Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas card - another quick one

Whilst I was discovering new things on an old favourite CD - 'Cards Kits and Pieces' by Crafty Computer Paper - I printed out the makings of this card:

It is all there for you.  Just print out two pages - some work with the scissors and/or guillotine and put it all together.  I love the style and the papers on this CD.  Somehow they are very different.  I have added the die cut greeting and the two red leafy scrolls.  The bow and the orange slices are decoupaged.  I think I make this one every year - just add a little something different each time.  An old favourite.

p.s  This is Christmas card no: 65.  Getting there slowly. xx


  1. Lovely card, and great design, it's funny how we stick to the old designs,

  2. Beautiful! I love a wreath and those orange pieces look so good. Gosh 65 Christmas cards, I am on about 16! Michelle x