Wednesday, 27 November 2013

'Birthday Book'

This second card project is from our afternoon Workshop session with Judith.

(New photo)
This is all white work with just a hint of colour in the background. I played about with the border a little.  We used a Siesta type grid to add very small embossed flowers in the border squares - 50 to be precise.  I didn't like mine when I had finished so I have hidden them behind some punched flowers.  I punched 50 pairs of flowers, using pale purple parchment, and stuck them together in pairs.  Embossed them into a cup shape and then fixed to the border and added a crystal to each one. Took me almost as long as the white work but I was happier with the result.

It is so difficult to get a decent photo with this Winter light so I scanned this one.  I will try another photo session if we get some decent light.


  1. Carol - I am so IMPRESSED with your patience, punching out all those flowers. By the way, it was great to see you back at the workshop again. You were missed!

  2. Carol, that's is a totally wow card, the detail is amazing, wonderful card.

  3. This is beautiful Carol! Chris xxx

  4. Oh Carol, this is stunning. A lot of patience was needed for this, and I love the bling around the side.

    Sue x

  5. A beautiful card Carol someone will love receiving it on their birthday. A good idea to use the punched flowers if you weren't happy with the original design - they do look as if they were meant to be there!

  6. Carol this is beautiful. That border is stunning. Michelle x