Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sepia toned butterflies

I have now finished the last of the  butterfly cards  I made at Bristol using the Pergamano Grid No:31.  I showed the photograph of the unfinished one on my Bristol post. Here it is again.
Instead of using a contrasting butterfly in the centre as I had done for the others  I made one from Grid No: 17 (which has larger sized butterflies) using the same coloured parchment.
I remember that about 4 years ago I made a butterfly in the same colour tones using  a stamp by Carolines.  I also remember how nice I thought  the black gems/pearls were that  I had used on the butterfly so....
This is what I have done:

The overall colour looks better because this last photo was taken in my garden this morning with the sunshine.  The other was taken on the scanner.  What a difference?
I hope you like it.  I think I am butterflied out for a wee while.
Carol xx


  1. Wow two beautiful cards, your butterfly cards you had on show at Bristol were beautiful, I brought a butterfly grid at the show but not had time to play with it.
    Well done

  2. Oh Carol this is stunning, I love the sepia tones with the black pearls you're so right about them working well together. I almost wish I did parchment when I look at this.

    Sue xx

  3. Oh wow hun, these are AWESOME! Hugs xx