Sunday, 24 June 2012

CD Sunday - Jenny's Sketch

As this is a timed post I am not sure how Jenny is going to title this challenge.  Sketch was her choice for this week and this is how we have referred to it on our Admin Blog so I will have a 50/50 chance of getting it right or wrong.

I haven't done many 'sketch' type cards.  In fact my very first one was an early entry into CD Sunday challenges before I was kindly invited to join them.
Anyway here is my 'take' on 'Jenny's Sketch'

I used 'A little bit of folk' from MCS 3rd Anniversary bundle.  I did actually buy some lace ribbon especially for this card as I haven't a die or punch that would achieve the zig zag edge.  I am pleased with the result and it will be an addition to my 'here's one I made earlier' box.

The reason for the timed posting this week is a very early start to tomorrow for myself and Debs (who at this moment is winging her way to my house)  and another friend - for our drive to Bristol.  We are leaving at 6.30am.  I am looking forward to the day.  It is a wonderful chance to meet and greet so many talented 'parchers' from all over the place.

I'll catch up with everything when I get back - a tired but happy bunny.


no tired and happy bunny i am afraid.  we were loading the car last night ready for this morning when i tripped over the threshold went smashing down onto a wood floor and broke my left arm.  finally got home from casualty about 0.15am  can't describe the pain.
sorry can't do caps.  can't lift to hit the key.


  1. Oh Carol,

    I hope your arm does not give you too much pain, I am sorry I won't be seeing you today and I hope you have a good day in Bristol, It's been raining hard all night so I hope your journey was ok.

    Lovely card and another great challenge to get our heads around, you and the team always come up with something different I have no idea how you think up so many ideas.

    Take care

  2. Ouchie Carol! So have you had to call off the parchment thingy? Love and ever so gentle hugs.

  3. Hi Carol, just read about your mishap on our forum. I am so sorry and hope you are not in to much pain.
    Another gorgeous card and from a CD I don't know about.
    Hope you catch up on some sleep, I will call you this afternoon.
    Love & gentle hugs
    Christine xxx

  4. OMG Carol. I haven't been on the admin blog today - yet. I am so sorry to hear about your accident. As well as the pain I know how frustrating it is when you are unable to function properly thanks to a plaster attachment. And to cap it all you've missed out on a trip you were so looking forward to.
    Your card is lovely and a great interpretation of the sketch.
    Beryl xx

  5. Oh Carol, I'm so sorry about your arm, I've never broken anything so can only imagine howmuch pain you're in.
    What a shame you had to miss out on your trip too, hope it doesn't take too long to heal.
    Love your card and for someone who doesn't do sketches you've done a pretty good job.
    Gentle hugs xxx

  6. Thank you all for your good wishes and cyber hugs. I am so cross with myself for being so stupid and Oh Boy! does it hurt. The emergency response medic arrived so quickly that my son asked her if she had been parked at the end of the drive. The Ambulance crew were also very good, although I was a bit disappointed that Nick Knowles and the T.V. crew were nowhere to be seen.

    I guess a little readjustment Chez Carol will be necessary.
    Looking forward to Debs and Charmaine getting back from Bristol. They will be weary.

  7. I am home home... and yes..weary is one word! I had the music on pretty much full volume for the last 20 miles to keep me awake!!
    Carol... my wonderful lovely friend.. take care of you... you were much missed today, by us on the stand and many others..... I hope the pain killers have kicked in and you get some much needed sleep.....
    Big big love and one sided only hugs!!!! xxxxxx

    p.s Booootiful card! xxx

  8. Oh my word Carol, so sorry to hear about your fall resulting in a broken arm. Hope you are not in too much pain. Loving your card, I do like a sketch because it takes a lot of thinking out of what to do! Take care of yourself. Michelle x

  9. thanks for all the good wishes that have come my way. apart from feeling very very sore and miserable and sorry for myself i am feeling very clumsy. what was i saying about my mother calling me 'the tank'. shouldn't have tempted fate.
    i was so disappointed not to have made it to bristol for the parchment exhibition. only once a year and i go and fall over.
    fortunately most of my crafting is up to date'
    thanks again for the good wishes.


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