Thursday, 26 January 2017

Every Jigsaw lovers embarrassment

I am pink with embarrassment after I had contacted Amazon about the missing piece from my Jigsaw - because I have found it.
I said it wasn't anywhere in the house - it was in the car.    I had to go to a very early hospital appt this morning and as I got into the front passenger seat I saw the piece on the floor between the seat and the door.
We can only think that it must have caught unnoticed on my clothing and just dropped off as I sat in the car.
To make me feel worse a brand new replacement jigsaw arrived this morning from Amazon free of charge.  It is now relabelled and waiting go to the PO.

So I can't blame anyone but myself.

Here is a photo with the found piece.  Now I can put it all back in the box.
I have already sorted out the edge pieces for the next Cupboard jigsaw.  This time it is The Kitchen Cupboard.



  1. LOL Carol. So glad you found the missing piece and could complete the puzzle.

    Sue xx

  2. Lucky find Carol, it could have been anywhere

  3. That's great you found the piece, Could happen to anyone, at least if you want to do it again you know all the pieces are there.

  4. Oh Dear! I'm sorry Carol but I'm laughing at your expense. Of course you couldn't find it before you'd contacted Amazon it had to turn up afterwards - Murphy's Law (that's the polite version!).

  5. Oh how funny. Sounds like something I'd do!


    Di xx


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