Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lady Eleanor

This is a pattern by "Exclusive Designs by Elaine" and as you will see it is a picture of a lady with a parasol.
My Granddaughter is named Eleanor (Ellie)- after my own Mother - so I made this picture for Ellie's bedroom when she was 6 (now 11 going on 20).
This was done before I had a Blog and I found the photograph in amongst some Scanner files I was tidying up.

Not really presented very well.  I have learned so much more over the years but I enjoyed the parchment. All grid work - my favourite.


  1. So beautiful Carol. I remember drawing ladies like these when I was young, I love the shape of the crinoline, glad I don't have to wear one though.

    Sue xx

  2. Beautiful piece of parchment work, I remember embroidering Caroline ladies when I was much younger, I do love Caroline ladies and I have tatted them as well. Don't think I would fit into their dresses today.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. This is just so beautiful Carol. You really are a master at parchment craft. The image is lovely and I am sure Ellie treasures it. Michelle x