Thursday, 8 July 2010

Clip Art Glamour

When I went to the Newbury Craft Show last weekend one of my missions was to visit a stand belonging to a friend of mine, Pat, of I did and found that Pat and Alan have produced a wonderful new Cd of Clip Art. You can buy it with or without a book showing the images. I loved what I saw and could see many possibilties especially for using with parchment. Pat asked me if I would make her some sample cards and this one above is the first. I took the printed image to the monthly workshop I attend and we all had fun talking about this image and the others on the CD. I had such a lot of input from everyone. I can really recommend this CD and the site link is in the title 'Clip Art Glamour.
A tip is to use the images with MCS so that you can resize and change the opacity. I reduced the opacity by about 50% which gives a lovely tone on the parchment.
I love it and will be using many more of these images so watch this space.

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  1. I like this Carol, she is a beautiful lady and you have made her special. I will look at your link to find out about Pat.
    Christine xx