Thursday, 8 June 2017

A special Anniversary

Today is a special Anniversary for my dear friends up in Northumberland.  It is their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. I managed to grab a moment to telephone them this morning and wish them a lovely day and here is the card that I sent them:

This is made of parchment using various Groovi plates, some special brads and lots and lots of tiny crystals.
Joyce always make beautiful inserts for her cards.  I don't I am afraid.  Because I used to sell my cards I got into the habit of just inserting plain sheets so that the purchaser/sender could add what they wanted to say - not what I wanted them to say.  Anyway this time  I made a special effort and found somewhere where you can buy inserts already designed and printed with appropriate messages and verses. Joyce was very impressed but I had to fess up.

I loved making this and I am very happy for them both.


  1. Beautiful card Carol! So pretty and for such a special occasion as well. Bet it took you ages to make, there's a lot of love in it!


    Di xx

  2. Stunning work Carol a beautiful keepsake

  3. Beautiful parchment work, stunning card.

  4. Diamond anniversary is a wonderful celebration.
    Your card is very elegant.

  5. Wow, what a stunning card you made your special friends Carol. Love the soft colours you've chosen too.

    Sue xx
    I love the new photo in the side bar too.

  6. Absolutely beautiful Carol. Knowing Joyce I'm sure she will treasure it.