Friday, 10 July 2015

A mystery pattern

Whilst I was tidying up some 'stuff' prior to settling down to continue with Christmas cards I found this parchment topper that had been finished but not mounted. Unfortunately I cannot remember where the pattern comes from or who the designer is.  I suspect Judith Maslen as the border is similar to some of her other designs - but I am just not sure.

An unusual design with some interesting grid patterns.

p.s.  Mystery solved.  I got in touch with Judith and she came up trumps (you'll see the pun in a moment).  Judith had been asked to do a pattern of a Jazz Trumpeter for a workshop and very kindly Judith designed such a card but also gave an alternative to those  of us who didn't want a Trumpeter - hence my rose. The Jazz Trumpeter pattern on her site is JM037(3)7


  1. Beautiful piece of parchment, I like the pattern was it from the parchment magazine

  2. A beautiful find Carol, I love the patchwork of patterns in the background with the main image on top.

    Sue xx