Sunday, 27 November 2011

A true Workshop Wonder

I know I have labelled a few of my efforts at Judith Maslen's workshops as wonders but this one truly is and Judith will testify to this as she definately had a hand in it.
Debs is now on her way home from me so I am getting my posting done before she gets home.
We all had fun - as always - at Judith's workshops and I wouldn't miss them for the world. The first project was a new pattern entitled 'Oriental - Fine Feathers'. A beautiful highly coloured bird with very long tail feathers - perhaps a Parrot? Now we had to use felt tip pens and brush for the colouring and this is certainly my most unfavourite discipline in parchment work. I have never really liked felt tips and even less on parchment. So there might have been a little muttering from me as how I wasn't pleased with what I was doing - to Judith's and Deb's amusement and I said to Judith that this weekend's effort would not be one of my Workshop Wonders. I then proceeded to mark the parchment with a dot of green in the wrong place and to make matters worse ruined it - as I thought - by smudging the wet black eye up above his head. Judith to the rescue. She gave him a cockscomb which I coloured and embossed and low and behold a beautiful bird - a true Workshop Wonder..................and then they all wanted one.

Here he is....

The two dragonfly brads are - 1 to cover the green splodge and the other to balance the first.

The second project was hassle free and I was a happy bunny as it was using my favourite polychromos pencils and spreading medium. Not a felt tip in sight.
Here are ' Christmas Candles'.


  1. Phew, Carol! What a relief you managed to rescue your lovely bird - it is beautiful.
    Love the candles too, another gorgeous card

  2. Two beautiful pieces of work Carol. You've had a gorgeous weekend for your workshop as well as enjoying yourself there. Love the candles but that bird is stunning.

    Sue x

  3. I will say again.. I am so not sitting next to you at workshops any more.. your work is beautiful.... I am all proud of mine, then I look to see what you are doing! LOL Your bird is magnificent... you couldn't have smudged it in a better direction if you had tried!
    Many thanks for a fabulous weekend.. see you soon.. and hugs!

  4. First off, thank you for following me, I am new to blogging and hope I can eventually have a less boring blog than I have! Your parchment is breathtaking, I so admire your talent. Michelle x

  5. This are two beautul pieces of Art Work. Your b ird is lovely and beautiful. Also your other worj on your side.
    Lovely greet Marja


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