Wednesday, 15 November 2017

More Christmas 2017 and Parchment

I am afraid I am having to reduce the amount of 'true' parchment work that I can do whilst my hand is so troublesome but I am adapting and managing  with what tools and gadgets I have.
For this card I stamped onto parchment using Stazon ink and a Nellie Snellen stamp called 'Christmas Time'.   I then centred the image onto an oval grid and embossed and pricked out the border.  The grid was designed by Alison Yeates and purchased from her company Kingfisher Crafts.

I then embossed parts of the stamped image to enhance the snow and even coloured the deer.  The sentiment was embossed using a Groovi Plate.

Having got all this ready I then realised what an awkward shape I had made to fit on a card.  I die cut a larger oval from blue card as a backing and fixed with brads.   I fiddled with this for a long time trying to decide how to present it.  In the end I removed the blue oval background and attached it to a larger piece of blue card cut to fix to a white landscape card - with a small white edge showing.
I then played about with some Christmas die cuts for decoration but nothing looked right.  Then I found these two bows with tails which looked perfect to me.  A couple of Christmas roses are the finishing touch.

I think it has a hint of Wedgwood about it and I hope you like it.


  1. It's beautiful Carol and the bows, swirls and roses are the perfect finishing touch.

  2. Definately blue Wedgwood, it's a beautiful card, I love the flowers and swirls