Friday, 22 July 2016

'Squirrel's Feast' - pattern by Judith Maslen

Here is the second project from our day at Barton-on-Sea last Saturday. Another brand new pattern.
I am afraid I tweaked this one as well as the Swallowtail.  Nothing to do with Judith's wonderful designs - more my ineptitude in the execution.
Here is my interpretation:
Judith had used an Almond Tool for the border and I didn't like my embossing inside the perforations.  I did say in my last posting that I was having trouble with embossing. There wasn't really enough room to do a new border inside the old one so I started afresh with a new piece of parchment.  I made a new border (own design), traced, embossed and coloured the cherries and embossed the sentiment.  I wasn't displeased with my squirrel so I "took him out" by pricking and snipping the oval out from the old card and attaching it to the new card as a topper by sewing with red beads.
There certainly are times when you can rescue a piece of work as I have above but parchment can be very unforgiving.   I was lucky this time. 
Sorry I tweaked so much Judith but I did save the little varmint.
Thank you for looking.


  1. Another stunning card Carol, this little fella would make a beautiful Christmas card.

    Sue xx

  2. Well done on the rescue attempt Carol. You've done the squirrel beautifully - his tail looks very realistic, just like the little chap who visits our garden.

  3. Well done that is a beautiful piece of parchment. Love the design and the squirrel
    Beautifully done