Saturday, 17 August 2013

Keeping busy

finishing off a stack of birthday cards.  I will need some of these in the next few weeks and months.  Decoupage is something that I can sit and do quietly without any undue strain on my arm and I love doing decoupage - especially using the La Pashe 2012 CD.
I enjoyed making them and here they are.

 I really don't know what I am going to do when I can't craft for a few weeks.  I don't read a lot so it will be back to jigsaws I expect.


  1. A beautiful collection of Birthday cards Carol. I love the La Pashe CDs, there always seems to be such a lovely collection of images useful for all ages.

    Sue x

  2. Hi Carol

    Beautiful set of birthday card, they are delightful and beautiful.
    I am sure you will find something to fill your time in when your arm is not useable.

  3. Beautiful cards Carol - glad to see the Queen of Decoupage is back LOL! Will be thinking of you on 20th, good luck.

  4. Beautiful cards Carol. You and I seem to have the same taste! I have made all of the above except the boots. If I only had one cd and this was it, I could make cards from it for the next 10 years! Hope you will find something to keep you occupied whilst you recover. Michelle x

  5. My word!! Carol, these are ALL brilliant.
    I do wish my PC would recognise CD's cos I'd certainly get this one.
    This selection of fab cards is a fine advert for it :)
    Wishing you good luck and all the best for a speedy recovery.