sentiment.

Carol xx

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  1. Two gorgeous cards Carol, I do love the top one and how you've used the keyboard as a stop for the card to rest against. Hope your granddaughter has a wonderful day.

    Sue xx